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Swirls and Sex Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone you love. I always knew I had to do a layout with this filthy, filthy picture. These swirlies were actually hand drawn by me. No downloaded brushes here! SNOB
Nothing better in the world than a nice piece of ass. One wonders what Anthy's got strapped on, here. They look so anguished. Almost like they aren't actually having sex! The swirls are what Utena and Anthy see during their drug trip.
You know what they say about ankles. Your weight gets placed on them when you stand. Man I'm glad I remembered how to spell this. Multimedia tastes like fans providing content so I don't have to! Hah. I'm totally looping the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.
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[Yasha] I really love the faded effect on this one. Makes it so much dreamier… and that’s really what you need when someone’s sucking your fingers.
[Giovanna] Meow. I’ve always loved this picture. Also that feels really good. Go ahead, try it.
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[Yasha] Is this pink, or fuschia? Either way, I hate you people. I don’t like pink, and you keep on making me like it!
[Giovanna] This image just lends itself to swirlies really.
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[Yasha] You know, those cutout letters are usually used on ransom notes, right? Did they get kidnapped?
[Giovanna] Yet another that doesn’t look at all like the thumb. There’s a texture here you can’t see in the thumbnail, so click for full, kids!
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    Christi Morelei
[Yasha] Well… yeah, this was submitted around Christmas… Heh. Sorry, guys, we wanted the gallery to be done.
[Giovanna] It’s nowhere near Christmas but it’s always good to stock up! (Besides, why not celebrate early?)
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[Yasha] Nimloth makes such nicely complicated wallpapers. Take a look, you’ll be as impressed as I am.
[Giovanna] There’s so much gorgeous going on here that it’s hard to see in the thumbnail. A composite paper largely of manga images, which rarely get any love around here!
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[Yasha] Awww, how cute! It’s like watching a piranha and a kitten cuddle!
[Giovanna] Sweet and simple. Like their relationship. Partly.
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[Yasha] Damn hippies. Maybe they do live in the village.
[Giovanna] Pretty flower designs always make me happy.
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[Yasha] It’s like Utena and Anthy are going through old pictures! I never do that, unless the pictures are of NYC.
[Giovanna] Utena and Anthy would totally live in the Village with all the other lesbians, right? RIGHT? :wink:
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[Yasha] All the things that made Anthy and Utena friends. It’s really kind of adorable, how they get along.
[Giovanna] Is it? Really? Well where’s the fun in that, I demand power struggles and bitterness!
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[Yasha] Simple, stylish, classy. Also with undefined naked Utena arse. Not a wallpaper for work, folks.
[Giovanna] I’m glad someone else is playing grabass for a change, since I seem to be getting that reputation myself.
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