Verdant Hopes


Thank you for buying “Revolutionary Girl Utena 2: Verdant Hopes.”

As predicted in the previous volume, this volume tells the story of Saionji. What did you think?

What? This was Wakaba's story, you say?

No, no. That's not right.

This was Saionji's story. Definitely.




Afterword...Take 2

Thank you for buying 'Revolutionary Girl Utena 2: Verdant Hopes.'

Just like the last volume was about Miki and Kozue, this one is Saionji and Wakaba's story. What did you think?

No, originally I intended it to be just about Saionji, but as I started writing it, Wakaba gradually got cuter and cuter (although I still gave her quite a hard time), until she became this active in the story.

Wakaba doesn’t do all that much in either the manga in the anime, so I thought it would be good to at least spotlight her in the novel. In the strange world of Ohtori Academy, she’s probably the most ordinary person, so she’s easy to write about.

Incidentally, in the last novel, Kozue was more popular among readers than Utena. Maybe the supporting actors are growing in strength…

Speaking of reader response, as I suspected, a certain scene in the last book drew a lot of attention. From reading fan letters, hearing comments from friends and acquaintances, and searching on the internet… it seems the thing that really left an impression was page 147 (laugh) (translator's note: this is a reference to the image of Touga on a bed with who we learn in the text is ah...Miki). It was almost like I could hear the readers’ gasps and anguished cries… it was a lot of fun.

The reviews of the billiards scenes were also unexpectedly good. Everyone said they liked them, but that they also seemed kind of mysterious. It’s good to see Juri and Touga together, since they don’t generally interact much.


By the way, Utena never fulfilled her promise to buy Chu-Chu a new necktie. In all the commotion around the duel, she completely forgot. Poor Chu-Chu.

Of course, since in the novels, Chu-Chu is just an ordinary (or not?) monkey, he probably didn’t even notice, but just kept on playing with Anthy.

But if that’s the case, how on earth did Utena lose to him in cards…? (laugh)


Finally, I’d like to once again thank my wonderful illustrator, Chiho Saito-san. And my apologies to the project director, Kotou-san, for making him work so close to New Year’s.

Thank you to everyone who sent letters in response to the first volume. I even got letters sealed with the Rose Signet, and letters with pictures inside. I enjoyed reading all of them. By all means, please send more.



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