Oh look, time for alt text! Uhoh, Wakaba's not gonna like that... SMIRK FOR ME, SAIONJI God this layout was hell on earth with the colors. Kiddie Utena. Awww. Hey, no looking up Anthy's skirt, you! I love this shot of her. It's just so...I dunno. Originally this was Touga and Saionji as kids. Then I remembered Saionji's not the main character. HOLY FUCK IT'S TOUGA Hi, I'm Juri, and I'm a lesbian. Utena looks rather young in this shot. Huh. SO HOT
You can't see, but Miki's looking at a porn mag. Nanami, you totally missed the point. Go join them. Duh. HOTTEST IMAGE EVAR HOLY Yes, that's Touga again. This is just the first thing I think of when someone says 'Touga' There really aren't a lot of great shots of Mikage. Such an injustice. Believe it or not, I spent half an hour on this layout before I linked the photograph theme to Akio. Don't I feel dumb. GIOVANNA SERIOUSLY STOP LISTENING TO EVANESCENCE I'm tired, but I have to be awake for the next six hours. Boo. Thai food is delicious. I seeee you theeere, farther awaaaaaay Even his sleeve is hot. And let's not even START with his neck.


"Shoujo Kakumei Utena - la fillette revolutionnaire -" is a copyrighted work.
(C) Be-PaPas, Chiho Saito / Shogakukan, Shokaku Iinkai, TV Tokyo.

In Japanese, suffixes called "honorifics" are attached to people's names to indicate the speaker's relation to the one spoken about. We have left these honorifics largely untranslated to preserve the nuances of the original dialog. Some common honorifics follow:
In modern Japanese, an indication that the speaker holds the one spoken about in very high esteem. Can also be used facetiously (like Wakaba toward Utena) to indicate that the speaker has a crush on the subject.
An honorific indicating a neutral distance between speaker and subject. Connotes a "working" familiarity with the subject, but not usually camaraderie or intimacy. -san is normally not used toward male social inferiors.
A diminutive, this indicates not familiarity and often some degree of affection. The "little" connotation means this term is frequently applied to children, especially female ones.
Used toward social equals or inferiors with whom one is more intimate than "-san". Most commonly used toward males. Examples include Utena toward Miki and Touga toward Utena.
Means teacher, master, instructor, physician, etc. Used to address people in such respected occupation.
Means senior, superior, elder, predecessor, old-timer, etc. You use it to address people who joined in your social class earlier than you did, regardless of age or social superiority, to indicate some degree of due respect. In Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Utena calls Juri by "-sempai."
Since we use Japanese suffixes in our English translations, we also use the Japanese name order, that is family-name given-name. The reason is that while "Tenjou Utena-san" sounds all right, "Utena Tenjou-san" sounds wrong. Basically, we adopt the letter-by-letter romanization in spelling Japanese names such as: "Tenjou Utena", "Kiryuu Touga", "Saionji Kyouichi." We do not follow this rule for a few names:
Himemiya Anthy:
This is the official spelling. "Anthy" is the Greek word for "flowery."
Ohtori Academy:
We decided to spell "Ohtori" to keep consistent with the visual you will see in later episodes.
Kaoru Miki/Micky:
Both "Miki" and "Micky" are used, and they clearly sound different in Japanese. "Micky" is his nickname, and it is the official spelling on the laser disc covers and other sources.
Arisugawa Juri:
Although the official spelling is "Jury," we decided to spell her name "Juri" instead since "Jury" seemed out of place.
The Japanese title of the series "Shoujo Kakumei Utena" literally means "(young) girl(s) revolution Utena," where "Utena" is the name of the leading character. It seems that the original creators expect the audience to think about the real meaning of the title. The French title of the series "la fillette revolutionnaire" literally means "the (young) revolutionary girl." The official English version brought by Central Park Media is titled "Revolutionary Girl Utena."

