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The Advent of Nirvanic Beauty ~Androgynous Me~

In the original Japanese!

CD CoverThe Advent of Nirvanic Beauty ~Androgynous Me~
(Ikuhara's Selection Album)
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Original Soundtrack 6

Catalog (KICA) Number(s): KICA-461 (The copies with the movie ticket are listed as KICA-9461)
Release Date: 4-23-99 (April 23rd, 1999)
Price: ¥3,059
Released by: KING Records Co., Ltd.

     This is basically a CD of picks by Ikuhara (though he clearly had the fans in mind). The entire CD has only five new songs. "Pretty Lady Come" is the Sega Saturn game's opening music, and "Eye-Catch B", which I may be wrong about, but I couldn't find it elsewhere; though soundtrack three has one of the same title, it's different. "Sophie - Spit of the Gods" is a karaoke version of "Astragalous Earthly Backgammon", which appears as track two on soundtrack seven. "Zeit und Zeit" is the music that played in the first movie preview, and is several songs you've heard spliced together, that ends up sounding really cool. The version of "Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse" which is on this CD is the industrial mix WITHOUT the male vocal. "Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse - Adolescence Cover" is also slightly different at the end from the version on soundtrack eight. I consider it a new track because it showed up here before it showed up on the movie soundtrack.

     There are two KICA numbers for this CD. The original print came with a ticket to see the Utena movie, Adolescence Apocalypse. Those are numbered "KICA-9641", while the prints that came after, which didn't have the ticket, are just "KICA-461". Most of the original soundtracks you can find now are used, so be careful to note which you're getting if you want the limited edition one.

Track Information

01. Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse - Adolescence Cover [unreleased] (3:20)
02. Pretty Lady Come - Prelude (Sega Saturn Game Opening) [unreleased] (1:59)
03. Rinbu Revolution (full size) [track 2, OST 1] (4:34) (TRANSLATION)
04. Scarlet of the Campus [track 5, OST 1] (1:50)
05. To The Battle Castle [track 17, OST 2] (2:23)
06. For Revolutionizing the World [track 4, disc 2, OST 5] (4:49)
07. The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse 2 [track 5, disc 2, OST 5] (1:49)
08. Spira Mirabilis Theatre [track 28, OST 1] (2:09)
09. Angelic Creation, Namely, Light with Banyuu Inryoku [track 11, OST 4] (2:15)
10. EyeCatch [track 21, OST 1] (0:10)
11. Nemuro Memorial Hall [track 19, OST 2] (1:54)
12. I am An Imaginary Living Body [track 2, OST 3] (3:14)
13. Virtual Star Embryology (TV size) [track 32, OST 3] (1:17)
14. Subtitle [track 3, OST 1] (0:11)
15. Eros of the Ball [track 11, OST 1] (1:41)
16. Earth as a Character Gallery [track 4, OST 2] (1:52)
17. I Am All the Mysteries in Creation [track 17, OST 3] (3:12)
18. Next Episode [track 34, OST 1] (0:32)
19. Lyric of the Campus [track 6, OST 1] (1:08)
20. Girls' Season [track 12, disc 2, OST 5] (1:32) (TRANSLATION)
21. EyeCatch-B [unreleased] (0:11)
22. Poison [track 1, OST 3] (1:15)
23. Akio Car [track 22, OST 3] (2:06)
24. Orpheus [track 25, OST 3] (1:15)
25. Sophie - Spit of the Gods [unreleased] (4:21)
26. Kiss [track 31, disc 1, OST 5] (2:05)
27. Thank You for Your Love [track 15, disc 2, OST 5] (2:37) (TRANSLATION)
28. Truth (full size) [track 35, OST 1] (4:25) (TRANSLATION)
29. Zeit und Zeit (Movie Flash Prelude) (Time and Time) [unreleased] (0:48) (TRANSLATION)

A note about this CD: As most of these tracks appear elsewhere in the 8 SKU CDs, I have added in brackets the CD the track originally appeared on. If it's new, I note that.

CD Scans

Cover and Back
CD and Inside of Case
CD Obi (spine card) & the ticket to the movie the CD came with

Booklet Pages
001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007

Soundtrack Review

Score: 6.0 of 10
     This is a compilation CD, and so the vast majority of it is rehashed from the previous five soundtracks, but there are a few new pieces to peruse. Unfortunately, they're pretty much filler. "Pretty Lady Come" suffers its genki RPG origins, and so as you can imagine, is obnoxiously perky. (Hey, if that's your thing…) "Zeit und Zeit" is a forty-eight second compilation or remix of duel choruses assembled into a neat little tune of its own that ran as the background music to a very, very early trailer for the Utena movie. It's actually the best new track here, as far as I'm concerned, but forty-eight seconds is a wee bit brief to call it a song. "Sophie - Spit of the Gods" is a good karaoke track, but still, not particularly noteworthy.

     The assortment of previously released tracks is solid, with a couple exceptions. There're too many "eyecatch" tracks, which strike me as time filler and little else; if I can't get into a forty-eight second track, I definitely can't get into a ten second one. It also strikes me as odd that three songs from the live musical made it onto the CD, but then I would guess the live musical was more popular over in Japan. It just gave me nightmares.

     Perky and dark are equally represented on the CD, and a few of my favorites ("Poison", "Akio Car", "Kiss", and "To the Battle Castle") are present. The selection of duel choruses, I can't help but notice, seems to reflect the opinions of most of the fans I've run into. "Spira Mirabilis Theatre", "I Am An Imaginary Living Body", and "I Am All the Mysteries in Creation" are stand-outs from the show, also here is the awesome version of "Angelic Creation, Namely, Light" on soundtrack four. Overall, it's a strong selection of tracks, and a good place for people new to the soundtracks to start. It's got a bit of everything, so no one's going to be left out in the cold. However, if you've already got the other soundtracks, you might want to skip this one, because you've already got the best tracks here.

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