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Original Japanese Title: Shoujo Kakumei Utena

      Utena lost her parents when she was six years old. While in despair, a mysterious boy with a scent of roses appeared and saved her life. The boy left her with a ring on which appeared a rose relief and the words, "If you keep your noble spirit, we"ll meet again". It"s been 7 years since then... Utena has grown up to be an honest girl, believing his word. She"s come to Otori Junior High School, led by the ring the boy gave her.

In a conference room with fashionable stained glass of roses and crests, the members of a student committee are sitting around a table. Everyone of them is an outstanding student at Otori High School, with high grade and attractive personalities. They wear a ring with the "Rose Crest" on their ring fingers. They receive a letter from a mysterious organization called "The Seekers of Armageddon". This letter states, "If you desire the power to revolutionize the world, the Power of Dios, you must defeat all challengers and be a sole protector of Angie, the "Rose Bride". Although all the members are friends, once they decide to accept this letter, they are also competitors --- Thus, the story of The Duelists begins. In the growing tension and hostility among the duelists, the mystery and intrigue of "The Seekers of Armageddon" will be revealed.

Characters (Japanese Name)

Utena (Utena Tenjo):
A beautiful 14 year old female, a junior at Otori Junior High School. Born on Dec. 29 as a Capricorn. Blood type, B. 5"3" tall. Weight - 100 pounds. Her hobbies are sports, wearing male attire, and collecting tea cups with rose relieves. She is a spirited girl with a strong sense of justice. When she was 6, she lost her parents and was in shock. Shortly after, a mysterious boy appeared and gave her a ring with the "Crest of the Rose". Possession of this ring qualifies its holder as a member of "The Duelist." She"s been longing to see this boy again and she comes to Otori High School looking for clues about him. She fights a duel with the vice president of the student committee, Kevin Simon at the "Forest of Duels". As a result, she becomes the "Owner" of Angie, the "Rose Bride." As a result, Utena gets entangled in battles which will determine the fate of the world.

Angie (Ansi Himemiya):
A 14 year old junior at Otori Junior High School. Born on February 29 as a Pisces. Blood type, AB. 5"1" tall. Weighs 90 pounds. She is introverted in many ways and doesn"t have any friends. Her identity is a mystery and seems to be connected to "The SEEKERS OF ARMAGEDDON". All the "Duelists" call her, "Rose Bride" and are destined to fight for her possession. After Episode #2, she begins to live with Ursula, who defeated Kevin Simon in a duel. She is somehow "unreal" and it"s not unusual for her to act indifferent.

Tommy (Touga Kiryu):
A 17 year old High School junior. He"s the president of the student committee at the School. He"s one of the "Duelists" who fights to possess "Rose Bride." He"s cool and smart and a good-looking playboy with a dangerous aura. His behavior and its purpose are often mysterious. He is intrigued by Utena and her dueling skills.

Julie (Juri Arisugawa):
A 16 year old High School junior. She"s a member of the student committee and also the captain of the fencing club. Her graceful carriage, dignified speech and action, and disciplined lifestyle make her a "heroine" to the female students at the school. She"s one of the "Duelists" despite of her sex, and she"s trying to possess "Rose Bride." She secretly longs for Tommy. She"s often in dispute with uninhibited Ursula.

Mickey (Miki Kaoru):
A 13 year old Junior High School freshman. A member of the committee and also a "Duelist." He"s a genius which enables him to take college classes as a freshman at junior High School. His piano and fencing skills are also ranked as one of the best in the country. He"s popular among the females in upper-grader. Mickey falls in love Angie as he is struck by "a spark" when he sees her. He"s a quiet boy because of his good upbringing and gentle nature. The power of the "Crest of the Rose" forces him to fight a duel with Utena.

Nana (Nanami Kiryu):
A 13 year old Junior High School freshman. Tommy"s younger sister. Although she has a "Crest of the Rose," she"s not a "Duelist" at her will. Since she adores her brother, she antagonizes Ursula and Angie, who are Tommy"s interests. She"s always accompanied with her followers who take care of her in her personal "dirty work."

Kevin Simon (Kyoichi Saionji):
A High School junior. The vice president of the student committee and the captain of the Kendo club. He"s a "Duelist" and also the rival of Tommy. He"s so ambitious and he will do anything to get what he wants. He"s a self- confident person, has high pride, and loses his temper easily. He used to be the "Owner" of Angie, but was defeated by Utena and lost the "Rose Bride." He is still in love with Angie, not as a "Duelist," but as a person.

Wanda (Wakaba Shinohara):
A 14 year old Junior High School junior and Ursula"s classmate. Cheerful but a little too emotional. She jumps at anything that she thinks is beautiful and adores it with extreme excitement. Utena ends up fighting a duel with Kevin Simon because of a love letter Wanda sent to him.

Chris (Korue Kaoru):
The twin sister of Mickey but with totally different personality. She is an easy-going girl who enjoys life to the fullest extent. Never serious about anything and pushes worry aside indifferently.

Dios (Dios):
A mysterious boy. They say, he had the "Power to Revolutionize the World" in another land. He seems to be the boy Utena met when she was a little girl. His current status is unknown. He appears at a duel and gives Utena the strength to defeat the opponent.

Tory (Goki Otori):
The dean of the school who watches over Utena and Angie in the background. Is his true identify "The Seeker of the Armageddon" ?

Chuchu (Chuchu):
Angie"s pet. (Let"s forget what animal it is!) Chuchu detects anything wrong or dangerous with its sharp senses and warns Angie. Gentle and tender to her friends.

(Other characters)

Kate (Kanae Otori):
3rd grader of High school. Daughter of Goki Tory, the dean of school. She has engaged with Mike and they will get married when they graduate the school.

Mike (Akio Otori):
Brother of Angie the Rose Bride. He is friendly and easy-going with others. He like to wear black

Sally (Shiori Takatsuki):
First grade of high school. Julie"s friend in childhood days. She took Julie"s boy friend when they were in Junior-high school. Her real personality is moderate and decent type.

Mitch (Mitsuru Tsuwabuki):
A boy of Fourth grade of primary school. He adores Nana and serves her as an errand boy.

Kate (Keiko Sonoda):
First grader of Junior-High. One of Nana"s three followers.

Sonny (Soji Mikage):
4th grader of high school. He has genius brain and charismatic personality. He plans to get rid of Angie and give the privilege of Rose Bride to Miles.

Miles (Mamiya Chida):
Mysterious and breath-takingly handsome. He sends duelist to Utena to take over the position of Rose Bride.

Silver Mask:
A member of the "The Seekers of Armageddon." No one knows his/her true identity.

The leader of the troop sent by "The Seekers of Armageddon."

Lady June:
The evil princess commanding the troop. Cool and merciless.

Keywords of the Series

Otori High School:
It"s where the story takes place. The characters attend it and it requires all the students to live in the dorms. It has Junior High and High Schools, and has a long school history. It"s located in an isolated area and has a vast lot. It has a wide variety of facilities such as a planetarium and a real green house.

Student Committee:
A group of the elite at Otori High School. Tommy is the president. They are given privileges at school and there are numerous facilities solely for their use. They all possess the "Crest of the Roses" and are "Duelists", destined to fight a duel for the "Rose Bride." They challenge Utena because she came from the outside and won the "Rose Bride."

Crest of the Rose:
A ring with a rose relief. It"s given to all the "Duelists" by the "Seekers of the Armageddon." It"s the sigh of qualification to participate in a duel, and also the key to open the door to the "Forest of Duels."

Rose Bride:
It"s the name, "Duelists" call Angie at a duel. A "Duelist" can be "engaged" to her by winning a duel. The winner of a duel can get a magical power, the "Power to Revolutionize the World" by possessing the"Rose Bride." The possessor of the "Rose Bride" takes the "Sword of Dios" out of her body at a duel. Angie herself agrees to be treated as the prize of a duel, obeying the rule unconditionally. The reason why she"s understanding of her status is gradually revealed in the Series.

The Seekers of Armageddon:
A world in another dimension. It has something to do with the "Power to Revolutionize the World," which can be gained in a duel. The fact is, it manipulates the student committee and it sends Angie and others to school. It"s also deeply tied to Dios and Tory.