Project & Original Story: Be-PaPas
Original Concept & Series Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Original Concept & Original Art: Chiho Saito
Original Episode Script: Yoji Enokido
Original Episode Director: Toru Takahashi
English Translation: Robert Paige & Yasuyuki Sato
English Script Editing: Al the Editing Guy, Haamel, Microman M-256, Robert Paige, Sailor T, & Utena Translation Project
English Script Checking: Yasuyuki Sato
Translator's Note: Yasuyuki Sato

SCRIPT (episode 1 + bonus; version 1.0; 9/9/1998)

OP:  Heroically, with bravery
OP:  I'll go on with my life,
OP:  just a long, long time.
OP:  But if the two of us should get split up
OP:  by whatever means,
OP:  let go of me,
OP:  Take my revolution.
Title:  Utena - La Fillette Revolutionnaire
OP:  In the sunny garden, we held each other's hands,
OP:  drew close together and soothed each other with the words,
OP:  "Neither of us will ever fall in love again."
OP:  Everytime
OP:  Into this photograph of us
OP:  smiling cheek to cheek,
OP:  I took a bit of loneliness,
OP:  and crammed it inside.
OP:  Revolution!
OP:  Even in my dreams, even through my tears,
OP:  even though I'm being hurt,
OP:  reality is approaching now, frantically.
OP:  What I want now is to find out
OP:  just where I belong,
OP:  and my self-worth, up through today.
OP:  Heroically, I'll throw away
OP:  my clothes 'til I'm nude,
OP:  like the roses dancing all around me, whirling free.
OP:  But if the two of us should get split up
OP:  by whatever means,
OP:  I swear to you, I will change the world.

voice:  Once upon a time...
voice:  ...there was a princess grieving over the deaths of her mother and father.
voice:  Before this princess appeared a prince traveling upon a white horse.
voice:  His appearance gallant, and his smile gentle, the prince enveloped the princess
voice:  in the scent of roses, and wiped away her tears.
voice:  "Little one bearing up alone under grief,
voice:  please lose not thy strength and nobility when thou growest up."
voice:  "As a token of this day, please retain this."
voice:  "Pray, shall we meet once more?"
voice:  "This ring should guide thee to me."
voice:  Was the ring from the prince meant as an engagement ring?
voice:  That part was good,
voice:  but because of the strength of her admiration for the prince,
voice:  the princess made up her mind to become a prince herself!
voice:  But is that really good for her?
Title:  The Rose Bride
Wakaba:  It's late...
Wakaba:  Man, how much longer should I have to wait?
Wakaba:  I'm not going to be late the beginning of the new term.
Girl:  Wakaba!
Girl:  What are you doing over there?
Wakaba:  Waiting to see my boyfriend!
Girl:  Boyfriend?
Girl:  Ha ha.. guessed you got dumped, then.
Girl:  Your "boyfriend" left the dorm earlier this morning.
Wakaba:  Why, you... how could you?!
Title:  Ohtori Academy Junior and Senior High School
Woman:  Tenjou Utena-san.
Woman:  Do you plan to keep on wearing those strange clothes this semester?
Utena:  Strange?
Woman:  Strange.
Utena:  All the boys are dressed like I am.
Woman:  You are a girl!
Woman:  So why do you keep on wearing a boy's uniform?
Utena:  There's no rule here that says a girl can't wear a boy's uniform.
Utena:  No problem then!
Utena:  So, in that case...
Woman:  You little... You're going to keep evading me this semester, too, aren't you...
Crowd:  Go, Utena-sama!!
Boy:  Sheesh, skunked again...
Girl:  Oh, Utena-sama, use my towel, too!
Utena:  Sure, sure, wait your turn.
Boy:  Say, Tenjou, if you'd just join our basketball team,
Boy:  the local playoffs would be a sure thing!
Utena:  Now look! I'm a girl, you know.
Utena:  I don't like playing basketball with a bunch of stinking, sweaty boys.
Boy:  Why not? You're mighty boyish yourself, Tenjou.
Utena:  Don't say such rude things.
Boy:  Well then, why do you wear that boy's uniform?
Utena:  That's "prince."
Boy:  Huh?
Utena:  Instead of a princess to be protected,
Utena:  I want to become a dashing prince.
Boy:  What's that mean?
Utena:  That smell...
Utena:  It's the smell of roses.
Utena:  How long have I felt nostalgic over the scent of roses?
Utena:  What's going on over there?
Utena:  A lovers' quarrel?
Utena:  At least do that someplace where no one else can see you.
Utena:  Hey, hey... that's going a bit too far.
Utena:  Whew...
Wakaba:  Utena!
Utena:  Wakaba.. you're heavy...
Wakaba:  This is your punishment for leaving me behind this morning. Now say you're sorry!
Utena:  Okay, okay...
Wakaba:  Oh, Saionji-sama!
Utena:  Saionji?
Wakaba:  You don't know who Saionji-sama is?
Utena:  Oh, is he famous?
Utena:  I know who the guy in front of him is.
Utena:  That's got to be Kiryuu Touga, the Student Council President, right?
Wakaba:  Yep! And the other guy is the Vice-President, Saionji Kyouichi-sama.
Utena:  What about her?
Wakaba:  Ahh... that's Himemiya Anthy.
Utena:  Himemiya... Anthy...
Wakaba:  All she does is take care of the roses, though no one's asked her to. She's so weird.
Wakaba:  She'll be in our class from now on.
Utena:  So, is Saionji going out with that Himemiya girl?
Wakaba:  Not even! Tough old Saionji-sama could never have any feelings for a girl like her.
Wakaba:  The only reason they're together is because they're both part of the Student Council.
Utena:  Wakaba... he's sort of your type, isn't he?
Wakaba:  Oh, I hate it when you get jealous! Don't you worry, I belong only to you.
Wakaba:  After all, you're much, much cooler than any boy!
Saionji:  This is a sudden meeting, fellow Councilors...
Miki:  Saionji-san, we are the chosen members of the Rose Signet.
Juri:  Don't forget that our one and only rule is to uphold the Code.
Touga:  Saionji, we have a problem with the way you've been treating the Bride recently.
Saionji:  Oh, is that so?
Touga:  Certainly, she is engaged to you currently.
Touga:  However, that doesn't mean you can do whatever you please to her.
Miki:  "Whatever he pleases?"
Juri:  "Whatever he pleases," you say?
Touga:  Quit abusing the Bride, Saionji.
Touga:  The existence of our Student Council is the behest of the Ends of the World.
Touga:  Should they know of this matter, the Ends of the World will be displeased.
Saionji:  Stay out of this.
Saionji:  Presently, the Bride and I are deeply in love.
Saionji:  I don't want to hear complaints from the likes of you.
Miki:  "Deeply in love?"
Anthy:  Right now, I am Saionji-sama's Bride.
Anthy:  I will do everything he wishes.
Saionji:  Well, that's how it is between us.
Saionji:  If you're so concerned with the Code,
Saionji:  then win back the Bride in a duel in accordance with the Code, Councilors.
Touga:  Don't forget that the next duel will be soon upon-
Saionji:  I'm already looking forward to whoever it is that will challenge me.

