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Swirls and Sex Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone you love. I always knew I had to do a layout with this filthy, filthy picture. These swirlies were actually hand drawn by me. No downloaded brushes here! SNOB
Nothing better in the world than a nice piece of ass. One wonders what Anthy's got strapped on, here. They look so anguished. Almost like they aren't actually having sex! The swirls are what Utena and Anthy see during their drug trip.
You know what they say about ankles. Your weight gets placed on them when you stand. Man I'm glad I remembered how to spell this. Multimedia tastes like fans providing content so I don't have to! Hah. I'm totally looping the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.
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[Yasha] Mikage’s probably the most normal of the bunch, I swear. Check out the Kurobara Duelists in the small screenshots! Wonderful composition in this one.
[Giovanna] By ‘normal’, I think she means ‘least batshit insane’…
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[Yasha] Another stunning Mikage paper… *sighs happily* He just seems to suit that brushed metal look.
[Giovanna] Mikage! Representing computer nerds everywhere!
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