The Forest of Duels:
It"s located in back of the High School. It"s a divine coliseum where only the holders of a "Crest of the Rose" are allowed to enter. It"s a huge castle, floating in the air like a mirage. It descends every time a duel takes place. The castle has a strong tie to the "Seekers of Armageddon".

Episode Synopsis

Episode #1 Rose Bride
      Utena is a great athlete in male attire, a heroine to all the female students at school. She believes in the words of the "prince" who encouraged her when she was little and in despair. "If you keep your noble spirit, we"ll meet again." One day she sees Kevin Simon being rough on Angie. When she tries to stop Kevin Tommy appears. The love letter which Wanda wrote to Kevin Simon is pinned up on the corridor wall. To help out depressed Wanda, Utena goes to protest Kevin. Because of the "Crest of the Rose" on the ring she wears, she ends up fighting a duel with him. In "the Forest of Duels" in back of school, Utena fights a hard duel against Kevin, and wins. She learns that Angie, the "Rose Bride", is given to her as a prize of victory.

Episode #2 To Whom the Girl Smiles?
      After the victory of the duel, Utena starts living with Angie. Kevin can"t let go of Angie and challenges Utena again. She feels tired of fighting for Angie. She accepts the duel just to be defeated and give up the Rose Bride. At the duel, Utena"s "Sword of Dios" exerts mysterious powers and brings a victory to her again. Tommy, who was watching the duel, is surprised at the "Power of Dios". Angie asks Utena "Weren"t you gonna throw it?" "I didn"t do it for you. I did it for Chuchu." mutters Utena. Angie smiles.

Episode #3 At the Night Masquerade
      Utena brought out the "Power of Dios" at the duel with Kevin. Tommy is intrigued and approaches her. He sends her a dress for a dance party hosted by the school. Tommy"s sister, Nana, suspecting that Tommy"s attracted to Angie, sends her a dress which dissolves with water. At the party, when Tommy starts talking to Utena, Angie"s dress dissolved under Nana"s conspiracy. Utena takes her dress off to help her out and gets back into her usual male attire. Nana learns that Tommy sent the dress to Utena and grows antagonistic towards her.

Episode #4 The Garden of Light (Part I)
      Utena and Mickey are to fight a duel... A few days ago, Nana approached Mickey playing the piano. Mickey has brilliant talent but refused to enter a contest. Nana finds out that he has feelings for Angie and tries to pick on him. Angie and Utena meet Mickey and ask him to help them prepare their math exams. Nana, taking advantage of this chance, tries to make Mickey dislike Angie by all kinds of schemes, but in vain. While Utena and Nana are surprised to witness Angie"s great piano skill, a funny feeling grows in Mickey"s mind.

Episode #5 The Garden of Light (Part II)
      Mickey has a twin sister who stopped playing piano as a result of an accident in the past. Looking for his sister"s sound, Mickey sees his sister"s image in Angie. Mickey hasn"t seen his sister for years, but he gets shocked to find out that she"s been involved with Tommy. Tommy induces him to fight a duel with Utena and defeat her, so he can have Angie. Although Mickey has doubts about the dual system, he misunderstands that Angie"s being ruled by Utena and challenges her. Mickey dominates the duel, but Angie unconsciously cheers for Utena, which distracts him to a loss.

Episode #6 Nana is Hunted.
      Someone"s been trying to kill Nana lately and Nana"s panicked by the series dangerous incidents falling upon her. She overhears of a plan, "the extermination of harmful insects" by Tommy and Angie, and thinks Tommy"s trying to kill her. When Nana is attacked by a mad horse, a boy appears and saves her in the nick of time. His name is Maco. Although they start going out afterwards, Maco is nothing but a slave to Nana... When he was little, he saw Tommy protecting Nana and idolized him. So, he planned to put her in danger and save her as a prince would do. Having found out the truth, Nana accuses him but then a mad kangaroo appears! (Laugh) Tommy appears and saves her. Nana is impressed with Tommy once again.

Episode #7 Unfulfilled Julie
Julie, the captain of the       fencing club, is determined not to believe in the miracle of "the Power to Revolutionize the World" as she was badly disappointed in it before. Julie meets Utena and they agree on the stupidity of the duel. However she gets upset when Utena tells her that she believes in a miracle to meet her "prince." She challenges her to a duel to deny the possibility of miracles. Their difference in skill is obvious, and Julie completely dominates. However, when Julie brushed away Utena"s sword it scatters her own rose to her amazement. Julie has no choice but to believe in a miracle.

Episode #8 An Extraordinary Spice
      While Utena and Angie are eating the curry which they cooked in their cooking class, their personalities are suddenly switched. It seems that the legendary spice which Nana planted in the curry was the cause. Angie gets masculine (=Utena) and Utena gets feminine(=Angie). The switched personalities cause havoc all over the place. Tommy induces Nana to go to India for the lost legendary spice. Kevin doesn"t realize what"s going on, and gets mad when Utena screws up the diary that he was secretively exchanging with Angie. In the end, the normal curry which Angie cooked, cures them, but Chuchu and Kevin eat the first curry by accident and their personalities are switched...!!

Episode #9 The Castle of Eternity
      Kevin can"t give up on Angie. He wants to win a duel and go up to the castle above the coliseum with Angie to find the "Eternal Thing". That desire of his also stems from his rivalry with Tommy. One day Kevin receives a letter saying that the castle will come down from the "Seekers of Armageddon". He forces Angie to go over to the "Forest of Duels." However, someone takes her away to the coliseum. Utena rushes there and rescues her, but outraged Kevin slashes at Utena. Then, Tommy appears out of nowhere, saving Utena. In the end, Utena discovers that the whole thing is Tommy"s plan.

Episode #10 Brother and Sister Ties
      Kevin is expelled from school for hurting Tommy. In the meantime, a letter for the next duel arrives at the student committee. Julie and Mickey give their names, but Tommy plans to have Nana fight the duel. Nana never forgives Utena who she holds responsible for injuring her brother. Possessed by this strong hostility, Nana once threw away the cat she gave him for his birthday in the past. She now gets outraged when Angie gives her brother a cat for his birthday. She challenges Utena to a duel.(She"s also a "duelist.") They fight a duel which ends with Utena"s victory. Nana can"t take it and still slashes at Utena. Tommy stops her and calms her down like her brother. But in his eyes, an ambition glares.

Episode #11 Elegantly Cruel, the One who Picks the Flower
      Tommy approaches Angie. Utena tries to protect her from him because he only treats her as the "Rose Bride." Angie agrees with Utena"s opinion, but Tommy whispers to Utena that he could be her "prince" and confuses her. Then Tommy challenges a duel to puzzled Utena. Utena brings out the "Power of Dios" but loses. Angie comforts Tommy and starts caring about him. She starts doing whatever he tells her to do. Utena"s shocked to see Angie obeying the winner of the duel. "Have a good one, Utena." The two leave her. Utena sees them off in a state of utter shock...

Episode #12 Probably for Friendship
      Utena gets depressed after her lost of the duel and Angie. Now she goes to school, not in her characteristic male attire, but in regular female student clothes. Wanda tries to encourage her, but she feels the same. Tommy shows off Angie and himself being intimate. Utena ignores, and Angie is acting like a stranger. Wanda is worried though she doesn"t know what"s going on. Utena challenges Tommy a re-match to regain herself. Tommy uses the "Power of Dios" and the power of the "Rose Bride" and forces her to a hard battle. Angie was observing, flat-faced, but as she watches Utena struggle against Tommy, a strange feeling grows inside her. Tommy loses the "Power of Dios" and the power of the "Rose Bride" because of Angie"s change of mind, and he panics. Utena gets him off-guard and wins the duel. She regains herself and Angie.