Wakaba:  Ooh, that's so pretty... that rose pattern.
Wakaba:  Say, that's our school emblem, isn't it?
Utena:  Sure looks like it.
Wakaba:  Who'd you get it from?
Utena:  A prince on a white horse.
Utena:  "This ring should guide thee to me."
Wakaba:  What's that about?
Utena:  I think someone said that to me when he gave me the ring,
Utena:  but I was real little then, so I don't remember too well.
Wakaba:  I know what you mean.
Wakaba:  When I was a little girl, my mama said to me,
Wakaba:  "You're the princess of the Onion Kingdom!"
Wakaba:  and I actually believed her.
Utena:  So your head's always been shaped like that, huh?
Wakaba:  I wonder what that's about...
crowd:  Now what's this?
Utena:  What's going on here?
boy:  Someone's love letter got posted here.
Utena:  Love letter?
boy:  hmmm, let's see... "so then I was dancing with you in my dreams, Saionji-san."
boy:  "You were smiling so gently. You must think I'm such an idiot."
boy:  Heh! I'll say!
Utena:  You guys are the idiots!
Utena:  This is such a tasteless thing to do.
boy:  Hey, if it's up there, anybody would read it.
Utena:  Nice guys wouldn't read this-
Utena:  Wakaba...
Utena:  Wakaba!
Utena:  YOU sent that letter to Saionji?
Utena:  That Saionji jerk is not getting away with this...
Saionji:  How should I know?
Saionji:  Someone probably picked the letter out of the trash and posted it on their own.
Utena:  Why did you throw it away in such a public place?
Saionji:  What I do with my letters is my own business.
Saionji:  But, now that I think of it,
Saionji:  if that sort of stupid, no, silly letter has amused anyone, then all the better.
Saionji:  Was that all you wanted to talk about?
Utena:  No.
Utena:  You're the captain of the Kendo Club, right?
Utena:  You've got a duel with me today after school!
Saionji:  What do you...
Saionji:  So that's it.
Saionji:  You're the next challenger.
Utena:  What do you mean by that?
Saionji:  All right, then.
Saionji:  I'll meet you after classes at the Duel Arena in the forest at the rear of the school.
Utena:  Forest? The one that's off-limits?
A-ko:  I wonder, I wonder... do you know what I wonder?
B-ko:  I hear there's going to be another duel out back in the forest today!
A-ko:  Oh, brave warrior, you're going to fight for your friend, meddlesome brave warrior!
B-ko:  But beware, brave warrior...
A-ko:  They fight by a Code, there in the forest.
B-ko:  Do you know that, I wonder?
A-ko:  I wonder, I wonder...
both:  Do you know what I wonder?
Utena:  What the... Now how am I supposed to get into this place, anyway?
Utena:  And of course, it's locked.
Utena:  Hey! That's cold!
Utena:  What kind of gate is this?
Utena:  Well, whatever. I'm going in!
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse
ZUM:  Birth records
ZUM:  Baptismal records
ZUM:  Death records
ZUM:  A wet-nurse and a midwife in a dark desert
ZUM:  A gold-gilded Shangri-La
ZUM:  Day and night reversing
ZUM:  A time-gilded Lost Paradise
ZUM:  Darkness over Sodom
ZUM:  Darkness ever glowing
ZUM:  Darkness over yonder
ZUM:  Darkness never ending
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalyptic Darkness, Apocalypse
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
Utena:  A castle in midair? How?
Saionji:  So, this is your first time to see the castle, eh?
Utena:  What is it? I sure couldn't see it from outside the forest.
