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J. A. Seazer


Is a guy


he makes songs that are weird





















im dying

OST 1: The Eve of the Absolute Evolution Revolution
student council arc BGM and duels
OST 2: Virtual Star Embryology
black rose saga BGM and duels

OST 3: Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery
akio and apocalypse arc BGM and duels

OST 4: Angelic Creation, Namely, Light
seazer duel chorus image album

OST 5: Now, Engage Yourself to Me...
unreleased BGM, drama tracks, 1997 musical soundtrack

OST 6: Advent of Nirvanic Beauty ~Androgynous Me~
ikuhara selection best of

OST 7: Revival Record of the Rose Egg SOFIA
seazer being seazer album

OST 8: Adolescence Rush
adolescence apocalypse movie soundtrack

previous 8 albums, plus club remixes

OST 10: I, Revolution Pharsalia <origination>
seazer's universal gravitation recordings

OST 11: I, Revolution Pharsalia <transformation>
seazer's mitsumune rearranged songs
OST 12: Barbara Dwarf Star Child Apocalypse
more seazer gonna seazer

Singles, Miscellanous Audio/Drama Recordings, Compilations
J.A. Seazer, Shinkichi Mitsumune, and the Music of Utena
So On and So Forth
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