Episode #13:

Episode #14: [The Boys of the Black Rose] "Kurobara no Shounentachi"
      Utena never knew that Anthy meets her brother Akio, every Saturday night --- nor did she even know that she has a brother. Anthy lets Utena meet Akio. Akio has been engaged to Ohtori Kanae whose father is the chairman of the board of trustees of Ohtori Academy. Her father is deseased, so Akio is doing the acting chairman. In advance, Anthy has asked Utena to keep secret from Akio about everything about the duel stuff. Mikage Souji is a twelfth grader who orginizes Mikage Seminar, aka the Black Rose Association. He is such a genius that he even writes papers for professors. The building of Mikage's office is called Nemuro Memorial Hall, where it is said that one hundred boys were buried alive long ago. Chida Mamiya has a right to become the Rose Bride. Mikage says he will do whatever it takes to make Mamiya the Rose Bride, and will obtain the Power of Dios and the eternal secret. Mikage says the Ends of the World admited Mikage and Mamiya. They say they need a duelist good enough to beat Utena. In the elevator of Nemuro Memorial Hall, Kanae confesses she is suffering. She can't get along with Anthy no matter how hard she tries. Taking advantage of that, Mikage makes her a Black Rose Duelist.

Episode 15: [The Landscape Framed by Kozue] "Sono Kozue ga Sasu Fuukei
      Mikage and Mamiya figure that they can make use of the Student Council members to make duelists strong enough to defeat Utena. They say they were defeated just because they couldn't control their minds, not because of their skills. They say if they arrange someone whose mind they can control and make him/her draw the sword and skill from a student council member, then maybe it is possible to make a duelist and have him/her defeat Utena by mind-controlling. Miki's twin sister, Kozue, deliberately does things Miki doesn't want her doing (such as making boyfriends Miki wouldn't like), because when Miki's mind hurts about her, she feels she has filled Miki with herself. Besides, Kozue doesn't want Miki getting along with anybody. She says she won't forgive anybody who tries to get too friendly with him. She even has pushed a (gay) music teacher off a cliff. She knows Miki likes Anthy. One day, Miki asks Anthy to play the piano with him. Kozue is very jealous against Anthy. Kozue feels Miki's concern is getting away from her farther and farther. She consults at Nemuro Memorial Hall. Taking advantage of that, Mikage makes her a Black Rose Duelist.

Episode 16: [Cowbell of Happiness] "Shiawase no Cowbell"
      Nanami holds a party to show off her designer's brand pendant. However, Juri shows up with a more gourgeous pendant. Luckily for Nanami, a packet comes for Nanami and according to Juri and Miki, the designer's brand is the top class. Nanami decides to wear it. However, the thing appears to be just a cowbell. Not knowing what a cowbell is for, from then on, Nanami is always wearing it and showing it off. Other people are aware of it, but can't bring themselves to tell her the truth. What's worse, Nanami is gradually turning into a cow because of the curse of the cowbell.

Episode 17: [Thorns of Death] "Shi no Toge"
      Shiori, who Juri got a secret crush on, has transferred back to Ohtori Academy. Juri, however, is so cold to her. Shiori thinks the reason is that she took a guy she thought Juri had a crush on away from her. But Juri tells her that she didn't even care about that. Shiori wonders then whose picture is in Juri's locket. One day, Juri finally decides to throw her locket away. However, someone picks it up and puts it in Shiori's dorm room so that Shiori will find what's inside. Now Shiori knows that Juri has been suffering from the secret crush on her. Shiori feels relieved from the sense of inferiority that she has been suffering from and struggling to get over with for a long time. Besides, she even feels a sense of superiority to Juri. However, she is also upset with the way Juri has been looking at her. "I understand." says Mikage to Shiori "I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world. The way before you has been prepared."

Episode 18: [Mitsuru's Growing Pains] "Mitsuru Modokashisa"
      Tsuwabuki has still been serving Nanami as if he were her servant. Tsuwabuki's friend, Mari, isn't happy with him for being like that. She says Tsuwabuki is just being taken advantage of because he is just a child. Later, he begins to realize that he is treated as a child by Nanami. He wishes he were Nanami's age. Tsuwabuki asks Utena what he has to do to become a grown-up. Utena says it is probably to experience various things. Tsuwabuki tries to "experience various things" by watching kiss-scenes in films. Mari makes a fun of him, saying it is obvious that one who has experienced a real kiss is more grown up than one who has seen a hundred kiss-scenes. Tsuwabuki tries to do it with Mari and gets slapped. Nanami witnesses. When she asks him about the affair, Tsuwabuki realizes that he is treated as a child after all. At Nemuro Memorial Hall, he confesses that he wishes to grow up right now. Mikage takes advantage of him.

Episode 19: [The Song of the Fallen Kingdom] "Ima ha Naki Oukoku no Uta"
      One day, Utena receives a love-letter from a guy. And the guy turns out to be Wakaba's childhood friend, Tatsuya, who she calls "Onion Prince". The reason why she named him "Onion Prince" is that when they were very young and she was made fun of her hair as "Onion Headed", he helped her out as "Onion Prince" (but the flashback doesn't look like...). Gradually, Utena figures out that Wakaba is still in love with him. Utena tells Wakaba to be more honest.
      Besides, Utena also finds that Tatsuya is actually still in love with Wakaba and the reason why he sent Utena a love-letter is to get close to Wakaba. Then Utena tells Tatsuya that it's worth confessing his feelings to Wakaba because Utena is sure that they are both in love with each other. Now what's left is that Tatsuya confesses to her on the hill with the legendary tree. So far such a beautiful story! However...
      Wakaba's "prince" appears to be someone else... Oh, well. C'est la vie. Tatsuya consults at Nemuro Memorial Hall. But Mikage says "You're really a good person, aren't you? So, there's no path for you to take here. Please leave." Guess who is Wakaba's "prince" --- It's Saionji!

Episode 20: [Wakaba Hath Flourished Verdantly] "Wakaba Shigereru"
      Lately, Wakaba has been acting so brisk. And she goes home straight right after school. Actually, Wakaba has a secret at home. She is hiding Saionji, who got expelled from school. Since she has a secret crush on him, she is so happy with him. Besides, Wakaba feels so special of herself, being with a kind of special guy. However, she knows this life with Saionji won't last so much longer. She thinks once he returns to school, he won't even remeber her at all. Saionji is making a hair ornament for Wakaba to show his gratitude. Mikage suddenly appears before Saionji and makes a deal that Saionji will return to school. What Mikage wants Saionji to do in return, was to give the hair ornament to Anthy. Seeing Anthy wearing the hair ornament, Wakaba realizes that Saionji's mind has always been with Anthy and she can never be special. At Nemuro Memorial Hall, Wakaba confesse

Episode 21: [Troublesome Insects] "Warui Mushi"
      The reason why Nanami's followers, Keiko, Yuuko, and Aiko, are with her even though Nanami is so bad-natured, is that they all have crush on her brother, Touga. One day, Nanami throws a party to cheer up Touga, who hasn't been himself ever since he was beaten by Utena. At the party, Nanami orders Keiko to go to school and do some Student Council paper work for her. Keiko didn't get to attend the party.
      Keiko realizes that unlike Nanami and Touga, she is in such a low-society that she will never get Touga to look at her. One day, Keiko finds Touga walking in the rain without an umbrella. Keiko gets him under her umbrella. Nanami happens to see it. After this, Nanami tells Keiko that she never knew there was a bad bug so close to her. Nanami says she will exterminate this bad bug, i.e. Keiko. Keiko consults at Nemuro Memorial Hall and she confesses her feelings.