Saionji:  It's a mirage, of sorts.
Saionji:  You can think of it as magic, if you like.
Utena:  A mirage?
Saionji:  What surprises me is someone outside the Student Council possessing a Rose Signet.
Utena:  Rose Signet?
Saionji:  I mean this.
Utena:  That ring...
Saionji:  Anthy!
Saionji:  Prepare us for battle!
Utena:  Himemiya... Anthy...
Utena:  Himemiya, what are YOU doing here?
Saionji:  Naturally, the Bride ought to be in attendance.
Utena:  Bride?
Utena:  That smell...
Utena:  It's the same, the same as my prince's roses.
Anthy:  The person whose rose gets scattered loses the duel.
Utena:  Huh?
Anthy:  Good luck to you.
Utena:  What was that for?
Saionji:  Don't toy with me, Anthy!
Saionji:  You're the Rose Bride, in other words, MY flower.
Saionji:  How dare you wish anyone else good luck?
Anthy:  I'm sorry, Saionji-sama.
Utena:  Stupid! He does all this, and you still submit to him?
Anthy:  Saionji-sama is the current duel champion, so he can do with me as he likes.
Utena:  What does that mean?
Utena:  Isn't he supposed to be your boyfriend?
Saionji:  So, let us begin.
Utena:  I'm not sure what's going on here, but it doesn't matter, as long as I beat him, right?
Anthy:  O roses of the noble castle,
Utena:  What? More magic?
Anthy:  O Power of Dios that slumbers within me,
Anthy:  Harken unto thy master and reveal to us...
Saionji:  ...the power to revolutionize the world!
WWWW:  When Where Who Which
WWWW:  When Where Who Which
Saionji:  You're pretty good... for a girl.
Saionji:  So you want to be the prince who saves the helpless princess?
WWWW:  Flow of blood from the cage of my memory,
Saionji:  Unfortunately...
WWWW:  In the cradle of a thousand years of bliss.
Utena:  Oh, no!
WWWW:  And I, an actor cast eternally
Utena:  That magical sword... is real?
Saionji:  I'm surprised at you.
Saionji:  Really now, challenging the Sword of Dios with a simple bamboo practice sword?
WWWW:  as the Sphinx in the desert winter.
Utena:  Sword of Dios?
Saionji:  You don't know about the Sword of Dios? Who ARE you?
Saionji:  You ARE an intriguing creature.
Utena:  Hey, this fight ain't over yet!
WWWW:  Now you know the sadness
Saionji:  If you so desire, I'll gladly stain that rose with your blood, with but a single strike.
Saionji:  Go ahead then, risk your life and face me... if you have the courage!
WWWW:  of the stillborn flesh.
Saionji:  You, a prince on a white horse, out to save a princess?
WWWW:  And I, a holy actor, cast eternally
voice:  "Little one bearing up alone under grief,
WWWW:   as a dark shining Margineaux, cast into Hell.
voice:  please lose not thy strength and nobility when thou growest up."
WWWW:  Glow!
Saionji:  What?
WWWW:  Burn!
WWWW:  Cool down,
WWWW:  and sing!
Saionji:  Stupid bitch!
WWWW:  Born in this world,
WWWW:  born in an instant,
WWWW:  born all over again.
Saionji:  It can't be...
Saionji:  I've... lost?
Saionji:  Anthy...
Anthy:  Take it easy, Saionji... sempai.
Touga:  This is an unexpected turn of events.
Touga:  And she's in junior high school?
Touga:  All right, baby.
Touga:  You've set my heart on fire.
Utena:  Ahh.. That was really weird, whatever happened back there.
Utena:  What was all that, anyway?
Utena:  Oh well, better just forget about it!
Utena:  Huh? You...
Anthy:  I've been waiting for you, Utena-sama.
Anthy:  I am the Rose Bride, and from today on, I am your flower.

