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Now, Engage Yourself to Me...

In the original Japanese!

CD CoverEngage Toi a Mes Contes
(Saa, Watashi to Engage Shite...)
Now, Engage Yourself to Me...
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Original Soundtrack 5

Catalog (KICA) Number(s): KICA-396 & KICA-397
Release Date: 4-3-98 (April 3rd, 1998)
Price: ¥3,570
Released by: KING Records Co., Ltd.

     Soundtrack five is the only of the Utena soundtracks to have two disks. Disc one has a load of goodies, including unreleased background music and remixed background music, all of which have been renamed, mostly to French titles. There are also several drama tracks of the series cast speaking lines from the manga. Disc two consists of tracks recorded from the first live-action musical, though not all of the tracks are there, most of the better ones are.This is the hardest to find of the soundtracks, and one in high demand, as the Son May version lacks one of the CDs. On this CD is the special version of Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse that is the Industrial remix from the second arc, except there's no irritating male robot voice.

Track Information

Disc 1

01. Act I: The Rose Signet (Drama) (1:42) (TRANSLATION)
02. The Rose Bride [nouvellé mariée] (3:14)
03. Act II: Duelists (Drama) (0:52) (TRANSLATION)
04. Faith [foi] (1:13)
05. Act III: Immoral Siblings (Drama) (0:35) (TRANSLATION)
06. Fascination [fascination] (1:16)
07. Act IV: Get Engaged... (Drama) (0:36) (TRANSLATION)
08. Ball [bal] (1:42)
09. Act V: He's in a Shower (Drama) (0:35) (TRANSLATION)
10. Chu-Chu [chouchou] (2:07)
11. Radio Show [programe de radiodiffusion] (2:26)
12. Radio Waves [ondes électriques] (1:04)
13. Act VI: Please! Haniwaccha!! (Drama) (1:27) (TRANSLATION)
14. Wild Animals [animal sauvage] (1:32)
15. Act VII: Kozue's Own Miki (Drama) (0:31) (TRANSLATION)
16. Sacred Image [icône] (2:39)
17. Cross [croix] (2:43)
18. Temptation [tentation] (1:33)
19. Act VIII: Deep Azure Shadow (Drama) (2:20) (TRANSLATION)
20. Promised Land [Terre promise] (1:55)
21. Hello, Baby (2:42) (TRANSLATION)
22. Scat of the Dawn (3:59) (TRANSLATION)
23. Dona Dona (3:06) (TRANSLATION)
24. Act IX: Lucifer's Trap (Drama) (1:23) (TRANSLATION)
25. Repentance [confession] (1:52)
26. Clergyman [prêtre] (1:50)
27. Atonement [rêdemption] (1:45)
28. Act X: The One to Revolutionize the World (Drama) (1:13) (TRANSLATION)
29. The Forbidden Fruit [fruit défendu] (1:33)
30. Act XI: My Prince (Drama) (1:08) (TRANSLATION)
31. Kiss [baiser] (2:07)
32. Act XII: Someday, We'll Shine Together (Drama) (1:04) (TRANSLATION)
33. Rose & Release (karaoke) (1:34)
34. Act XIII: Once Again You and I will... (Drama) (0:17) (TRANSLATION)

Disc 2

01. Letters of the Rose Signet 1 (1:51)
02. Strong and Noble (3:10) (TRANSLATION)
03. I 'm Better Off Being A Prince (3:27) (TRANSLATION)
04. For the Sake of Revolutionizing the World 1 (4:52) (TRANSLATION)
05. The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse 2 (1:51)
06. The Rose Bride (3:59) (TRANSLATION)
07. Shadow Play Girls 1 (2:07) (TRANSLATION)
08. Welcome 2 (3:42) (TRANSLATION)
09. Eye Catcher (0:13)
10. On the Night of the Ball (3:03) (TRANSLATION)
11. Duelist (0:39) (TRANSLATION)
12. Girls' Season (1:33) (TRANSLATION)
13. Rose with No Flower (2:53)
14. I Want You to Protect Me (2:45) (TRANSLATION)
15. Thank You for Your Love (2:41) (TRANSLATION)
16. Rinbu Revolution (TV edit) (1:34) (TRANSLATION)

Note: For your fun and pleasure, the Liner Notes, written by KaNNa, have also been translated by Verthandi.