Episode 22: [Nemuro Memorial Hall] "Nemuro Kinenkan"
      There is only one black rose left now. Akio is wondering if Mikage will finally fight Utena himself. But instead of fighting, Mikage decides to include Utena in his side, and asks Utena to join his Mikage Seminar, but Utena turns it down. Mikage talks about Nemuro Memorial Hall, where Mikage now holds his seminar. Decades ago, there was a professor called Professor Nemuro, who was doing some research at the hall. One day, there was a fire, and the hall burned down, which took away 100 lives of his students.
      Professor Nemuro was actually Mikage himself. He used to work with 100 brilliant schoolboys on Project Rose Signet, which was a research to revolutionize the world and obtain eternity. Since it was only a contract with the academy, or Akio himself, Professor Nemuro was indifferent about the objectives. One day, an inspector from the trustee, Chida Tokiko, came to Professor Nemuro's office. Later, Tokiko invited Professor Nemuro to her home. And Mikage met Tokiko's brother Chida Mamiya for the first time. Mamiya had a fatal disease, and for his sake, Tokiko wanted to get eternity that the academy was seeking for. From this day, Professor Nemuro became enthusiastic about the research. Afterwards, Akio appeared in Professor Nemuro's office, and gave him a ring with the Rose Signet and made a contract of the Rose Signet with him: "I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world. The way before has been prepared," Akio said. One night, Mamiya set fire to the hall. Professor Nemuro said to Tokiko that Mamiya was right, and this sacrifice of 100 lives was the necessary first step to reach the stage of the revolution from the academy.
      Back to the present time, Tokiko, now an old woman, comes to the academy to visit Mamiya's *grave*, and also meet Akio for the first time after the decades. She says Professor Nemuro, as well as Akio, is still as young as he was back then.

Episode 23: [Qualifications of a Duelist] "Duelist no Jouken"
      Mikage asks Utena to join his seminar again, actually trying to include her in his side, the Black Rose Association. This time, to convince her, he also offers himself as a consultant so that Utena can ask him when Utena or her friends have any problem.
      Thinking about Anthy's Rose Bride problem, Utena decides to see Mikage. But at Nemuro Memorial Hall, Utena finds photographs of Duelists, Kozue, Shiori, Wakaba, and others. Utena notices that Mikage is behind this whole thing. Utena challenges Mikage to a duel.
      During the duel, Mikage tells Utena that Utena is the same as him in the sense that Utena met somebody who completely changed the life, and can't get over it. That's why she is a Duelist first of all. Later in the middle of the duel, Mikage suddenly hears Mamiya's voice, which says Mikage will be beaten. Mikage finds in Mamiya's position of the photographs someone he doesn't know --- He finally recalls this boy was the real Mamiya for the first time after decades. The real Mamiya actually died back then, and it was Mikage who set fire to the hall. And this whole thing about Mikage was all Akio's plot; For a long time, Akio has been manipulating Mikage's mind to take advantage of his brain (Mikage was the one who opened the way to the castle), besides Akio says that Mikage

Episode 24: [Secret Nanami-sama Diary] "Nanami-sama Himitsu Nikki"
      Tsuwabuki heroicly rescues Nanami and ends up spending time in the infirmary. While he is recovering Utena and Anthy have an usual opportunity to read a secret diary he's been keeping on Nanami. But when Nanami's schemes are uncovered chaos arises and the bashful Tsuwabuki can't do anything to stop it.

Episode 25: [The Eternal Apocalypse of the Two of Us] "Futari no Eien Mokushiroku"
      Utena and Anthy take up residence in Akio's tower. The Student Council receive their first letter from the Ends of the World in some time. However, Saionji says he won't fight any more Duels because he doesn't trust the Ends of the World, which deceived him once.
      As it turns out, Miki confirms as true what is stated in the new letter- a gondola (elevator) has been installed within the pillar of the caracole that leads to the Duel Arena.
      Later, Touga informs Saionji that there's someone he wishes Saionji to meet; this person is Akio. Touga explains that Akio is the one who showed 'something eternal' to the girl in her coffin ten years ago, saving her life. As they drive about, Akio promises to likewise show Saionji the Ends of the World.
      Immediately the next day, Saionji (looking almost deranged) abruptly makes a grab for Anthy and challenges Utena to a Duel, because now that he has seen the Ends of the World, he understands that the Rose Bride has no will of her own. Utena is angered, and accepts the challenge after Saionji slaps Miki brusquely.
      (New ascension sequence! It's even cooler than the first!)
      They meet in the Arena as usual; Saionji's arrival is heralded by a flash of headlights.
      As the fight progresses, an empty car races around the combatants, and car hoods burst out from the Arena floor. Utena is in the middle of defending herself when she draws back and the Sword of Dios evaporates from her hands. Not only herself, but Akio and Touga who are observing remotely are shocked by this.
      Utena is forced to defend herself weaponless against Saionji, and Anthy watches without feeling. But something stirs in the Rose Bride, and she suddenly grabs Utena and pulls her to safety. Then, she draws the Sword of Dios from Utena's body (!) and the fight resumes.
      Utena wins the Duel. But Anthy meets with Akio, later that night, in the planetarium... and Akio is not at all pleased with the turn of events...

Episode 26: [Miki's Nest Box (The Sunny Garden /Arranged} "Miki no Subako (Hikari Sasu Niwa /Arrange)"
      Akio says he needs someone to defeat Utena as soon as possible. Kozue is climbing dangerously trying to save some little birds in a nest from a tree that's going to be cut down. She slips and Miki just barely saves her- in fact, she injures her leg. It seems Kozue's motivated to this strange act by a family crisis: Miki and Kozue's parents have been divorced, and their father is now planning to marry another woman. As he hangs up the phone, a figure in a familiar red dress is standing behind him, with a dark hand on his shoulder...
      The Student Council receive the next letter from the Ends of the World. The letter proclaims that they must "Defeat Tenjou Utena for your own sake." Miki says he doesn't trust anyone who would tell him to do something for his own sake. Touga comes to see Miki, saying he has someone he wants Miki to meet. As Akio pulls up, Kozue is there in the car as well.
      While Akio drives, Kozue and Miki talk about how Miki feels about Anthy; he's in love with her, isn't he? Kozue tosses her school tie into the air which lands over Miki's eyes, and he sees a vision of Anthy smiling beside him, just a little 'unbuttoned'. With this image, Kozue tries to tempt Miki into doing something for his own sake; a Duel. Akio promises to show him the Ends of the World, and this causes Miki to realize Akio is the one behind everything. The next day, while helping Kozue set a new nest box up, Miki challenges Utena to a Duel.
      Yet another twist in the Duel formula as Miki and Kozue appear together to face Utena, and Kozue is dressed as a Rose Bride! They are close as Kozue draws Miki's sword from his body. Kozue also sits in the car as it circles around the rim of the Arena. But in the next pass, Anthy is sitting in the driver's seat! Miki is distracted by this, as something very strange happens between the two Brides... and Utena wins the duel.

Episode 27: [Nanami's Egg] "Nanami no Tamago"
      One morning, Nanami dreams of being a young girl playing in a sandbox. As she is digging, she discovers a painted egg laying in the ground. Younger Touga approaches her and asks what she found, but she lies and says quickly that she didn't find anything. However, when she wakes up from the dream, the egg is in her bed! She thinks she might have had it herself, and panicks.
      Nanami bumps into several of the the other cast members and manages each time to convince herself that there's some kind of horrible conspiracy going around to reveal her as a space alien!
      Becoming very attached to her egg, Nanami polishes it and hopes that it will hatch soon so she can become its mother. She takes it everywhere with her, even in the bathtub. As she encounters more people though, she becomes more confused. Ultimately she comes to think that Juri and Keiko and all must be having eggs, because that's what girls do, but they must also be consuming them after they're born. Since she can't bear the thought of eating her beloved egg, she wraps it up and leaves it under a tree in hopes it will raise itself. As Nanami is running home, she is startled to see a GIANT egg lit by spotlights before her! Then, as she watches, it begins to crack...
      Nanami opens her eyes as morning light fills her bedroom. Was it all a dream? There are scattered pieces of egg in her bed.... Utena notices that Chuchu has been missing for a while. The doorbell to Utena and Anthy's area in the Tower goes off, and Utena greets Chuchu at the door. Anthy has quite a strange look on her face...

