Revolutionary Girl Utena Manga Audio Drama

The first disc of OST 5, Now, Engage Yourself to Me... has, peppered through its musical tracks, a thirteen part audio drama. It uses the series cast, and is excerpts of the Chiho Saito manga. There doesn't appear to be much intent to tell the story coherently, just reenact various scenes, and they are generally quite short in length.

These translations of the text are courtesy of Verthandi, with some of the titles belonging to Robert Paige & The Utena Translation Project. Verthandi originally spelled 'Juri' as 'Jury', and 'duelists' as 'duellists'. I changed this because the dominant spellings have shifted over time.

Act I: The Rose Signet

Dai Ichi: Maku Bara no Kokuin
Utena: (as a child) I? In the river? Huh? The scent of roses... Who are you?
Dios: Take heart. You are not alone, for I have given you power. You will go on living, strong and noble.
Utena: was a word I had never heard before, but I somehow understood its mysterious meaning.
Dios: Do you still want to die?
Utena: (as a child) No!!
Dios: Then surely, the time will come for us to meet again, face-to-face. And if you have not lost your noble sentiment, then...
Utena: He vanished like an illusion, and I found myself in a rose garden overflowing with spring sunlight.

Act II: Duelists

Dai Ni: Maku Kettoushitachi
Touga: We will now call the roll. Juri.
Juri: Here.
Touga: Miki.
Miki: Present.
Touga: Saionji Kyouichi and his bride. Step forward.
Saionji: What do you want?
Touga: Saionji. Your violent treatment of Himemiya is in gross violation of the Code.
Saionji: Not in the slightest. She is my bride, and I may use her howsoever I please.
Miki: We were each given a chance from the Ends of the World, but we are not to go beyond our bounds as duelists.
Juri: Don't mistake this privilege for a blank check, Saionji.
Touga: That is right. The Rose Seal Code is the will of the Ends of the World!

Act III: Immoral Siblings

Dai San: Maku Haitoku no Kyoumai
Akio: Don't look so troubled.
Akio: You know the most precious one in my thoughts is you, Anthy.
Anthy: Oniisama!
Anthy: Without you, I am nothing.
Anthy: Whatever Oniisama tells me, I will do.
Akio: Let it be so. Before long, your body must be put to use for me, so that I may possess the Power of Dios.

Act IV: Get Engaged...

Dai Yon: Maku ENGEEJI Shite...
Anthy: From now on, we'll be living together in accordance with the Rose Seal code.
Anthy: I am the Rose Bride.
Anthy: Respectively, the Sword of Dios belongs to you, the Victor.
Anthy: Utena-sama, you have been given the privilege of my devotion. I am to accompany you at all times.
Utena: "Bride"?
Utena: You?!
Anthy: It is my duty to get engaged to the Victor of the Duel.

Act V: He's in a Shower

Dai Go: Maku SHAWAA no Kare
Touga: Oh. Good morning.
The showers in this dorm are pretty bad, aren't they? From now on, we'll be living together. Don't gape at me like that...unless you have some demands that I can attend to now, while I'm naked.
I am your servant. I will always be by your side, always thinking of you.

Act VI: Please, Haniwaccha!!

Dai Roku: Maku Onegai! Haniwatcha!!

(Fun note:
Haniwatcha is played
by Chiho Saito!)
Haniwatcha: I am Haniwatcha! Your kiss broke the curse on me, tcha. To the one who dissolves the curse, I must grant three wishes, tcha. What is the first, tcha?
Chu-Chu: The first, chu?
Haniwatcha: The first, tcha.
Chu-Chu: The first, chu...
Haniwatcha: Get on with it, tcha.
Chu-Chu: A wish... A wish... Make Chu-Chu's wish come true, chu!
Student: Saionji-sempai turned into a giant!
Chu-Chu: CHUUUUU! Run away, chu! Chu chu chu chu chu chu...

Act VII: Kozue's Own Miki

Dai Shichi: Maku Kozue dake no Miki
Kozue: You and I have been together since we were born, so I know everything about you. Even when we're separated, I can feel you. I've never loved anyone but you, Miki. Absolutely no one else.
Miki: Kozue...we don't share a body anymore! We like different people and have separate lives. That thought should make you very happy...
Kozue: Miki, you...traitor!