Below are my assessments of the BGM tracks. Don't quote me on the ones I say are identical, because they might not be. But they're very close. If I don't mention it it's previously unreleased. Please feel free to correct any of my errors.
"The Rose Bride" is an alternate version of "Revolutionary Girl Overture" from OST 1.
"Faith" is an alternate version of "Nova" on OST 3.
"Fascination" is an alternate version of "Fruit of the Sin" from OST 2.
"Sacred Image" is a SLIGHTLY alternative version of "Pessimism" from OST 3.
"Temptation" is, as far as I can tell, identical to "Ball of Death" from OST 2.
"Promised Land" is an alternate version of "Aphrodite of Death" from OST 1.
"Dona Dona" is an alternate version of "Dona Dona" from OST 2.
"Repentance" is an alternate version of "Confession Elevator - Daydreaming Troublesome Insects" from OST 2.
"Clergyman" is an alternate version of "Nemuro Memorial Hall" from OST 2.
"Atonement" is an alternate version of "Eternal Secret" from OST 2.

CD Scans

Cover and Back (jacket)
Cover and Back (without jacket)
CDs, sticker, and inside of case

Booklet Pages
001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008009, 010, 011, 012, 013

(The booklet splits and is upside down in the back, like disc 1 and disc 2 are separate booklets.)

Soundtrack Review

Score: 8.0 of 10
     This two disc release has four selling points. Previously unreleased background music tracks, remixed background music tracks from past releases, vocal drama tracks of dialogue in the manga, and recordings of tracks from the live Shoujo Kakumei Utena musical. Something for everyone, though I think in most cases the selling point will be the absolutely amazing selection of background music.

     The new background music tracks are mostly rather perky tracks. "Ball" is exactly what you'd expect from a dance at Ohtori Academy (episode three), and "Chu-Chu" is a happy, vaguely tropical song that earns its name. Both "Radio Show" and "Radio Waves" are from the radio game show Akio and the Shadow Play Girls are playing in episode thirty-three. The later borrows its tune from "Panorama of the Full Bloom" on soundtrack two, though you'll hardly recognize it for the insanely sped up pace. All three of the Nanami episode vocal tracks are here, and only one is previously released, though it's different here. ("Dona Dona") "Forbidden Fruit" is the 'Oh no' music from episode nine, tense and a bit chaotic. Finally there's "Kiss", perhaps the most popular track on this CD, with good reason. It borrows from "Aphrodite of Death", but manages to be a little less depressing-really a beautiful song.

     The remixed background music takes typically the opening piano pieces and stretches them out. This makes me very happy, since those are typically my favorite parts of the songs. The opening piano piece in "Revolutionary Girl Overture" (soundtrack one) is stretched out in "The Rose Bride". "Fascination" is "Fruit of the Sin" (soundtrack two) with only the piano. "Repentance" is the vocal chanting in "Confession Elevator - Daydreaming Troublesome Insects" (soundtrack two). "Clergyman" and "Atonement" are extensions of the openings of "Nemuro Memorial Hall" and "Eternal Secret", respectively.

     Also on the first disc are thirteen drama tracks, read from the Utena manga by the series cast. This moves some and is totally pointless for others, but for me it's quite fun hearing some of the raunchier tracks. What the manga loses in flat out perversion, it makes up for in manga's typically honest dialogue. For example, Touga in the series wouldn't have said this to Utena: "Don't gape at me like that...unless you have some demands that I can attend to now, while I'm naked." Naturally, the track Saionji is on is a huge joke.

     All this talk about disc one and I haven't mentioned disc two, the live musical tracks. Why? To be honest, I've never finished the CD. It's just not my kind of music and I don't care for it enough to force myself through it. That said, several of the tracks are wildly popular, and most listeners will attach themselves to at least one or two. The tracks are typically perky J-Pop, and sung as the cast by the vocalist KaNNa. There is a recording of "Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse" here that is must have, though-the techno remix from soundtrack two without the horrible male vocal.

     This is the only Utena release with no Seazer material (except the aforementioned AD: Apocalypse). Normally this would mark against it for me, but the background music here is incredible enough to forgive that. It's also the hardest CD to find, but trust me, it's well worth the effort.

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