Episode 28: [Whispering in the Dark] "Yami ni Sasayaku"
      As Utena and Anthy observe, Juri goes about her usual routine of plowing through students in the fencing class. A mysterious man steps forward and challenges Juri to a fencing game, defeating her by a narrow margin using a fighting style almost identical to Juri's. The man turns out to be Tsuchiya Ruka, the former captain of the Fencing Club who has been away from school for a long time because of illness. He taught Juri her techniques. And he also bears the Rose Signet, a fact that surprises Nanami and Miki when he appears in the next Student Council meeting, wearing a Duellist's uniform, to deliver the next letter from the Ends of the World. Miki asks if Ruka will fight Utena, but he seems to laugh off the notion.
      Juri watches unhappily set to the side as Ruka dominates the fencing class. Shiori is watching him as well... Ruka finds her in the locker room later. Ruka comments, "Oh, so it was you." Shiori has been polishing his saber while he was away. He doesn't mind it at all, though she is shy about it. He kisses her, after commenting that she must be a very good person. And so they become lovers and are seen together often.
      Juri and Ruka speak at a waterfront park. She asks Ruka not to make passes at Shiori, but he refuses. At night, Juri catches Shiori and Ruka kissing by a fountain- but worse, Ruka is looking directly at HER as he does! Because of this, Juri tells Shiori not to trust him. Shiori, of course, blows her off.
      The next night, Shiori runs to the fountain where she normally meets Ruka... but Touga is waiting there instead. Akio's car appears inside the fountain. Ruka and Shiori see the Ends of the World in the back seat... In the rose garden the next day, Shiori rips a white rose from its branch and gives it to Ruka, who then challenges Utena to a Duel. Shiori acts as his Bride. In the duel, Ruka fights just like Juri, and seems to have the upper edge on Utena.
      Utena uses the power of Dios to beat Ruka, but it exhausts her. Shiori says they can try to win the miracle power next time, but Ruka tells Shiori that he won't fight any more, not with her as Bride. Shiori protests: she's been polishing his saber, thinking only of him! But Ruka smiles nastily, saying it wasn't his. He knew she was lying all along.

Episode 29: [Azure Paler Than the Sky] "Sora yori Awaki Ruriiro no"
      "Believe in the miracle that your wish will come true."
      Shiori and Ruka's history of the last episode is briefly repeated. As hundreds of students crowd the windows to watch, Shiori below them is very publically and painfully dumped by Ruka. Utena and Anthy are in the crowd that watches. Anthy notices Juri walking through the crowd, not even turning to look.
      Shiori does not appear in class. Juri carries on as usual. Utena asks Juri to help Shiori, but Juri says it's not her problem- she doesn't care about it. Utena and Anthy discuss the situation later at night, holding hands. It seems like Anthy will tell Utena a secret, but she then stops herself...
      Shiori leaves messages on Ruka's answering machine. Ruka, looking upset, is away, on a drive with Touga and Akio. Juri visits Shiori, but Shiori looks deranged and won't even open her door to let Juri in. Then, Juri asks Ruka to get back on good terms with Shiori, but Ruka refuses, saying Shiori is a liar (and so on and so on...) Juri becomes enraged and attacks Ruka, but he pins her to the wall. He also snatches away her locket and threatens to crush it; she slaps him and rescues it. She challenges Ruka to a fencing duel. If Juri wins, Ruka will get back on good terms with Shiori. But, if Ruka wins, Juri will do whatever he wishes...
      (It seems that Ruka won.) Ruka listens for the coming of the Ends of the World; Touga appears and so does the car... Ruka plays for Juri the messages that Shiori left on Ruka's answering machine. He talks Juri into fighting a Duel once more for the miracle power. The next morning, Juri challenges Utena.
      Ruka acts as Juri's Bride. Throughout the Duel, Juri sees her earlier duel with Ruka; as she loses to Ruka, Utena seems to be losing to Juri... Utena summons the power of Dios. But instead of taking the rose... Dios takes Juri's locket... which shatters on the floor of the Arena. Juri staggers blindly forward, sagging. She comes to a halt... and it begins to rain over the Arena. She removes her own rose and lets it fall to the ground. Ruka tells Juri not to worry.
      The next day, Ruka is gone. And Shiori walks behind Juri...

Episode 30: [The Barefoot Girl] "Hadashi no Shoujo
      Before a class, Wakaba and her "Prince" are idly discussing 'first kisses'. Utena overhears, and thinks of her first kiss- the one given by her Prince. Later, the teachers are lecturing Utena for wearing boy's clothes (again). Akio, the trustee chairman, helps her out. He puts his arm around her shoulders and leads her away... He tells her he's a fan of her strong and noble appearance.
      Utena realizes she is falling in love with Akio. But she yells at herself for being an idiot, because he's engaged... Later as Akio is showing Utena his car, Wakaba asks Akio to take her for a drive. Utena starts to go along, but Wakaba refuses to let her come along; it's 'just for the two of us'.
      The following day, Wakaba raves about the drive. Utena tries to act as if she isn't impressed. Throughout the day she thinks about Akio, but she feels that she has to love only her Prince, and not him. Utena wonders why she would feel anything different than that. She plays basketball, but falls and twists an ankle after seeing Akio watching her.
      Anthy helps Utena walk, and it seems Utena might say something secret, but Akio appears in the car. He offers to take Utena to the hospital, but refuses to let Anthy come along with them, because 'it's just for the two of us'. They drive along the sea and Utena apologizes for putting Akio through trouble for her sake on the way back. But when they arrive home, Akio carresses Utena's ankle and removes her shoe... and, well... (Uh-oh!)
      In her room with Anthy, Utena says one sometimes can't help loving someone they shouldn't fall in love with. Anthy says you can't control love- and, she has a prince of her own as well...
      Touga, driving with Akio, recognizes Utena's shoe left in the car.
      Kanae appears the next morning, with her mother. Her mother came to tell Akio to see Kanae more often.. supposedly. But in fact...
      In class, Utena is tormented. She thinks this is all wrong.. she should only love her Prince...

Episode 31: [Her Tragedy] "Kanojo no Higeki"
      In the Kiryuu home, Nanami takes- and rebuffs- a phone call meant for Touga. Touga takes a call on his cell phone from one girl while he holds another in his arms. Nanami talks to Touga in the evening and comments that her mother and father and herself all have 'B' bloodtype. But Touga stalls her, saying that he's going to take a shower... and would she like to come along? However, he's only kidding.
      Nanami looks at her childhood pictures. She and Touga are always together in them. But she also feels he's been so cold to her lately. She watches him shower... then she steals his cellular phone. The next morning, Touga is surrounded by girls. Nanami looks on with disgust. When the phone in her hand rings, she insults the callers and hangs up on them.
      Her follower trio appear and ask her what Touga's bloodtype is, but run away when Nanami glares at them. And next, Nanami takes it out on Utena, having seen her and Touga talking. Nanami tries to throw a statue at Utena, but slips and falls down the stairwell- to be rescued by Akio. (!) Akio bandages Nanami's ankle. Then Akio hands the first aid box to Utena. Nanami notices something between them. She asks Utena later if she's in love with Akio. It makes her feel better that Utena isn't interested in Touga.
      One day Nanami and her follower trio are talking about their blood types: Nanami is B, Touga is A, but their parents are both B. They wonder if that means Nanami and Touga are not real siblings. Nanami runs home, and notices that there are no pictures from Touga's childhood.
      Nanami runs away from home. She wants to stay with Tsuwabuki, but Akio tells her it's forbidden, and has her stay in his Tower instead, with Utena and Anthy. Akio says his dream is to have a harem. But he's only joking. Anthy makes a comment to Utena that her brother can't resist any girls. But she's only joking.
      Touga comes to take Nanami back, but she says she knows they aren't really siblings, and refuses to go back with him. The same night, Nanami happens to witness how another brother treats his sister...

