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Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery

In the original Japanese!

CD CoverTainai Tokei Toshi Oruroi
Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Original Soundtrack 3

Catalog (KICA) Number(s): KICA-387
Release Date: 1-1-98 (January 1st, 1998)
Price: ¥3,059
Released by: KING Records Co., Ltd.

     The generous thirty-three tracks of this CD cover the background music and duel choruses of the Akio and Apocalypse arcs. Soundtrack three marks the end of the series arc specific soundtracks, and covers BOTH the Akio Arc and Apocalypse Arc, instead of there being seperate CDs and BGM for them. It features the TV size version "Virtual Star Embryology". Also featured here are two duel choruses from the Utena Sega Saturn video game. ("Gertsen's Head" and "The Inversion of Me and My Room") There are NO versions of Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse, so don't get your hopes up! Also, do remember, the last Seazer piece in the show, "Missing Link", is not on this CD. It's on soundtrack four.

Track Information

01. Poison (1:17)
02. I Am An Imaginary Living Body (3:17) (TRANSLATION)
03. Morning Lyrical (1:21)
04. Victory (2:07)
05. Evergreen Memory (1:18)
06. Nova (1:12)
07. Virtual Star Embryology (duel chorus) (1:50)
08. Pessimism (2:38)
09. Possession (1:36)
10. Bluebeard (1:10)
11. An Immortal Emperor in a Mundane Universe (2:27) (TRANSLATION)
12. Tenderness (2:07)
13. Campus Dandy (2:04)
14. Temptation (1:30)
15. The Angel Androgynous (3:49) (TRANSLATION)
16. Suspicion (1:22)
17. I Am All the Mysteries in Creation (3:14) (TRANSLATION)
18. Aphrodite Scat (1:57)
19. Ambition (1:19)
20. Alien Girl (2:04)
21. The Natural Compatriots' Palace Perspective Book (2:39) (TRANSLATION)
22. Akio Car (2:05)
23. Picaresque (1:58)
24. Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest (3:59) (TRANSLATION)
25. Orpheus (1:15)
26. Shine (2:10)
27. Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery (3:53) (TRANSLATION)*
28. Rose & Release [Bonus Track] (1:34)
29. Eye Catcher-A (0:12)
30. Gertsen's Head (1:14) (TRANSLATION)
31. The Inversion of Me and My Room (1:18)(TRANSLATION)
32. Virtual Star Embryology (TV Size) (1:20)
33. Eye Catcher-B (0:14)

* For those interested in the interpretation of Internal Clock, Julie Kersten contacted me to point out something very interesting: the lyrics appear to refer to a specific place! Read on here.

CD Scans

Cover and Back (with plastic jacket)
Cover and Back (without plastic jacket)
CD and inside of case
Side of Jacket

Booklet Pages
001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008

Soundtrack Review

Score: 8.5 of 10
     Buy soundtrack two for the background music, buy soundtrack three for the duel choruses. The Akio and Apocalypse Arcs far outshine the earlier episodes in horrible psychological dramatic weight, and it shows in the duel choruses. While not everyone's bag, I don't imagine a lot of people listen to the duel choruses for their perky, uplifting, life-affirming enthusiasm anyway. The duel choruses on this CD are blessedly much longer than their predecessors. They actually feel like full songs.

     "I Am An Imaginary Living Body" and "I Am All the Mysteries in Creation" are with good reason the most popular choruses here, though it's hard to ignore that Mikage and Juri, the duels they complement, are just plain popular characters. My personal favorite is, yes, "Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery". In my defense, I owned this CD before I even saw the second half of the Black Rose Saga, and I had no idea the song had anything to do with Akio. I'm serious, please believe me!!

     "Virtual Star Embryology", the duel version, is on this CD, and way too ignored for my tastes—the song is both a duel and the closing theme for a reason. Also on this CD are two duel choruses written for the Sega Saturn video game: "Gertzen's Head" and "The Inversion of Me and My Room", which manage to defy all laws of physics by being even shorter than the Black Rose duels. The latter is quite catchy despite this.

     While not soundtrack two, there's some great background music here as well. "Poison" is, I can tell you from personal experience, the best way to get skeptics to watch Utena. Nothing says 'CHECK OUT THIS SERIES' like moaning and sighing and a minor hint at the 'family bonding' the track accompanies. The other notoriously naughty track, "Akio Car", is really more jazzy than porny—now "Picaresque"...that there's some real porn music. Too bad I haven't the foggiest where in the series it's played. "Nova" and "Orpheus" are both renditions of the original "Legend - The God's Name is Abraxas" from soundtrack one. (The student council music.) In order of release, each gets creepier than the last, though "Nova" is my favorite, since by "Orpheus" the music is organ-slurred beyond repair. Also here is the absolutely, totally, wildly popular "Rose and Release", a techno-beat hummed version of "Rinbu Revolution" which is somehow even catchier than the original.

     This is definitely one of the must haves. If only so that just once, and only once, you can blast "Akio Car" in your beat up, broke-ass college student clunker that hasn't gone 'vroom' in thirty years.

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