ED:  Missing truth and forever
ED:  Kissing love and true your heart
ED:  Embrace me with your true arms
ED:  The key to open up tomorrow is reality
ED:  I want to keep on destroying lies.
ED:  Even if we keep on talking,
ED:  you still won't ever see.
ED:  Excuses really suit adults
ED:  who hang on to old stories.
ED:  Because unchosen angels
ED:  have no need for wings.
ED:  Missing truth and forever,
ED:  Kissing love and true your heart,
ED:  I will like tomorrow's new me.
ED:  At least I believe so; I want to believe it,
ED:  so I want to keep lies hating me.

Title:  Preview of Next Episode
Utena:  What, a rematch at the Duel Arena after school tomorrow?
Utena:  Can I really be expelled for not following the rules of the Student Council?
Anthy:  Is that okay, Utena-sama?
Anthy:  I thought you weren't going to accept any more duels.
Utena:  I'll just lose on purpose.
Utena:  After that, no problem, right?
Anthy:  Well, whatever you like...
Utena:  Next time on Shoujo Kakumei Utena: For Whom the Rose Smiles
Anthy:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse.

Title:  Bonus Video
OP:  isagiyoku, kekkoyoku
OP:  ikite yukou
OP:  just a long, long time.
OP:  tatoe futari hanare banare
OP:  ni natte mo,
OP:  let go of me,
OP:  Take my revolution.
OP:  hikari sasu ga-den, te o toriai
OP:  chikaiatta nagusameatta
OP:  "mou koi wa nido to shinai yo" tte
OP:  Everytime
OP:  hoho o yoseatte
OP:  utsuru shashin no
OP:  egao ni
OP:  sukoshi no
OP:  sabishisa tsumekonde
OP:  Revolution!
OP:  yume o mite, namida shite,
OP:  kizu tsuite mo
OP:  genjitsu wa gamushara ni kuru shi
OP:  jibun no ibasho sonzai
OP:  kachi o mitsuketai
OP:  kyou made no jibun o
OP:  isagiyoku, nugisuteru
OP:  hadaka ni naru
OP:  jiyuu o mau bara no you ni
OP:  tatoe futari hanarebanare
OP:  ni natte mo
OP:  watashi wa sekai o kaeru