Episode 32: [The Romance of the Dancing Girls] "Odoru Kanojotachi no Koi"
      The next morning, Utena, Anthy and Akio are carrying on normally- Akio and Anthy make breakfast. (Akio in an apron?) Nanami emerges from the room, and glares at them. When Anthy offers Nanami a bowl, Nanami slaps it out of her hand, but she can't tell Utena about what she saw the previous night, even when Utena yells at her.
      Nanami overhears Touga and some girl's conversation in the Rose Garden. Touga says Nanami isn't his real sister.
      He's only been gentle with her because their parents told him to. Nanami sees the girl is Keiko. Enraged, she slaps Keiko down, but Keiko slaps her back and walks off with Touga, ignoring Nanami. Nanami tosses away the ringing cell phone... she now realizes she is just one of the bugs for Touga like those girls around him.
      In the planetarium, Akio feeds Kanae a slice of apple. Kanae looks like she's empty... Utena tries to go into the room, but Anthy stops her quickly. Nanami can't believe Utena still doesn't know anything about what Akio and Anthy are secretly doing. Chuchu hands Nanami the cell phone- the call is from the Ends of the World.
      Nanami goes to Touga, who has been waiting for her. The phone in her pocket rings as Akio's car crashes through the window. She answers it. Akio is on the other end behind the wheel.. It's time for a drive.
      Akio tells her, "Whatever your eyes see, it's only in your world. The world which you see. The world in which you exist. The labyrinth world without exit in which you wander along the same road. There is nothing you ought to see there." As he says this, Touga advances on Nanami, but she cries out and pushes him away. "Then what do you really want?" he asks.
      The next day, Nanami's trio are all gossiping. Keiko has a bad attitude and asks what Nanami intends to do about it. Nanami slaps Anshi to the floor of the Rose Garden. Behind her, her trio are all bruised and bandaged. (That answers that!) Nanami challenges Utena to a duel. In order that Utena will cooperate, Nanami shows that they have Chuchu as a hostage.
      Touga acts as Nanami's Bride. During the intense Duel, Utena is completely defensive; when she summons Dios, he appears with his eyes open... (!) Nanami is defeated, and breaks into tears.
      Touga tells Akio that he and Nanami are, in truth, actually real siblings. They were both adopted by the Kiryuu family when Nanami was a baby. But he says he isn't going to tell her, since it's romantic to stay that way. Akio chuckles.

Episode 33: [The Prince Who Runs Through the Night] "Yoru wo Hashiru Ouji"
      The legend of the Prince and the Princess is repeated. But.. this time it's a little different. The shutters fall closed in the Planetarium. Anthy gazes at a projection. A phone rings. She answers; she's watching the stars.
      Utena stretches as she looks out of the window of a hotel room. Roses sit in a chair nearby. A radio show (voiced by the Shadow Girls) talks about eternity. The hosts of the show decide to call the Ends of the World; Akio's car phone rings and he answers. But after a moment, he receives another call that seems to be giving him directions... He hangs up and accelerates. There is a flashback to Saionji's recent Duel.
      Utena watches television in the hotel room. She turns off the television and stretches. There is a flashback to the circumstances of Miki and Kozue's parents divorcing.
      Utena's dress and her purse are folded up neatly in a box. Utena dries her hair, wearing a white bathrobe. The table is cleared, and the roses are in a vase. Utena asks, "What is it?" Then there is dinner on the table. Utena is still stretching out. She realizes that she forgot something.
      There is a flashback to Miki's recent Duel. Akio gets another call from the radio show. Now they are asking about the power of miracles. There is a flashback to Juri and Ruka's circumstances regarding Shiori.
      Utena plays Othello with someone. It seems the game is evenly matched. Yet, as the game goes on, suddenly all the pieces are black and the board is covered up. Utena is surprised by this. There is a flashback to the end of Juri's recent duel.
      Utena turns off the light and goes to sleep. But she turns around and looks behind herself. Then she is thinking aloud about what she should have for lunch tomorrow... at the same time, something else is going on. She isn't sure what she should do. At the last moment, as the road blurs, she asks, "What is eternity?"
      A phone rings. Akio asks Anshi what she is doing. She says she is watching the stars, which Akio says are beautiful tonight. She asks if he got the roses she sent him. He acknowledges that he did. He'll see her soon. Then he looks next to himself. Utena sits in the car with her eyes closed. He carresses her cheek and she glances at him. Utena thinks that she didn't mean for this to happen. She only came to deliver flowers...

Episode 34: [The Rose Signet] "Bara no Kokuin"
      Another morning in the Planetarium... "I will become a Prince." says Utena... The shadow play girls (?) are asking Utena to join their theatrical troupe. Utena turns down the offer, but finds some tickets left in her breast pocket. Wakaba shows Utena some pictures she has, but Utena notices there aren't any of Himemiya. In the planetarium, Akio takes a picture of her and Anthy. Utena asks him to join them in the picture and Akio is about to put his hand on Utena's shoulder, but Anthy says "Don't" -- to Chuchu, who is blocking the camera lens.
      The three go to see the play together- "Bara Monogatari" [The Rose Romances]. Once upon a time, all of the girls of the world were princesses. The world was not completely in darkness because there was the Rose Prince; he protected and saved every damsel in distress. So, the world was in light. However, a witch disguised as an old woman appeared to the prince and told him that someone was trying to steal all the lights in the world: eternal something, 'glow', the power of miracles, and the power to revolutionize the world.
      The prince went to the witch's castle to save the world. But it was a trap to capture the prince and the witch reveals herself as the Prince's little sister. She says that the Rose Prince, her brother, was the real light in the world. He can save all girls in the world and make them his princesses. But, even though the prince can be any girl's prince, she, his sister, is the only one whom he can't save. A girl who cannot become a princess has no choice but to become a witch. And so, the witch confined the prince in the castle, and brought complete darkness to the world.
      Touga and Saionji fight another kendo duel over their past memory.... Anthy leaves Utena and Akio together in the Planetarium. Utena is losing some memories.. Ten years ago, Utena's coffin was opened and a prince came to her. She thought the prince was beautiful, and although she was planning to do nothing in her coffin, she got up and followed the prince to a chasm. Across the chasm is a girl transfixed with spears, who the Prince says is the witch, the Rose Bride. She can never die and will suffer forever, because she took the prince away from all the girls of the world.
      Long ago, the prince called Dios tried to save every girl in the world. But he fell ill (probably due to overwork?). People came to his house and demanded that he save their daughters. Although sick, the prince was determined to go and fight for the girls, but his sister begged him not to. But still, Dios attempted to get up, until Anthy stopped him. If he continued to try and fight, he would die. A minute later, she came out of the house and told the crowd that Dios was no more, he was sealed in somewhere because he belonged only to her. "You witch!" people yelled at her and transfixed her with spears. Dios tells little Utena that, to protect her dearest one, Anthy sacrificed herself, even though it was only her who truly loved the prince. Then, the prince became (corrupted as) the `Ends of the World.'
      Little Utena begs the prince to save Anthy. But Dios says she can never be saved. The only one who could save her would be a prince who she could believe in. Dios is a prince but he cannot save her, since he cannot become her prince. Utena wants to know why, but Dios doesn't answer; he just turns away. "Then I will become a prince!" little Utena shouts. "I will become her prince and save her!" Dios answers "If you really don't lose that nobility when you grow up, she could be saved out of the pain." Then Dios gave Utena the Rose Signet. Dios continues "But I am sure you will forget what happened tonight. And even if you can remember it, you will have to become a woman after all." But Utena says "I will become her prince! I'm sure of it!" Dios answers "Then, this ring will guide you here."

