I Am the Gnomon of the Sundial

Music, Arrangement, Lyrics: J.A. Seazer (J.A.シーザー)
Chorus: Engeki Jikken-shitsu "Ban'yū Inryoku" (演劇実験室 "万有引力") Theater Laboratory "Universal Gravitation"

I Am the Gnomon of the Sundial
Translation by EJ
It means hidden knowledge and the transmission of secrets
From the same root as “gnosis,”
knowledge, and “gnome,” a subterranean spirit
I am the gnomon of the sundial
Babylon, Berossus, hemisphere
Samos, Aristarchus, disc
Cnidus, Eudoxus, spider
Syracuse, Scopus, pillar base
Amisos, Dionysodorus, cone
I am the gnomon of the sundial
An icosahedron making use of the shadows
With the wisdom to measure apparent solar time
I am the gnomon of the sundial
Making the imagination of light my strength
An illusory worship of shadows and time
At the north pole of the heavens, a bar of shadow from the sun
At the south pole of the heavens, a clock hand pointing to shadow
Apparent solar hour
Apparent solar day
Apparent solar month
Apparent solar year
Equatorial sundial (gnomon)
Equatorial bow sundial (Hijri)
Vertical sundial (gnomon)
Portable sundial (diptych)
I am the gnomon of the sundial
Understanding of the movement of heavenly bodies
Knowledge of the changing of the seasons
An alchemist of the rhythms of nature
The flow of time; the fountain of wisdom
I, Sundial Gnomon
Translation by Katie
Secret knowledge and hidden meaning,
Derived from the same root as gnosis,
underground knowledge, and gnome, underground spirit
I, the sundial gnomon.
Babylon, Berossus, hemispheres
Samos, Aristarchus, discs,
Cnidus, Eudoxus, spiders,
Syrakousai, Scopas, columns
Amisos, Dionysodoros, cones
I, the sundial gnomon
Shadow-using icosahedron,
The visual solar system of timekeeping wisdom,
I, the sundial gnomon,
The imaginative power of light, made into
Illusion-worship, shadow, time
The north celestial pole, the solar shadow-stick
The north celestial pole, the shadow-pointing needle
Visual solar time
Visual solar day
Visual solar month
Visual solar year
Coma-shaped sundial (gnomon)
Equatorial sundial (hijra)
Vertical sundial (gnomon)
Portable sundial (diptych)
I, the sundial gnomon
The wisdom of the celestial flow,
The knowledge of the changing seasons,
The rhythm of nature, the alchemist,
The flow of time, the source of wisdom!
I am the gnomon of the sundial
Translation by Hiraku
Meaning behind the esoteric knowledge and the arcane secrets
Knowledge Gnosis, Etymological origin of the
underground spirit gnome
I – am – the Gnomon of the sundial
Babylon, Berossus, Hemisphere
Samos, Aristarchus, Saucer
Knidos, Eudoxus, Arachnid
Syracuse, Scopus, Pedestal
Amisus, Dionysodorus, Cone
I am the gnomon of the sundial
Shadow configuration of the icodecahedron
Sundial, measurement of wisdom
I am the gnomon of the sundial
With the imaginative power of the light
Illusory praise Shadow of time
Celestial north pole, shadow pole of the sun
Celestial south pole, shadow indicator
View – Solar hour
View – Solar date
View – Solar month
View – Solar year
Spinning-top shaped sundial (Gnomon)
Equatorial sundial (Hijra)
Vertical sundial (Gnomon)
Tablet sundial (Diptych)
Wisdom of the celestial movement
Knowledge of the moving, changing season
Nature’s rhythm, Alchemist
The flow of time, Fountain of wisdom
Watashi Hidokei GUNOMOON
As Provided by EJ
kakusareta chishiki ya hiden o imi suru
chishiki GUNOOSHISU,
chichuu no sei GUNOOMU o gogen to suru
watashi hidokei GUNOMOON
watashi hidokei GUNOMOON
kage o mochiite nijuumentai
shitaiyoukei hakaru chie
watashi hidokei GUNOMOON
hikari no souzou ryoku to shite
gensou raisan kage * toki no
ten no hokkyoku hi no kagebou
ten no nankyoku kage shimesu hari
shitaiyou ji
shitaiyou hi
shitaiyou tsuki
shitaiyou nen
KOMAgata hidokei (NOOMON)
sekidoushiki hidokei (HIJURA)
suichokushiki hidokei (GUNOOMON)
keitai hidokei (DIPPUTIKKU)
watashi hidokei GUNOMOON
tentai no nagare no chie
kisetsu no utsuri kawari no chishiki
shizen no RIZUMU renkinjutsushi
toki no nagare chie no gensen
As Provided by EJ
バビロン ベロッソス半球
サモス アリスタルコス 円盤
クニドス エウドクソス 蜘蛛
シュラクサイ スコプス 柱脚
アミソス ディオニュシオドロス 円錐
視太陽計 (太陽時計)計る知恵
幻想礼讃 影・時の
天の北極 日の影棒
天の南極 影示す針
赤道式日時計 (ヒジュラ)
垂直式日時計 (グノーモン)
携帯日時計 (ディプティック)
自然のリズム 錬金術師
時の流れ 智慧の源泉

Translation Notes From EJ:

Babylon, Berossus, hemisphere
SamosAristarchus, disc
CnidusEudoxus, spider
Syracuse, Scopus, pillar base
AmisosDionysodorus, cone

Each of these lines lists, in reverse order, a form of sundial, the (supposed or probable) inventor of that form, and the location where that person lived. I’ve linked Wikipedia articles for the people and the less well-known places, although I couldn’t find anything at all about Scopus.

Translation Notes From Katie:

Babylon, Berossus, hemispheres
Hemisphere, discs, columns, cones, and... spiders? Yes. I can even explain it. Here’s a quote: “...The planispheric astrolabe ... was ... used for the determination of the day and night hours by means of the rotation of an arachne or 'spider', afterwards called rete by the Latins. Vitruvius ... writes ... 'Eudoxus the astronomer, or according to some Apollonius (invented) the arachne.'”

Solar system of timekeeping/Visual solar system
太陽時=solar time and is generally pronounced taiyouji; however, Seazer wrote 太陽時計 (generally pronounced taiyou tokei), sun time, in parentheses, apparently to indicate it’s short for that. However, taiyoukei, which is what is actually sung, means solar system (it’d be written 太陽系 normally). I did my best to keep the pun.

Translation Notes From Hiraku:

This does take its origin from グノーシス (Gnosis), or knowledge. But, it did NOT take its origin from グノーㇺ (Gnome). I’m confident that that’s purely just a play on alliteration on Seazer’s part. Don’t misguide your listeners, Seazer!!!! Now you have people walking on the street telling other people that “Gnomon” is derived from “Gnome”!

Revolutionary Girl Utena music by KING Records, US release by Geneon. Content from these releases compiled here by Giovanna for Empty Movement. Fan-translations belong to named creators and reproduced with their permission. Yay!