Title:  Talking about Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Title:  Ikuhara Kunihiko
Title:  Director/Creator Ikuhara Kunihiko
Ikuhara:  Utena is someone I wish I could be.
Ikuhara:  I want to be a fool. I want to be ignorant. I want to be naive.
Ikuhara:  Anthy is, to me, the embodiment of reality.
Ikuhara:  I can't reveal the motivation.
Ikuhara:  But to give you a little hint, it will be something fun.
Ikuhara:  I don't know if the character Anthy herself actually has any "venom."
Ikuhara:  I portray her as having "venom" in her, yet at the same time I won't portray her as ever having "malice."
Ikuhara:  Speaking for myself, I must say that she is an uncommon character.
Ikuhara:  I don't think there has never been anyone quite like her in animation.
Ikuhara:  As for Seazer's choruses, I've liked them ever since I heard them at Tenjou Sajiki (a theatrical troupe) as a teenager.
Ikuhara:  If you ask me, it was odd that everyone reacted in surprise.
Ikuhara:  Some people even said that they laughed, thinking it was supposed to be a gag.
Ikuhara:  I thought about what that meant, since they seemed so natural to my sensibilities.
Ikuhara:  I think they probably laughed at those Japanese words, which sound like a potpourri of fossilized words.
Ikuhara:  Which means, I think they had a fixed idea that choruses are normally not like this.
Ikuhara:  Plus, I thought it might be that we didn't like the Japanese language any more.
Ikuhara:  We intended to make episodes 1 and 2 pretty straightforward.
Ikuhara:  Having said that, I told them I wanted to discover a new value of fun,
Ikuhara:  but still, I think we made episodes 1 and 2 quite straightforward.
Ikuhara:  I was still trying to reach the greatest common denominator of understanding.
Ikuhara:  But many people told me it was unintelligible right from episode 1,
Ikuhara:  and yet I had meant it to be the biggest crowd-pleaser I could make.
Ikuhara:  I couldn't make it any more so than I already had.
Ikuhara:  I don't know whether it's what they wanted of me, though.
Ikuhara:  I think from now on we are moving away from the atmosphere of episodes 1 and 2.
Ikuhara:  You see, I don't want to make works that they will only say are "good."
Ikuhara:  Of course, if they say it's good, then that means their reaction was good. I can appreciate that.
Ikuhara:  But rather than that, though you might call this a trainee monk's sense of value...
Ikuhara:  I want to pursue a value of fun for its own sake.
Ikuhara:  Since many staffers are working together, someone says "This is good, isn't it?"
Ikuhara:  "What's so good about it?" And we go back and forth like that.
Ikuhara:  ...Hollywood movies we saw long ago, animation we watched as teenagers,
Ikuhara:  manga we thought were so good...
Ikuhara:  ...so, what A knows... and what B knows... and what C knows... we keep refining what is good using our common language...
Ikuhara:  Then, we notice it's turned out to be a parody. It's turning into an imitation.
Ikuhara:  So, I wanted to avoid such imitations to the best of my ability.
Ikuhara:  I feel each of the characters is my alter ego.
Ikuhara:  The Shadow Play Girls are my friends.
Ikuhara:  Those girls come from Planet Kashira.
Ikuhara:  And they often talk to me via radio waves... almost every day.
Ikuhara:  I think my generation, as well as the younger generation, lacks imagination.
Ikuhara:  You know that a great many students commit suicide.
Ikuhara:  I think they're unable to imagine a happy future.
Ikuhara:  To put it more bluntly, they look at their mothers and fathers, who should be
Ikuhara:  motivating them for their future, and they can't imagine they will grow up to be happy.
Ikuhara:  The grownups they communicate with are their parents, their teachers and the like.
Ikuhara:  But looking at them, they can never be convinced that their future will be happy.
Ikuhara:  I don't think that's because of their parents, but because of their lack of imagination.
Ikuhara:  That may apply to me, too, though. I'm not so sure if I can portray this very well toward the audience, but...
Ikuhara:  Through this, you may be able to imagine a happy future,
Ikuhara:  or through this, you might be able to go on living happily. Or...
Ikuhara:  These are the sorts of things I wish to portray.
Ikuhara:  To put it nicely, this is why Utena is naive and foolish. She speaks of her Prince and the like, at her age.
Ikuhara:  To our sensibilities, we think of that as stupid.
Ikuhara:  I want to show that this sensibility of ours,
Ikuhara:  that leads us to think of that as stupid, is itself absurd.

Title:  How I Met Utena
Title:  Kawakami Tomoko
Kawakami:  Well, I first met Utena at the audition.
Title:  Kawakami Tomoko
Kawakami:  I thought the Utena story was an ordinary shoujo manga,
Kawakami:  and the Utena character an ordinary long-haired, cute girl.
Kawakami:  So I played her just as I thought, but when it was over, I heard that Utena refers
Kawakami:  to herself using "boku," and that she is a very tomboyish girl like those of Takarazuka.
Kawakami:  I thought, "What?! Oh, no, I blew it for sure! I played her all wrong!"
Kawakami:  But then... "Well, Ms. Kawakami, you've been selected to play the part of Utena."
Kawakami:  I thought "Really? Are they sure I'm right for the part? Anyway, now I have the part and must do my best."
Kawakami:  While I was thinking about how I should prepare for the role, I met Director Ikuhara.
Kawakami:  "Um, about Utena... It seems I did something different from
Kawakami:  everyone else at the audition. Would it be possible for me to listen to it?"
Kawakami:  He said okay, and when I went to Be Papas, they let me hear it.
Kawakami:  The truth was that I was the only one who played her that way. My Utena sounded naive.
Kawakami:  But, I guess that was better than how the others had portrayed her as being really cool, boyish and adoring to others.
Kawakami:  Hearing that, if I can play her as part naive, part cool, then...
Kawakami:  I think I can create an Utena of my own. So I've been working hard, pondering over it, and playing Utena.
Kawakami:  In the story of Utena, she is carried adrift by fate, but she will not give in,
Kawakami:  and faces it with all she has. I think that is really great of her.
Kawakami:  As for how the story of Utena develops, and the development of Utena, Anthy, and the other characters...
Kawakami:  Every single character grows up a lot through the story.
Kawakami:  I hope you will see these sorts of things as well, and feel good about it.