Episode 35: [The Love That Budded in Wintertime] "Fuyu no Koro Mebaeta Ai"
      Out for a drive, Akio tells Touga that the one who revolutionizes the world will be decided by the next duel. It's either to be Utena or Touga. Little Utena vows to become a Prince. While they are in the Rose Garden together, it seems that Utena will tell Anthy something secret, but then she doesn't. Utena tells Anthy that somehow she feels that she has something she's forgotten. She feels she promised something very important with someone important to her, but she can't remember. She asks Himemiya to let her see her face... but Akio interrupts. Akio leads Utena away. Anthy's eyes narrow.
      Akio thanks Utena for always looking after Himemiya. Someone takes pictures of them during their conversation. Later, Akio, Touga and Saionji are taking pictures of each other in the Planetarium. Akio wants to give Utena a present, but Touga says that Akio doesn't know her very well- she's not the type who likes that sort of thing. It seems the two of them will make a game of winning Utena...
      Touga gives Utena a pair of earrings sent from Akio. Wakaba and Utena are both impressed by the present. Utena wonders if it's really a good idea for her to accept them as it's not really like her.. but Wakaba puts the earrings on Utena. Touga looks distraught, and definitely jealous as Utena toys with the earring. He asks her if she'll go horse riding with him; Wakaba advises Utena not to do it, but she goes along. Because Touga pushes the horse too fast when he jumps a fallen tree, Utena loses her grip and falls off, but before she hits the ground Akio appears on a white horse (geez!) and saves her.
      Touga is becoming more jealous of Akio. Back at the campus, a shy girl offers Touga a poppy. Touga wonders if all he is just the playboy president... Utena is up late, toying with her earring, and falls asleep at the bar. Akio tells Touga that he won their game, but Touga doesn't agree. Touga tells Akio that Utena didn't seem to be too happy with the present, although it doesn't seem to be the way he perceived. Touga seems to be getting really jealous of Akio being Utena's lover.
      Touga and Saionji realize that the girl they met years ago at the church was actually Utena. Saionji seems to notice that Touga has really fallen in love with Utena, but Touga says he doesn't know, himself.
      Utena tries on her earrings while Anthy is watching her. When Utena looks at Anthy though, she suddenly sees a vision of swords bursting from Anthy's body. "What was that just now..." Utena wonders

Episode 36: [And the Doors of Night Open] "Soshite Yoru no Tobira ga Hiraku"
      Touga and Saionji talk. Touga says that certainly Akio saved Utena by getting her out of the coffin ten years ago, but he says she is still in it. Saionji adds to it that not only her, but Saionji and Touga also are in their coffins. Meanwhile Juri and Miki agree that somehow they feel Utena looks more like a *girl* lately- and that it's dangerous.
      Touga and Saionji go for a drive together (in a motorcycle and sidecar!) Saionji wonders what Touga's going to do about the coming duel.
      In the middle of the night, Touga visits Utena, who's already awake. Utena is suspicious, but Touga says he wants to talk to her about the Ends of the World, so she agrees. They go to the Duel Arena. Utena says it's the first time she's ever been to the Forest without being in a duel. Touga asks if she's afraid. Utena says no, but it's a strange feeling. And Touga wonders if that strange feeling is romantic...
      When they walk through the gates, Utena thinks the stars are beautiful.. but the Castle isn't there above them. It does appear a moment later, however, and they watch an aurora borealis. Touga compliments Utena, but she tells him to get to the point. Touga asks Utena if she loves Akio. She says it's not like that. Touga seems pleased. He -seriously- confesses his true love for Utena, saying he wants to be her prince and that he wants her to become his princess, even though he knows she actually loves Akio.
      Touga is now determined to fight Utena and he thinks he must win for Utena's own sake. Otherwise, he knows Utena will be made a toy of the Ends of the World. Touga delivers his challenge. But if Utena loses, she will become his girlfriend... that's the condition of the Duel.
      Saionji acts as Touga's Bride. During the duel, Touga grabs Utena to himself, and tells her he will always protect her.. but they both know it's the end, and they drift apart... Utena flashes back; she promised Anthy she would always protect her...
      Utena wins. "Akio is waiting." Touga warns Utena that Utena has become the one who revolutionizes the world, but she shouldn't trust the Ends of the World -or- the Rose Bride...

Episode 37: [The One to Revolutionize the World] "Sekai wo Kakumei Suru Mono"
      Utena stares out of the window. Memories of her vow and the voice of the Prince come back to her. But, because of what she saw between Akio and Anthy last night, Utena takes off her signet. Utena asks Akio for a date for some reason (to test Anthy?). Utena talks pointedly like a girl when she goes to change. Her entire outfit lies on the bed, with a letter from the Ends of the World... During the date, Akio notices that Utena is not wearing the Rose Signet and asks why. Utena says she doesn't like it any more. Akio says today Utena is more like a girl than ever. Utena says that's what she is...
      Later, Utena tells Anthy about that. She's frightened by feeling like that. Anthy says girls are all like the Rose Bride. Touga says to Akio that he doesn't think Utena is going to the Duel Arena to see the prince and revolutionize the world, since Utena has chosen Akio, a man in the real life, over her prince. But Akio says Utena hasn't chosen one yet. Anthy finally askes Utena if she loves Akio. Anthy says to Utena that Akio also seems to love Utena. She says she hopes the three of them can continue as they are forever. But that angers Utena and she shreds the letter from the Ends of the World she was holding.
      Receiving the letter that says Utena has become the one who revolutionizes the world, Juri and Miki come to talk to Utena and ask what she's going to do. They play badminton, and as they play, they are watched by the ones they love/hate... For the first time though, it seems the three are acting like real friends. Juri asks Utena if she loves Anthy, but Utena says it's not the same kind of love that Juri has for Shiori. Nanami appears (they comment that it's been a while since they saw her in a normal uniform) and advises Utena that she shouldn't be concerned with Akio and Anthy anymore. She says Utena is too credulous.
      Later, Utena and Anthy are having tea and cookies. Anthy asks if Utena likes her cookie... because she poisoned it. Utena says she doesn't care and finishes it. And then, Utena says it's a coincidence because she also poisoned the tea Anthy is having, but Anthy continues to drink it because it tastes so good. They promise to see each other and have tea and cookies like this in ten years. Anthy is standing on the edge of a tower, ready to jump. She can't take any more... Utena yells "Are you running away!? We promised, in ten years!" All Anthy can say is that she's sorry...
      Utena decided to go. But not just because she wants to see her prince, but for Anthy's sake. Touga says she's a fool, but Utena is happy to be the fool then.

Episode 38: [The Ends of the World] "Sekai no Hate"
      The ascension to the Arena, as usual... The Victor and her Bride take each other's hands... The Arena is dark, and before them appears Dios and his sphere.. then Akio emerges. "So you are the `Ends of the World'." Utena seems to have known it already. Akio says, "I am your prince, and you have come all the way up here in order to see me." Utena asks about Akio's purpose of making people fight Duels. Akio says he always sees a dream that the prince and the princess are living in a castle happily forever --- The prince is Akio, the princess Utena." He takes Utena's hand. Anthy's eyes roll back into her head (!) and she disappears. Akio draws the sword from within Utena, transforming her into the Bride. He says that "You have reached here without losing your noble mind, so you are my real princess.
      This sword does not suit you any more. From now on, I'll keep the sword and protect you. And we, the prince and the princess, will live in the castle happily ever after." But Utena asks what will happen to Anthy. Akio says she will be the Rose Bride forever.
      Flash back to Anthy's suicide attempt. Utena pulls Anthy back over the edge. Anthy confesses, "Since I am the Rose Bride, I am a doll without heart (mind). I thought, even if I was tortured physically, I'd never be tortured mentally. I'm sorry, Utena-sama... I deserve these torments as just punishments to the Rose Bride, but I made you suffer as well. I knew it all along. I have been taking advantage of your innocence. I'm sorry. I'm so mean. I've been betraying you all along..." Utena says, "No. I didn't even notice your sufferings, even though I set myself up as your prince. I was so conceited to think I was protecting you. When I found about the thing between you and Akio-san, I even thought I was betrayed. Even though I said we should help each other with anything, I didn't even notice your suffering. It's me who's mean. It's me who betrayed you..." Anthy says, "It's all right now. Please leave the academy." Utena says, "I can't. I can't do that."
      "No, I can't do that." Utena recovers herself, and yanks the sword away from Akio. Akio says, "You should no longer be a pure soul who was aiming to become a prince. Looking at you reminds me of my former self. But that is why you can't save Anthy. The prince, the castle, and everything are all fake. I'll show you the realities now --- the ends of the world."
      The shutters in the Planetarium lift away, and the Duel Arena turns out to be Akio's office. Akio says, "Don't you think it's a wonderful planetarium? For those who have a childish wish for eternity and the power of miracles to exist, this device shows visions of fairy tales. There is no place higher than this room. This room is Ohtori Academy's... the world's top. You may be still too young to know the value of this room. That's why you are after the castle of illusion in the sky, rather than this room of reality." Utena says she hates this room because of what Akio and Anthy have been doing in there. But Akio shows Utena's sin through the projector --- she knew Akio was engaged...
      Akio says Utena should remain a girl. Akio says, back then, Akio saved Utena who was weighed down by reality, and trying to end it all. Thanks to him, Utena could face life again. Akio hasn't changed since then. Anthy remains the Rose Bride and witch. And Utena was a girl back then and still is a girl now. Utena doesn't need a sword, because she can become a noble, beautiful princess. Utena asks what Akio is going to do with the sword. Akio says he is going to revolutionize the world. Utena says, "Aren't you her brother? Are you going to leave her as she is?" Akio sheds tears, "Stupid creature. To begin with, the `prince' does not exist anywhere in the world. Do you know what that (large ball) is? It's the grave of Dios, the prince. When she was first called a witch, Dios as a prince died.
      I as the prince do not exist." Utena says, "So, I have to fight you." Akio says, "For Anthy's sake? I also once thought that Anthy was a goddess who sacrificed herself for her dearest one, me. Maybe she actually was, but now she is a witch. And she enjoys being a witch, herself. We loved each other. But she can find no other way to be happy."
      The rest of the Duellists gather to await the end. The Duel named "revolution" starts. Akio says, "I am not a Duelist. This isn't a game. If you don't take back your sword now, you'll have to learn the horror of a real fight. A child like you can't understand my ideal." The Duel is fiercely joined. Akio continues, "For the ideal you don't know, the Rose Bride exists. No child can understand the value of this room. She is acting as the Rose Bride of her own will." Utena's mind is filled with her memories of Himemiya. She drives back Akio and screams, "I will become the one who will release her!" Akio says, "Do you know what that means?" Utena says, "I know, it means I will become the prince!" Akio is surprised. The projector goes berserk and the Castle falls in a shower of light. Utena charges Akio while he's distracted and furiously drives him back across the Arena. At the last moment, Akio pushes Anthy toward Utena to save himself. Anthy clutches Utena's arm, kisses her shoulder... then..She stabs Utena through the back. "Himemiya... Why... "

