Monastic Life・Is・A Flesh Apocalypse

Music, Arrangement, Lyrics: J.A. Seazer (J.A.シーザー)
Chorus: Engeki Jikken-shitsu "Ban'yū Inryoku" (演劇実験室 "万有引力") Theater Laboratory "Universal Gravitation"

Monastic Life * Is* A Flesh Apocalypse
Translation by EJ
Phlegm, blood, moisture, bile
In other words, a flesh apocalypse
A filthy wind in the nose
A filthy sea in the throat
A filthy darkness in the stomach
The erotic reproduction of excretion
Lust, passion, desire, selfishness
In other words, a form apocalypse
A shadow-beast wind in the heart
A devil sea in the soul
A repulsive darkness at the end of libido
The erotic reproduction of the witchcraft of abstinence
A dialectic smeared with blood
A dialectic smeared with juice
A dialectic smeared with fluid
A dialectic smeared with dissipation
Eros, agape, gnosis
The holy semen of Carpocrates
Pleasure is destiny
We are subjects who are unable to transcend
Forgetting all about me
We are stagnating in an inclination towards vague oblivion
Yes * we ring * we become * we give birth * we are
Yes * we are * we internalize * we are not * we are
Scholastic Reproduction or Flesh Apocalypse
Translation by Katie
Phlegm, blood, moisture, bile
In other words, flesh apocalypse
The filthy breeze inside my nose
The filthy sea in my inner throat
The filthy darkness inside my belly
Excrement, erotes, reproduction
Carnal desire, sexual desire, passionate desire, selfish desire
In other words, form apocalypse
The breeze of the beast in the shadows in my mind
The demonic sea inside my soul.
The ugly darkness at the end of my libido
Self-restraint, sorcery, erotes, reproduction
Blood-stained dialectics
Sap-stained dialectics
Fluid-stained dialectics
Debauchery-stained dialectics
Eros, agape, gnosis
Pleasure becoming fate,
We transcend, becoming the impossible object.
Forgetting and casting away our selves,
We forget, becoming caught in vague inclinations
Yes, resounding, ascending, bearing fruit, being
Yes, exchanging, filling, emptying, becoming
Monastic Reproduction – Becoming – Flesh Apocalypse
Translation by Hiraku
Mucous, Sanguine, Moisture, Bilious
Namely – Flesh Apocalypse
The corrupted air in the nasal fossa
The corrupted sea in the depth of esophageal
The corrupted darkness in the abdominal
Fecal excrement’s erotic reproduction!
Carnal desire, sexual desire, passionate desire, selfish desire
Namely – Formation Apocalypse
Beast of the shadow’s wind dwelling in the heart
Demon’s sea in the deep recess of the soul
Hideous darkness at the end of Libido
Abstinence sorcery’s erotic reproduction!
Blood-painted dialectic
Bile-painted dialectic
Fluid-painted dialectic
Perversion-painted dialectic
Eros – Agape – Gnosis!
Carpocrates – Holy semen!
Hedonistic happiness is to be the destiny
We are the objects that can never reach escape velocity
Forgetting and abandoning that which is I
We lose ourselves in the oblivion of our fetishes, Stagnating!
Yes! Ringing! Forming! Living! Becoming!
Yes! Toiling! Withdrawing! Nulling! Becoming!
Shuudou Seikatsu * Nari * Nikutai Mokushiroku
As Provided by Katie
Nen’eki ketsueki tsuifun tanjuu
Sunawachi nikutai mokushiroku
Hana no naka no ofutsu kaze
Nodo no oku no ofutsu umi
Hara no naka no ufutsu yami
Haisetsubutsu EROTI seishoku
Nikyoku seiyoku jouyoku shiyoku
Sunawachi shitai mokushiroku
Kokoro no naka no injuu kaze
Tamashii no oku no akuma umi
RIBIDOO no hate no shuuaku yami
Kinyoku youjutsu no EROTI seishoku
Chi mamire benshouhou
Shiru mamire benshouhou
Eki mamire benshouhou
Intou mamire benshouhou
Eros agape gnosis
Kairaku wa shukumei nari
Warera choudatsu fukanouna taishou nari
Waga wo wasure suteru
Warera boukyaku aimaina seiheki ni yudomu nari
Sou nari nari nari nari
Sou nari nari nari nari
As Provided by Katie
粘液 血液 水分 胆汁
肉欲 性欲 情欲 私欲
エロス アガペー グノーシス
カルポクラテス 聖精液