Title:  Anthy and me
Title:  Fuchizaki Yuriko
Title:  Fuchizaki Yuriko
Fuchizaki:  Well, about my meeting Anthy, the truth is I wasn't even on the list of auditionees.
Fuchizaki:  When I was in the studio next door, it was like, "Hey, if it isn't Fuchizaki! Why don't you take it if you have time?" "Thank you very much, sir."
Fuchizaki:  Then they showed me Utena and Anthy for the first time.
Fuchizaki:  As some of you may know, up to now I've been playing characters whose heads were as big as their bodies.
Fuchizaki:  Because of that I felt my chances were slim.
Fuchizaki:  They gave me an audition for Utena, too, but...
Fuchizaki:  From Anthy's mysterious looks and her manner of speech, I thought I should play her straight.
Fuchizaki:  It was like, I would be so glad if they would let me do it.
Fuchizaki:  I was really glad to get this part. I went to the studio, thinking I must do my best.
Fuchizaki:  When episode 1 was over, I stepped to the director, with my heart pounding.
Fuchizaki:  "How was my Anthy, director? Was it good?"
Fuchizaki:  "Well, Ms. Fuchizaki, that kind of constrained performing is good for this show." "Ack!"
Fuchizaki:  "Thank you, sir." I said, and that was it.
Fuchizaki:  I wondered how I should take it, but I guessed he meant I should keep going this way, and I went home happily.
Fuchizaki:  Speaking of Anthy's charm, she looks quiet, wearing glasses. There's an image that she takes care of roses quietly.
Fuchizaki:  I think you all know her mysterious presence and such very well.
Fuchizaki:  As a woman, I think her "type" is very eerie.
Fuchizaki:  Although she seems quiet and yielding, she has the power to turn those around her.
Fuchizaki:  If, for example, I had a boyfriend, she'd be the type I'd never want him to meet, even though she was my friend.
Fuchizaki:  I'd be afraid he could fall in love with a girl of her type.
Fuchizaki:  I think the show of Utena itself is going to develop in various ways.
Fuchizaki:  Right now, more and more Duelists, and many more cool good-looking characters, and her relation with her big brother... I'm dying to know.
Fuchizaki:  Like you, I'm looking forward to following the developments. So, I'd like to ask you all for support.
Fuchizaki:  And finally, "The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse."

ED:  Missing truth and forever
ED:  Kissing love and true your heart
ED:  dakishimete hontou no te de
ED:  ashita o hiraku kagi wa reality
ED:  uso o kowashi tsuzuketai...
ED:  kore ijou hanashi o shite mo
ED:  anata ni wa mienai
ED:  mukashi no hanashi ni sugaru
ED:  otona ni wa iiwake ga niau
ED:  erabarenai tenshitachi ni
ED:  hane sae mo iranai
ED:  Missing truth and forever
ED:  Kissing love and true your heart
ED:  ashita no jibun ga suki to
ED:  shinjite iru no, shinjitai kara
ED:  uso ni kirawarete itai

Trailer:  The day the tower bells clanged and reverberated throughout the air after school...
Trailer:  a dangerous secret in motion at a magnificent learning academy...
Trailer:  the Duel Forest...
Trailer:  the Power of Dios...
Trailer:  the Ends of the World...
Trailer:  and the boys and girls forced to be Duellists by the code of the Rose Signet.
Trailer:  If anybody can do it, you can. You can change everything about the world...
Trailer:  I'm not sure what's going on, but everything will be okay if I win this duel.
Trailer:  Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Title:  Starts Wednesday, April 2, 6:00 PM!
Trailer:  All right! Do you suppose I'll become a prince?

