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Angelic Creation, Namely, Light

In the original Japanese!

CD CoverJ.A.Seazer Original Gasshoukyokushuu Tenchi Souzou Sunawachi Hikari
J.A.Seazer's Original Chorus Album: Angelic Creation, Namely, Light
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Original Soundtrack 4

Catalog (KICA) Number(s): KICA-389
Release Date: 2-4-98 (February 4th, 1998)
Price: ¥3,059
Released by: KING Records Co., Ltd.

Release in the United States
This CD was released in the US, but the distributor ceased release shortly after due to bankrupty. :(
Release Date: 1-3-06 (January 3rd, 2006)
Price: ~$14.98
Released by: Pioneer / Geneon
Item Number: PIO 5290-2
UPC: 01302352902

     The twelve tracks of this CD consist largely of "remixes", if you will, of favored duel choruses. Thrown in to spice it up are "Missing Link", "Adolescence Apocalypse" (which is a track I can't readily explain) and a special karaoke version of the version of "Angelic Creation, Namely, Light" that appears on this disc. These remixes have a more live, symphonic feel, reflecting closely the sound of the Akio and Apocalypse Arc duels. Many of the songs are also given extensions to make them longer. Also of note: the version of "Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse" that is on this CD is the one played in the Akio/Apocalypse Arcs, and is also on soundtrack two.

Track Information

01. Last Evolution (2:15)
02. Paleozoic Within the Body (4:28)
03. Earth as a Character Gallery (3:08)
04. Missing Link (4:26) (TRANSLATION)
05. No One Has Anything to Tell (4:15)
06. Prophecy of W (2:00)
07. Utopian-Past-Tense Incantation (2:37)
08. Spira Mirabilis Theatre (3:06)
09. Adolescence Apocalypse (3:51)
10. The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse with Universal Gravitation (2:48)
11. Angelic Creation, Namely, Light (2:17)
12. Angelic Creation, Namely, Light (Karaoke) (2:16)

CD Scans

Cover and Back
CD and Inside of Case
CD Obi (spine card)
Booklet Cover

Booklet Pages
001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011

Soundtrack Review

Score: 7.0 of 10
     Like soundtrack seven, this CD is really for Seazer fans only. There're only twelve tracks, and virtually no new material. Instead, you get re-recordings of several of the most popular Seitokai and Black Rose duels-I'd say remix but that tends to insinuate there's techno involved. These are recordings of Seazer's 'band', and so sound more like, well, a band. The originals sounded very mixed and studio edited, where these have a more raw, chaotic feel. As mentioned above, they match very closely the sound of the Akio and Apocalypse Arc duels, though in the process of being remixed, they seem to have slowed down and lost some of their former frenzy. They also made much longer, some stretching way out beyond their originals, veering off into strange musical pieces that have little to do with the tune that preceded them.

     There's not much to say about the remixed songs, except they're cool. "Paleozoic Within the Body" is extended for half it's length beyond the lyrics, finally ending in waves crashing-a sound Seazer seems to be quite fond of. The extension of "Earth as a Character Gallery" is really more fun to me than the actual remix; "No One Has Anything to Tell" and "Spira Mirabilis Theater" also have long closing runs. "Angelic Creation, Namely, Light" is the title track, and it earns both being the CD's namesake and having an accompanying karaoke version.

     If you're only going to put two completely new pieces of material on a CD, they better be good. Soundtrack four delivers with "Missing Link", the final 'duel' chorus of the series. It's not accompanying an actual duel, so it's much slower (and longer) than the other Seazer pieces written for the show, but it's absolutely incredible. You're not going to be able to sever it from association with the events it accompanies in the series, though, which is great for some, but means the song is insta-depression for yours truly. To add to that, it really is a depressing sounding song. In fact, I'm listening to it for this review, and now I'm depressed. Thanks a lot.

     The other new track is "Adolescence Apocalypse", a vocals-free Seazer what-the-hellfest. The title refers to the movie, and the song feels very much like it belongs in the movie. Which is to say it's absolutely strange and bizarre and somewhat random and lacking in a coherent direction. This isn't to say it's bad; it's great fun to listen to, but bizarre. It sounds like the opposite of the rest of the CD, all studio and editing room.

     This CD ranks high up for me, but I realize a lot of people would consider it a waste of money. With little new content and no background music, the CD carries itself on love of the original songs and a willingness to masturbate furiously over anything Seazer produces. If that doesn't describe you, skip to soundtrack five.

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