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Swirls and Sex Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone you love. I always knew I had to do a layout with this filthy, filthy picture. These swirlies were actually hand drawn by me. No downloaded brushes here! SNOB
Nothing better in the world than a nice piece of ass. One wonders what Anthy's got strapped on, here. They look so anguished. Almost like they aren't actually having sex! The swirls are what Utena and Anthy see during their drug trip.
You know what they say about ankles. Your weight gets placed on them when you stand. Man I'm glad I remembered how to spell this. Multimedia tastes like fans providing content so I don't have to! Hah. I'm totally looping the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.
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    Tiff @ The Palace of Moonlight
[Yasha] Starry, starry night, paint your palette blue and grey…Before I get any sort of credibility for knowing that song, the version I listened to was a punk cover. Maybe that’s what they’re dancing to? This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you…
[Giovanna] Akio bends weird ways.
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    Hiryu Nakazaka
[Yasha] Monochromatic, textured goodness!
[Giovanna] A nice gritty look for Utena.
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[Yasha] Manga Utena hardly gets any attention, though I suppose Series and Movie Utena make up for it. Really, I have to wonder about the pink outfit, though… *doesn’t like pink*
[Giovanna] You know, I don’t recall most of the duelists being very honorable.
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    Kamui no Miko
[Yasha] Not one, not two, but three of my favorite illustrations! And they’re put together so beautifully! I’m not generally fond of brown, but honestly, it really, really works here.
[Giovanna] Seriously, very elegant.
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[Yasha] Pretty in Pink! I love the way Miyuki makes the writing really stand out with different effects.
[Giovanna] Miyuki = Queen of Fonts
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[Yasha] Another stunning Mikage paper… *sighs happily* He just seems to suit that brushed metal look.
[Giovanna] Mikage! Representing computer nerds everywhere!
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[Yasha] Nice, simple, and utterly sexy, as Akio pictures tend to be.
[Giovanna] Yeah, Akio and that pesky sexiness, man I tell ya!
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[Yasha] Anthy, Utena and Juri in their signature colors—in neons, even. When I saw the Main Street Electrical parade at Disneyland, it looked like this. Needless to say, I’m attracted to flashy lights. *grins*
[Giovanna] This reminds me of those light thingies from when I was a kid that you punched holes in to make pictures….
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    Giovanna @ Empty Movement
[Giovanna] The file sizes are huge, yes, because ANY compression at all makes Akio look really blotchy. This is from my ‘HAY I CAN MAKE STARS IN PHOTOSHOP’ era.
[Yasha] *sighs happily* Meeeeow. I want a prince like this! And I love the way Gio’s included shots of Utena’s face—that scene is one of my favorites. bla guvj jhgjhg
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[Yasha] I’ve always thought this particular picture was very evocative, and using the rose as a focal point is really effective! Good job!
[Giovanna] Beaten but not broken?
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