Episode 39: [Someday Shine Together] "Itsuka Issho ni Kagayaite"
      Utena slumps to the ground in the Bride's arms. "Why.."
      Anthy answers, "You are like what Dios used to be when I loved him. But you can't become my prince--- You are a woman." She throws the sword away, leaving Utena gasping on the ground. She takes the sword from Utena's hand. "Do you understand? This is not a game." Akio asks. Saionji is about to remove his signet, but Touga stops him.
      Akio demands the sword from Anthy. She hesitates. Akio says, "In the end, we had to hurt your friend. Yes, it's my fault. If I were aiming to become a prince like before, maybe nobody would have suffered." Akio sheds tears. Anthy says, "You know everything about the world, and still you have chosen this road." Akio asks for the sword again, and Anthy gives it to him. He says she's a good girl. He turns and starts to walk away.
      Akio stops before a gate covered in rose vines, saying, "The Doors of the Rose --- the doors by which the power to revolutionize the world has been sealed down." As he stands a low moaning rises over the Arena. "They're coming. ANTHY!" Anthy moves to follow, but Utena, lying on the ground, snatches at her dress. But Anthy says, "Such a nosy brave warrior. But I tasted at least the feeling of friendship. Good bye."
      A pyramid of swords rises below the walkway Akio stands on. Akio says, "A million swords shining of human hatred... They take life seeing this Sword of Dios." Utena struggles on the floor, and looks up to see that Anthy has been made into a sacrifice, pinioned in the air. To Utena's horror, the swords begin stabbing Anthy. Akio watches, "Taking swords in place of the prince --- it's the fate of the Rose Bride. It's all Anthy wished for, herself." Utena screams for Anthy and tries to drag herself along the floor. Akio tries to break the seal to the power to revolutionize the world, using the sword taken from Utena. Each time he strikes the wall, Utena screams in pain. She begs Akio to help Anthy... Her voice becomes that of her childish self.
      Utena hears Dios's voice, "Don't move now. I'll take care of you later. In those doors shaped like the rose, there's eternity, 'glow', and the power of miracles. With those powers there's nothing that can't be done. But they're not for you. You are a girl. You don't have the power. If you did, you could do anything. You could release Anthy from her fate. But how to use the power..." The voice becomes Akio's, " up to me." Dios tells Utena to close her eyes- she's done well to come this far. He leans down and kisses her signet. But Utena slams her fist into the ground, and forces her body to stand as the shadows of swords pass over her.
      Akio thrusts the Sword of Dios at the wall, and it snaps in half. He sighs, "This sword didn't work either. When will I ever regain the Power of Dios? Well, it's okay. The Rose Bride is mine. Someday..." Akio notices Utena staggering to the doors. Akio says, "Don't tell me you are going to try to open the doors." He catches her as she starts to fall again. "The Sword of the Prince is broken. You can't open the doors..." Utena shoves her hand in his face and stumbles past. Akio seems indifferent, and walks back to the Arena.
      Utena clings to the doorway and looks back, screaming for Anthy. She tries to pry the door open with her hands.
      Akio and Dios sit together and watch Utena. Akio says, "Surely, she is like what I used to be. I used to think there was a value in single-heartedness. I thought that was the only means to change the world. but single-heartedness cannot change anything. Without power, your life has to depend on someone else. To obtain that power, I have risked so much. That's the way the world is."
      "Shut up!" Utena says, "Himemiya... You don't know how happy I was just with you." Her tear falls and triggers something... The flow of swords has been suspended. Dios mounts a carousel horse. Utena is struggling to pry open a coffin... The Rose Doors have opened. Akio yells in a panic, "Don't open it! You don't know what'll happen!" Utena pushes the coffin open an inch or two. The swords that were enveloping Anthy begin to shake and finally explode outward- Anthy is no longer at the center.
      Akio stares up in horror and screams. The Million Swords violently circle overhead...
      Little Utena calls out, "Himemiya... Himemiya..." Anthy, also speaking as a child, asks, "Who are you?" "I've come to save you." Little Anthy says, "But you are..." Utena replies, "To meet you, I've come all this way. So, don't fear the world where you and I will meet." Utena's tearsoaked face is visible through the crack in the coffin. Anthy, inside the coffin, murmurs, "Utena-sama.." Utena is sobbing, but she smiles. "...At last I've met you." Anthy blinks and moves forward. The Arena begins to fall apart... Utena thrusts her arm through the crack in the coffin, screaming for Anthy to take her hand, but Anthy says that she -can't-, "Run! Get out of here! The swords! take it QUICKLY!" Anthy bursts into tears. She reaches for Utena's hand... "Someday...Someday, together..." Utena smiles. Their hands touch. But Anthy still falls.... leaving Utena lying on the broken platform face down... Utena says, "So I can't become a prince...? I'm sorry, Anthy, for turning out to be a prince of make-believe... I'm so sorry..." The Million Swords race toward Utena.
      Wakaba rings Utena's doorbell, but there's no answer... The Million Swords tear apart the Arena, the caracole, and the planetarium projector...
      ...... The world is all the same; it doesn't seem to have changed at all, except Utena is missing in the campus of Ootori Gakuen. Anthy walks through a hallway. (Credits roll now.)
      Akio comments to Anthy, "It hasn't been very long, but it seems people are completely forgetting her. So she couldn't bring about a revolution after all. She vanished just like another dropout of this world. We'll start the Rose Signet Code again. I'm counting on you, Anthy."
      But Anthy leaves her glasses on his desk. (Chuchu leaves his earring and tie!) "You don't even see what happened, do you. It's all right now. You be here in this comfortable casket, and keep being a prince of make-believe forever. But I must go." Akio says, "Go... to where?" Anthy says, "She hasn't vanished. She merely got out of your world." Akio says, "What are you talking about? Hey... Wait! Anthy!" Anthy says, "Good bye." and walks away.
      The bells ring...
      Anthy smiles to Chuchu and picks up her bags, "This time, I will come. Wherever you are, I will definitely find you. There is a picture of Utena and Anthy together. It's obvious that Akio was cut from the picture. Utena's voice says, "Say, if you are suffering, talk to me, whatever it is. I want to be your friend." Anthy's voice replies softly, "Someday, we'll be together...?"
      The title: "Someday we'll shine Together"

The story continues ...!


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