Seal Spell

Fuuin Jubaku

Music & Words: J.A. Seazer (J.A.シーザー)
Arranged: Shinkichi Mitsumune (光宗信吉)
Chorus: Suginami Jidou Gasshodan (杉並児童合唱団),
Maki Kamiya (上谷麻紀), Kunihiko Ikuhara (幾原邦彦), & Shinkichi Mitsumune (光宗信吉)

Seal Spell
Translation from Nozomi
        DVD Release (2011)
The unmarked Seal Spell.
The Iron Mask of misfortune.
Blue skies and oceans, then a wind blows.
The prairie, rabbits, and even a flowing river.
Time and the age, they never change.
Times and the age,
they're something yet nothing.
Man is described by the blood of "make-believe."
Man is also swept away in a current of "lessons."
Man can also only convey
human nature.
Ever unchanging!
We can see during the day but we can't see at night.
We can see at night but we can't see during the day.
A mysterious sword, a mask of words.
And their origin is ... you!
Seal Spell
Translation by allegoriest
The ancient sealing spell
The iron mask of misfortune
blue skies, the sea, and then the wind blows
Rabbits in the fields and rivers flow
Time and age are not something that change. 
Time and age are something,
and yet nothing at all. 
The pretend “meaning” we’ve given to blood is the record we give of man
Man too is swept away in their “teachings”
People also become people
simply to give these mere words
Nothing changes!
We see in the day what we can’t see at night
We see at night what we can’t see in the day
Those mysterious words. That mask of words.
Their origin becomes ... You.
Seal Spell
Translation from Central Park Media
        DVD Release (2000)
The unrecorded spell of captivity.
The unfortunate Iron Mask.
Though there are blue skies, The oceans, the wind blowing…
There are fields with rabbits and rivers flowing.
Times and the age, they never change.
Times and the age,
they’re something, yet nothing.
Human affairs, a game recorded in blood.
Human needs, swept away in the river.
All we are told
is that people are people.
No change at all!
What we see in the day We can’t see in the night.
What we see in the night We can’t see in the day.
A mysterious word, a mask of words.
And their origin is… You!
Sealed Curse
Translation by Yotaka
An unwritten sealed curse 
An iron mask of misfortune 
Blue skies - sea - and the wind blows 
Meadows - rabbit - even the river flows 
Time, the era does not change 
Time, the era is existant and 
non-existant things 
Man is described by the blood of "make-believe" 
Man is swept away in a river of "teachings" 
All a man can become 
is what he is taught to be 
Without change! 
Visible in the day, invisible at night 
Visible at night, invisible in the day 
Those enigmatic words, masks of words 
The source of it all is yourself!
A Sealed Spell
Translation from Pioneer/Geneon
        Album Release (2004)
A sealed spell without a mark
An unfortunate steel mask
Blue sky - sea - then a wind blows
The prairie - a rabbit - even a river runs through
Time and generations will not change
Time and generations are something but
they are not really there
Humans play a memory of blood
Humans are numbers in a flowing river
Humans just pass on the knowledge of
how to be human to the next generation
There is no change!
We can see during the daytime, but not at night
We can see during the night, but not in the daytime
That's a word of mystery - a mask for a word
Its origin is Dich!
Seal Spell
Translation by Robert Paige &
        Utena Translation Project (1998)
Unwritten seal spell
iron mask of misfortune
blue skies - sea - then the wind blows
grassland - rabbits - even the river flows
Time, the era does not change.
Time, the era is something existent
and nonexistent.
Man is described by the blood of "make-believe"
Man also drowns in a flood of "lessons"
All the word handed down is that
a man is a man.
Without metamorphosis!
In the daytime I can see it, in the nighttime I cannot.
In the nighttime I can see it, in the daytime I cannot.
Those puzzle words, those masks of words
The source of which is... dich!
Fuuin Jubaku
Transcribed by Robert Paige &
        Utena Translation Project
Shirushi Naki Fuuin Jubaku
Fuun no Tekkamen
Aozora Umi Soshite Kaze ga Fuki
Sougen Usagi Kawa yo Nagaretemo
Toki wa, Jidai wo Kawaru Koto Nashi
Toki wa, Jidai wa Aru Mono Nai Mono
Hito wo "Gokko" no Chi no Kijutsu
Hito mo "Oshie" no Kawa Nagare
Hito mo Hito nari to Tada Tsutaerareru nomi
Henka Nashi!
Hiru niwa Miete Yoru niwa Miezu
Yoru niwa Miete Hiru niwa Miezu
Sono Nazo Kotoba Kotoba no Kamen
Sono Minamoto naru wa Dihhi
As Provided by Robert Paige &
        Utena Translation Project
その謎言葉 言葉の仮面
その源なるは ディッヒ!

Translation Notes From Robert Paige & the Utena Translation Project:

The source of which is...

"Dich" is the German word for "you."

Revolutionary Girl Utena music by KING Records, US release by Geneon. Content from these releases compiled here by Giovanna for Empty Movement. Fan-translations belong to named creators and reproduced with their permission. Yay!