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CD Singles and Other SKU Releases

Masami Okui - Ma-KING

Ma-KINGMasami Okui
ID #: KICS-642
Release Date: 9/26/1997 (September 26th, 1997)
Price: ¥3,000

This CD is a collection of remixes and such from the many anime tracks Okui has recorded in her career, as well as a few non-affiliated songs. The series opening, as well as the B-Side from her SKU single are remixed here.

01. Endless Life
02. Souda, Zettai.
03. A&C
04. Process
05. Niji no You ni [PRISMIX]
06. Spicy Essence
07. Naked Mind [DYNAMIX]
08. Precious Wing [light wind version]
09. More than Words ~in my heart~
10. I Can't... [daydreamix]
11. J [wild beat version]
12. Rondo-revolution [red rose version]
13. Spirit of the Globe
14. Kaze ni Fukarete

Masami Okui - BEST-EST

BEST-ESTMasami Okui
ID #: KICS-723 & 724
Release Date: 6/4/1999 (June 4th, 1999)
Price: ¥3,600

This is her first 'Best Of' album, but all the tracks are live recordings from the "NEEI TOUR 2000" tour. Here there are live versions of "Rinbu Revolution" (or Rondo, whatever, take your pick) and the B-Side "I Can't..." from the CD single.

Disc 1
01. Dare Yori mo Zutto...
02. Yume ni Konnichiwa
04. My Jolly Days
05. It's DESTINY -Yatto Meguriaeta-
06. Live Alone Sennen Tattemo
07. Get Along
08. MASK
09. Shake It
10. Jama wa Sasenai
11. Naked Mind
12. J
13. Spirit of the Globe

Disc 2
01. Rondo-Revolution
02. I Can't (a.c)

03. Souda, Zettai.
04. Birth
05. Himawari
06. AKA
07. Koishimasho Nebarimasho
08. Never Die
09. KEY
10. Te no Hira no Kakera
11. Tenshi no Kyuusoku

Masami Okui - Her-Day

Her-DayMasami Okui
ID #: KICS-744
Release Date: 8/27/1999 (August 27th, 1999)
Price: ¥3,059

This CD is a compilation of Okui's work. Some seem to be remixes and others aren't. "Toki ni Ai wa" is remixed here, as well as "Labyrinth", the title song for another anime movie (Cyber Team in Akihabara) that was also on the single.

01. M2000 ~PROLOGUE~
02. Labyrinth [star ver.]
04. Naritai
05. Rururu
06. Key
07. Makafushigi na Nanafushigi
08. Te no Hira no Kakera
09. Last Scene [M. original mix]
10. Tenshi no Kyuusoku [type R mix]
11. Love Sick
12. HOT SPICE [M. original mix]
13. Toki ni Ai wa [H-D mix]
15. Never Die
16. Maria

Masami Okui - Sore wa Totsuzen Yatte Kuru / Eternal Promise

Sore wa Totsuzen Yatte Kuru / Eternal PromiseMasami Okui
ID #: KICS-762
Release Date: 11/26/1999 (November, 26th 1999)
Price: ¥1,020

This is Okui's first maxi-single. "Labyrinth" and "Toki ni Ai wa" are live recordings from the "Her-Day '99" concert, the former of course is the other track on the movie single for "Toki ni Ai wa".

01. Sore wa Totsuzen Yatte Kuru
02. Eternal Promise
03. Sore wa Totsuzen Yatte Kuru (Instrumental)
04. Eternal Promise (Instrumental)
05. Labyrinth (Live)
06. Toki ni Ai wa [ITARU ver.] (Live)

Masami Okui - Li-Book 2000

Li-Book 2000Masami Okui
ID #: KICS-831
Release Date: 11/23/2000 (November 23rd, 2000)
Price: ¥2,730

This is another live CD from the same concert tour as the BEST-EST compilation. ("NEEI TOUR 2000") I don't know if this recording of "Rinbu Revolution" is the same as the one on that album.

02. Souda, Zettai.
03. Niji no You ni
04. Endless Life
05. Sore wa Totsuzen Yatte Kuru
08. Rondo-Revolution
09. Sunrise Sunset
10. Kiss in the Dark
11. Just Do It
12. Vitamin ~Zettai, Souda.~
13. Monogatari [A.C Ver.] -bonus track-
14. Bay side love story ~from Tokyo~

Masami Okui - Masami Kobushi

Masami KobushiMasami Okui
ID #: KICS-1017
Release Date: 5/1/2003 (May 1st, 2003)
Price: ¥2,857

This CD is a compilation of covers of anime themes sung by Masami Okui celebrating her 10th anniversary as a vocalist. Okui sings 'Round Dance Revolution', but covered on this disc is the song Luca Yumi sings for SKU: 'Truth'. The box is made to look like a model box.

01. Cutey Honey
02. Give a Reason
03. Truth
04. Love Squall
05. zankoku na tenshi no teeze
06. Successful Mission
07. Ghost Sweeper
08. Lupin sansei ai no Theme
09. tamashii no rufuran
10. Northern Lights
11. You Get to Burning
12. kyou mo dokokade Devilman

Masami Okui - S-Mode #2

S-Mode 2Masami Okui
ID #: KICS-1068 & 1069
Release Date: 2/25/2004 (February 25th, 2004)
Price: ¥3,000

Yet another compilation CD! I don't know much about this one, it seems to just be a collection of the actual songs, not remixes. Once again, "Rinbu Revolution" and "I Can't...".

Disc 1
01. Shake it
02. Jama wa Sasenai
03. naked mind
04. J
05. Rondo-revolution
06. Souda, Zettai.
07. Birth
08. Aka -AKA-
09. Never die
10. Key
11. Energy ~be-show ver.~

Disc 2
01. Lonely Soul
02. Niji no You ni
03. spirit of the globe
04. I Can't...
05. Precious wing
06. Himawari
07. Koishimasho Nebarimasho
08. Naritai
09. Te no Hira no Kakera
10. Memorial Song

Mitsuhiro Oikawa - CRAZY A GO GO!!

CRAZY A GO GO!!Mitsuhiro Oikawa
ID #: TOCT-22116
Release Date: 10/12/2000 (October 12th, 2000)
Price: ¥1,223
Released By: EMI, Inc.

This is a maxi-single by Mitsuhiro Oikawa, the voice actor for movie Akio, and the guy that sings "Wanna Be a Fiancee", from the movie. This would seem to be a remix. Excuse the bizarre title translations, I doubt they're vaguely accurate since I Altavistaed them.

02. It is Young Catharsis
03. Wanna Be a Fiancee (Dilemma of Porcupine)
04. CRAZY A GO GO!! ~That? Something blah blah I don't know.

Mitsuhiro Oikawa - "Dare ni mo Iccha DAME da yo..."

"Dare ni mo Iccha DAME da yo..."Mitsuhiro Oikawa
ID #: TOBF-5075
Release Date: 3/28/2001 (March 28th, 2001)
Price: ¥4,800

This is a DVD. Not a CD. Apparently of a live performance. That's all I know about it.

01. Wanna Be a Fiancee -ADOLESCENCE Apocalypse-

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