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Virtual Star Embryology

In the original Japanese!

CD CoverVirtual Star Hasseigaku
Virtual Star Embryology
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Original Soundtrack 2

Original Japanese Release
Catalog (KICA) Number(s): KICA-374
Release Date: 11-6-97 (November 6th, 1997)
Price: ¥3,059
Released by: KING Records Co., Ltd.

Release in the United States
This CD was released in the US, but the distributor ceased release shortly after due to bankrupty. :(
Release Date: 2-8-05 (February 8th, 2005)
Price: ~$14.98
Released by: Pioneer / Geneon
Item Number: PIO 5270-2
UPC: 013023527027

     In twenty-eight tracks, this CD covers the background music, duel choruses, and opening/closing themes of the Black Rose Arc (aka Kurobara Hen). Both the opening ("Rinbu Revolution") and first closing ("Truth") are featured here in their TV length, as opposed to the full versions which appear on soundtrack one. Also present is the full version (plus a special karaoke version) of the second closing, "Virtual Star Embryology". (This is the J-Pop version, not to be confused with Seazer's version, which is Saionji's duel in the Akio Arc. That one is on soundtrack three.) Also here is the Akio/Apocalypse Arc version of Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse called "The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse with Universal Gravitation".

Track Information

01. Virtual Star Embryology (4:08)
02. Inhuman Illusory Soul Fusion Magic (1:25) (TRANSLATION)
03. Utopian Past-Tense Incantation (2:04) (TRANSLATION)
04. Earth as a Character Gallery (1:52) (TRANSLATION)
05. Conic Absolute Egg Algebra (1:34) (TRANSLATION)
06. Transparent Period of Adolescence (1:45) (TRANSLATION)
07. Magic Lantern Butterfly Moth 16th Century (1:38) (TRANSLATION)
08. Rinbu Revolution (TV size) (1:35) (TRANSLATION)
09. Aphrodite of Death: Reminiscence (3:45)
10. A Distillation Time (1:10)
11. Girls After School (2:40)
12. Panorama of the Full Bloom (1:22)
13. Requiem (2:01)
14. Dona Dona (2:56)
15. A Hunch on the Look in the Eyes (1:58)
16. Dreaming Cells (2:28)
17. To the Battle Castle (2:24)
18. Nostalgia of Diversion (2:16)
19. Nemuro Memorial Hall (1:55)
20. Eternal Secret (1:46)
21. Confession Elevator - Daydreaming Troublesome Insects (3:43)
22. Knife of Nectar (1:50)
23. Extra Girl (Ape) (2:33)
24. Ball of Death (1:54)
25. The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse with Universal Gravitation (2:49)
26. Fruit of the Sin (1:16)
27. Truth (TV size) (1:18), (TRANSLATION)
28. Virtual Star Embryology (Karaoke) (4:08)

CD Scans

Cover and Back (with plastic jacket)
Cover and Back (without plastic jacket)
CD and inside of case
Side of Jacket

Booklet Pages
001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008009 

Soundtrack Review

Score: 7.5 of 10
     There are two CDs that are worth the price you pay for them on background music alone, and this is one of them. Though later episodes of the series are far darker in content, the Black Rose Saga maintained a uniquely black and moody atmosphere that's owed in great part to the music. Though the CD has its share of perky tracks, the overall mood is heavy, and if you're looking for a pick-me-up, you'd do better with soundtrack one.

      The leading track is the J-Pop ending theme "Virtual Star Embryology", which I personally prefer to both the first ending, and the much loved "Rinbu Revolution", but I admit major bias on account of love of Seazer and love of Saionji. (The latter endearing me also to "To the Battle Castle", a perky, vaguely techno track.) "Nemuro Memorial Hall" and "Eternal Secret" are my absolute favorite tracks on this CD. They're not particularly dark on their own, but associations made from the series cast a shadow on them, and "Nemuro Memorial Hall" in particular feels 'villainy'. "Aphrodite of Death ~ Reminiscence" returns from soundtrack one for a most welcome makeover, if you like it sounding more depressing. (I do.) "Requiem" has hot hot organ action, and "Knife of Nectar" is perfect for creeping out little kids with eerie foreboding vocals. "Confession Elevator - Daydreaming Trouble Insects" is two songs in one, the latter being a calm, sad one and a half minutes that I have a bad habit of skipping straight to. "Panorama of the Full Bloom" and "Dona Dona" are both 100% Nanami and that's all that needs to be said about them, aside from their being two perky tracks I'm most fond of for the mischief and cow memories. The CD strays a bit into the Akio Arc's territory with "Ball of Death" and "Fruit of the Sin". (As well as the aforementioned "To the Battle Castle".) "Ball of Death" never fails to put a smile on my face, but I can't tell if that's on account of associating it with Akio's adorable little car rides or that awful frame of animation where Touga's shirt is open. "Fruit of the Sin" is basically "Poison" from soundtrack three made relatively safe to listen to in front of your parents.

      The duel choruses on this CD are a mixed blessing. I love them all but they're so painfully short you have to thank god for repeat functions—it doesn't feel like you've listened to a full song until the fourth or fifth repeat. "Magic Lantern Butterfly Moth 16th Century" is the winner; Wakaba's duel chorus is as emotionally charged as the duel. "Inhuman Illusory Soul Fusion Magic" and "Conic Absolute Egg Algebra" are my favorites after that one, largely on account of fondness for their lyrics.

      This is one of the best Shoujo Kakumei Utena releases, and luckily, not the hardest to find, since it's one of the series arc soundtracks and not an extra.


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