Translation Notes From EJ:

Phlegm, blood, moisture, bile
This seems to refer to the four humors, except that yellow bile and black bile have been collapsed into simply “bile” and “moisture” has been added (though blood and phlegm are already traditionally associated with moisture).

A shadow-beast

“陰獣” (“Injuu”) is the title of a 1928 novel by the famed and influential mystery novelist Edogawa Ranpo. It has been translated into English as The Beast in the Shadows (2006).

Eros, agape, gnosis
As many readers probably already know, “eros” refers to romantic love, often with sexual connotations, while “agape” refers to a selfless love and was used almost exclusively in Christian contexts, to talk about the love of God for humans and vice versa. “Gnosis” means “knowledge,” as Seazer himself helpfully tells us in the first stanza of “Watashi Hidokei Gunomoon.”

The holy semen of Carpocrates
Carpocrates was the founder of a Gnostic sect, the Carpocratians, who supposedly (according to later sources) eschewed marriage and “[had] intercourse where they will and with whom they will.”

Yes * we are * we internalize * we are not * we are
While the words in the previous line are all just different verbs that are pronounced “nari,” the second line contains some creative readings of kanji; of particular note is the second “nari,” here translated as “we internalize,” which uses a kanji meaning “inside” that doesn’t typically have a verb form.

Translation Notes From Katie:

Flesh Apocalypse
This incorporates humorism, and each humor (phlegm, blood, black bile, and yellow bile... of course listing them properly in the song would make things too easy for us) related to an element. Blood was equated with air, so the “filthy breeze” thing indicates a nosebleed. Water was associated with phlegm, so that’s what’s rising in the narrator’s throat. “Filthy darkness” in the stomach is probably black bile. That one’s not a real thing, by the way, but this is from a medieval point of view.

The breeze of the beast in the shadows in my mind

陰獣 isn’t a word, but also, Seazer didn’t just make it up; it’s the title of a novel from 1928 by Edogawa Ranpo. It’s actually been published in English, apparently, as Beast in the Shadows. I know Terayama was a big fan of Edogawa Ranpo, so it’s not surprising for a reference to him to show up in a Seazer song.

Translation Notes From Hiraku:

Namely – Formation Apocalypse
姿態 gave me a LOT of trouble. I know in the context of the song, it’s more than just being a form or a posture. It’s also about an appearance that would be alluring or seductive. However, I can’t think of any English word synonymous with “pose” or “form” that would have a sexy connotation.

Beast of the shadow’s wind dwelling in the heart

There is actually a French/Japanese film called Inju (陰獸) which is a detective story that involved torture porn. It's based on a 1928 novel by Japanese writer Edogawa Ranpo.

We are the objects that can never reach escape velocity
In a sense it means “escape”, but in the cultural/religious context, this escape is more in the sense of escaping the bondage of the wheel of reincarnation in Buddhism, thereby ultimately attaining Nirvana

Yes! Toiling! Withdrawing! Nulling! Becoming!

Technically, all of these words mean “becoming”, but if I just translate all of them as such, it loses out the fun in the pun, so I picked the alternate meaning of each kanji instead.

Revolutionary Girl Utena music by KING Records, US release by Geneon. Content from these releases compiled here by Giovanna for Empty Movement. Fan-translations belong to named creators and reproduced with their permission. Yay!