Title:  Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku
Title:  Lyrics/Music: J. A. Seazer Arrangement: Mitsumune Shinkichi
ZUM:  zettai unmei mokushiroku
ZUM:  zettai unmei mokushiroku
ZUM:  shussei touroku
ZUM:  senrei meibou
ZUM:  shibou touroku
ZUM:  zettai unmei mokushiroku
ZUM:  zettai unmei mokushiroku
ZUM:  watashi no tanjou
ZUM:  zettai tanjou
ZUM:  mokushiroku
ZUM:  yami no sabaku ni sanba-uba
ZUM:  kin no mekki no tougenkyou
ZUM:  hiru to yoru to ga gyaku mawari
ZUM:  toki no mekki no shitsurakuen
ZUM:  sodomu no yami
ZUM:  hikari no yami
ZUM:  kanata no yami
ZUM:  hatenaki yami
ZUM:  zettai unmei mokushiroku
ZUM:  zettai unmei mokushiyami; mokushiroku
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo

voice:  "Little one bearing up alone under grief,
voice:  please lose not thy strength and nobility when thou growest up."
voice:  "As a token of this day, please retain this."
voice:  "Pray, shall we meet once more?"
voice:  "This ring should guide thee to me."

Why is the "Princess Meets Prince" part in the introduction written in old English despite the modern Japanese in the original? This problem can be reduced to the following translation problem. Excerpt from Kimagure Orange Road :
Umao:  "Ushiko-san, Anata wa Naze Ushiko-san nanda"
:  "Umao-san, Anata wa Naze Umao-san nano"

While this dialog is completely in modern Japanese, some translators will translate it into old English: "Ushiko, wherefore art thou Ushiko?" "Umao, wherefore art thou Umao?" as it must remind the audience of "Romeo & Juliet."
Sometimes, the basic rule of keeping the speech mode the same in translating into another language should be broken because of the difference of cultural backgrounds. The "Princess Meets Prince" part must remind the audience of old European fairy tales. The old English can suit this purpose pretty well. The original writers did not use the old Japanese, because the old Japanese does not remind Japanese people of old European fairy tales. Most of them were translated into Japanese in 20th century, and were written in modern Japanese.

Girl:  Ha ha.. guessed you got dumped, then.
:  Your "boyfriend" left the dorm earlier this morning.

Although they term the one Wakaba is waiting for "kareshi", or "boyfriend," the gender of the one is not given in the scene. And as we learn shortly after this, it turns out to be Utena. So we avoid using any gender-specific pronouns in the scene. Note that "kareshi" means a *male* lover. There is no gender ambiguity about the term.

Woman:  So why do you keep on wearing a boy's uniform?
Actually, no one in Japanese school wears a uniform exactly like Utena's. Only the color of the jacket, the buttons, and probably the texture of the jacket remind us of the traditional boy's uniform in Japanese school. Note that in the manga, her uniform is pink!

Anthy:  Take it easy, Saionji... sempai.
Note that Anthy had been using the very respectful suffix "-sama" all this time, but after the duel she only uses "-sempai."

ZUM: A wet-nurse and a midwife in a dark desert

We have never seen those specific kanji compounds used for "sanba" and "uba" in "Tsuki no Sabaku ni Sanba Uba." We checked all the dictionaries we have access to, but we couldn't find. We asked many Japanese people, but none was sure. It's most likely to be that they were originally meant to be the homophones "sanba uba" (midwife, (wet)nurse), which well fit in the context about birth, and later J.A.Seazer intentionally changed the kanji for some reason. In fact, in Animage May '97 issue(?), it was written with the kanji compounds of midwife and (wet)nurse. Yet, that is just an educated guess.

ZUM: mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
"mokushi" means "revelation", or "apocalypse." The chant is a word play of switching syllables back and forth. We decided not to try to translate the chant into English.

WWWW:  Flow of blood from the cage of my memory,
"Kioku no Ori no Chi no Nagare" - "ori" is written in hiragana and it's hard to get the intended meaning as there are several homophones. Since the next line contains the word "cradle," this "ori" is most likely to be "a cage made of metal pipes to confine a wild animal in." Yet, that is just an educated guess.

WWWW:  as a dark shining Margineaux, cast into Hell.
The word "margineaux" appears in a reasonably large French-English dictionary, apparently the noun form for the adjectival "marginal(e)". It suggests that "an-inkou margineaux" does indeed describe the edge/border where darkness and light meet.