Act VIII: Shadow of Deepest Azure

Dai Hachi: Maku Fukaki Ruri Iro no Kage
Ruka: Who knows? Could I have seen eternity? Although I didn't win, I understood what it means to have the power to bring the world revolution...
Juri: ...what do you mean?
Ruka: The power In your heart. In your tearful face.
Juri: Ruka! What are you saying? ...I don't understand!!
Juri: By the way, have you heard anything about Ruka? He's always been like that. Going without saying a word, and never thinking of the people he left behind.
Touga: And what about that? On the other hand, perhaps he thinks so much of you that he thought it would be kinder to leave without telling you. What if he had said...
Ruka: I love Juri best when she's fighting. If I could make her shine again, I would even throw my own life away. And when Juri cried for me, I would know a world of happiness for eternity. But if I die, please, don't let her know.
Juri: I...don't believe that story at all. Ruka's alive. He'll always be alive inside me. And surely, he'll come back to me again.
Ruka: But even if you did tell her, I'm sure she wouldn't believe you...that's my Juri.

Act IX: Lucifer's Trap

Dai Kyuu: Maku RUSHIFAA no Wan
Utena: Akio-san, do you hate your name?
Akio: No?
Utena: Then why say such sad things? I think it's a really great name! I really do! I love it!
Akio: And I love you, too.
Utena: Wha...?
Akio: That most brilliant, most beautiful star is not only called "Lucifer." It is also known as "Venus," the goddess of love and beauty. The "Evening Star" that appears foremost among the other stars in the night sky...that is how you are set in my thoughts. You are always the strongest and brightest.
Utena: A-a goddess? M-me?
Akio: That is why I want you. You will be my...
Utena: Wait...I'm gonna fall! Akio-sa...AAAH!
Akio: Struggling just gets you into more trouble.
Utena: Well, you sure seem amused!
Akio: Don't move. Just stay right there. Right Venus.

Act X: The One Who Will Revolutionize the World

Dai Juu: Maku Sekai wo Kakmei Suru Mono
Utena: I've made up my mind! I'll become the Prince. I'll defeat you and win the power to bring the world revolution. And I WILL save Himemiya.
Akio: You will die. This is different from those "play" duels. How terrible it is, to become a Prince. You will be sorry.
Utena: I won't lose! I won't become like the End of the you!
Akio: Do you then cast aside your desire for the Prince in the castle? Your prince, Dios of the the end, he saved no one, nor could he protect Anthy!
Utena: Himemiya... You have always stood alone, just like me... HIMEMIYA! Open your eyes! I'll protect you for sure! Believe in me!

Act XI: My Prince

Dai Juuichi: Maku Watashi no Oujisama
Anthy: Stop it! You're a girl! A human of flesh and blood... Not the prince who will save me... And that's fine...
Utena: Thank you, Himemiya. You believed in me... You opened your eyes and returned to me! I'm happy... Really... But now...this is the end of your prince.
Anthy: The end--?! No! Utena-sama! If you do that, you'll--!'ll disappear!

Act XII: Someday, We'll Shine Together

Dai Juuni: Maku Itsuka Issho ni Kagayaite
Touga: But...the only one who remembers Tenjou, except me, is you. That makes me glad.
Anthy: You really loved her, didn't you.
Touga: Hm. With her direct and inelegant honesty, she was cute...and strong. I thought we were ill-suited for each other, but I fell in love. Will I...never see her again?
Anthy: Utena-sama is alive.
Touga: How do you know?!
Anthy: The world isn't revolutionized yet. I have to go!
Touga: Where?
Anthy: To look for Utena-sama! When we meet again, we'll be meeting for the first time!

Act XIII: Once Again, You and I Will...

Dai Juusan: Maku Watashi to, Anata ga, Mou Ichidou...
Anthy: You and I, once more...

Revolutionary Girl Utena music by KING Records, US release by Geneon. Content from these releases compiled here by Giovanna for Empty Movement. Fan-translations belong to named creators and reproduced with their permission. Yay!