Hello, My Baby

Vocals: Tokyo Konsei Gasshodan (東京混声合唱団)
Lyrics: Ei Rokusuke (永 六輔)
Music: Nakamura Hachidai (中村 八大)

Hello, My Baby
Translation from Nozomi
        DVD Release (2011)
Hello to you, little babe. To your smiling face.
Hello to you, little babe. To your cries, as well.
Those little hands you have! Your eyes, squeezed tightly shut!
How do you do? I'm your mother, dear.
(The rest doesn't play in the episode.)

Hello, My Baby
Translated by Ayu Ohseki

Hello, my baby! Your smile 
Hello, my baby! Your cries 
Your tiny hands and round eyes 
How do you do? I'm Mommy!
Hello, my baby! Your life 
Hello, my baby! Your future 
This happiness is what Daddy desires 
How do you do? I'm Mommy!
This is the mark of love for the two of us alone 
I'll pray to raise you healthy and beautiful
Hello, my baby! I have a request 
Hello, my baby! Sometimes, Daddy and I 
You see, we want you to make a quiet night 
Just for us--so good night 
Please, my baby 
Good night, my baby! I'm Mommy!
Hello, My Baby
Translated by Verthandi

Hello, my baby's face
Hello, my baby's cry
Your tiny hand, your round eyes
It's nice to meet you, I'm your mama!
Hello, my baby, to your life
Hello, my baby, to your future
Papa wished for this happiness
It's nice to meet you, I'm your mama!
As a symbol of our love, I pray
To bring you up healthy and beautiful
Hello, my baby, I have but one request
Hello, my baby...sometimes, I would
Like to have a quiet evening
Alone with Papa, so goodnight
Please, my baby...
Goodnight, my baby. I'm your mama!
Konnichiwa Akachan
Transcribed by Ayu Ohseki

konnichi wa akachan  anata no egao 
konnichi wa akachan  anata no nakigoe 
sono chiisana te  tsuburana hitomi 
hajimemashite  watashi ga MAMA yo
konnichi wa akachan  anata no inochi 
konnichi wa akachan  anata no mirai 
kono shiawase ga  PAPA no nozomi yo 
hajimemashite  watashi ga MAMA yo
futari dake no  ai no shirushi 
sukoyaka ni utsukushiku  sodate to inoru
konnichi wa akachan  onegai ga aru no 
konnichi wa akachan  tokidoki wa PAPA to 
HORA futari dake no  shizukana yoru o 
tsukutte hoshii no  oyasumi nasai 
onegai akachan 
oyasumi akachan  watashi ga MAMA yo

Revolutionary Girl Utena music by KING Records, US release by Geneon. Content from these releases compiled here by Giovanna for Empty Movement. Fan-translations belong to named creators and reproduced with their permission. Yay!