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Credits & Thank Yous

—Many, many track translations are posted with the permission of Verthandi at Cantarella Cookie.
—Thanks goes to Almaser of the forums for translations and providing the FLAC raws for the Utena in the Club CD.
—Reference point for kanji and song title translations are from the Utena Encyclopedia. Translations of the Seitokai and Black Rose duel choruses are stolen from the Encyclopedia. I don't have explicit permission to use these, but since the policy on the Encyclopedia allowed for sharing as long as nothing was changed or used for profit, I think I'm within allowed limits posting them now that they're not up on the Encyclopedia anyway.
—Many pictures in the singles section, as well as information for several of the compilation releases have been offered by the inaptly named ZERO.
JuriRenee has given several single tracks to me for offering back to you.
Andrew donated the REAL doll disc packaged with the Utena doll.
—Most of the material here has been gathered by me from my own copies of the soundtracks and Japanese websites offering information on the singles. Honestly, this information was gathered so long ago and in such a chaotic manner that I can't recall where I got any of it.
—Also, I did the great rudeness of stealing images from eBay and Yahoo! Japan Auctions in the cases of the Sega REAL Dolls and Sega Saturn game.
—A metric ton of release and track information for the compilation CDs was pulled from Yahoo! Musicfinder Japan.

CD Information/Where to Buy

—Most of the information below pertains to the original releases from Japan, should you wish to obtain them. You could just as soon now purchase the gorgeous compilation box set import, which is available at the retailers listed on my summary page for the remastered releases, found here.
—FIRST! How to differentiate between the dirty SonMay pirated copies and the real thing. The easiest ways to tell if your copy is genuine is to check the back cover, there should be a KING logo, not an SM or EVERANIME. Another sure sign in the CD itself. SM and EVERANIME often put a print of the CD cover on the disc, whereas the Utena CDs have colored rose crest designs. Check my scans, as they're all original copies. Also, most of the SKU CDs have plastic slipcases. I bought some of mine used, so I didn't get them, but you might wanna check with your source if you wanna have the complete package. If you do, I would love scans of the slipcases I'm missing.
—eBay and Cel-ga: online auctions. This is, anymore, the best place to go for the real soundtracks. You can check out eBay, and occasionally you will find gold in a reasonably cheap copy of the real thing, but watch out for pictures, because you're more likely looking at a pirate. The absolute most dependable place to go is Yahoo! Japan. They're always the real thing, and good god, do you pay for it. You can't shop the auctions on your own, as the VAST majority don't ship international, however, there's a proxy service that will win them on your behalf: Cel-ga. Cel-ga will bid the auction on your behalf, get the item, and then ship it to you, and it's not cheap. However, it's the most reliable place to go for the soundtracks, as well as a WEALTH of very hard to find SKU merchandise, including the real Japanese posters, DVDs, figures, and all kinds of other goodies. I recommend trying to get as much as possible at once and bunching your order into one EMS shipment to the US, since shipping it to you is half of what's the pricy about it. Cel-ga's meant for getting, obviously, cels, but will bid on pretty much anything if you ask nice.
Here are some instructions for getting to the pictured SKU listing. Go to the Anime Cels section of Cel-ga and click on SKU. It will launch a Yahoo! Japan window that will show any Utena animation cels that are up for the auction. Follow the instructions pictured here. You will now have a full listing of SKU merchandise. However it's only the text listings, and odds are you don't read Japanese. Follow the instructions here to switch to thumbnail images to help you see what you're browsing. From here it's quite self-explanatory even if you don't know Japanese. Altavista's translation feature is your friend.
—The only other place I know of to get the SKU Japanese CDs is They usually have one or two listed, but I got mine from them by e-mailing them the KICA numbers. This was a while back, though, they might not do that anymore.
DOMESTIC RELEASES were getting released and some can still be purchased for the very reasonable price of $14 at SUPPORT THESE RELEASES. Unfortunately they seem to be going out of stock, due to the company ceasing the releases. Back to imports for us!


This site is meant for information and for helping people evaluate the content on the CDs. Getting the soundtracks, even with the local release of two of them, is no cheap undertaking, so I hoped to provide as much information as possible to people wanting to know more about them. The mp3s I send and upload are meant for evaluation purposes only. The webmaster (one Giovanna Spadaro) has no responsibility for what you folks do with your mp3s. And all that stuff. Don't sue me, I'm broke, and do support the original releases!

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