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> The Disciples of Abraxas

Cosmopolitan Designs in Salman Rushdie's 'The Enchantress of Florence'
and Hermann Hesse's 'Demian'
(Including an excursus on Kunihiko Ikuhara's anime-series 'Revolutionary Girl Utena')

This analysis was donated by Meike Nederveld.

But Akbar's Cloak was cut from the cloths of time and space, and these people were not his. Why then, did he feel so strong a sense of kinship with the denizens of these braying lanes? Why did he understand their unspeakable Eropean tongue as if it were his own?
('The Enchantress of Florence', Page 141-142)

1. Introduction
1.1 On Object and Method
1.2 Notation
1.3 Terminology and History – What is Cosmopolitanism?
1.4 Outlining the Novels
2. Examples of Cosmopolitanism
2.1 "People, places, narratives, possibilities of lands yet unknown“ - Rushdie's The Enchantress of Florence
2.1.1 Exiles, wanderers
2.1.2 Travelers, dreamers – Akbar, Il Machia and Princess Gulbadan
2.1.3 The Cosmopolitan
2.2 “Heim kommt man nie, aber wo befreundete Wege zusammenlaufen, da sieht die ganze Welt für eine Stunde wie Heimat aus” - Hesse's Demian
3. The Disciples of Abraxas
3.1 Shared Features and Differences in Hesse and Rushdie
3.2 Cosmopolitanism as Predisposition
3.3 Synchronicity and Psychology – The Influence of Carl Gustav Jung's Ideas on Both Novels
4. Excursus – Revolutionary Girl Utena and The Shell of the World
4.1 Outline of Plot and Characters
4.2 Shared Themes
4.3 Queerness as a Version of Cosmopolitanism
5. Final Thoughts

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Introduction + Characters + Reference + Submission

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Analysis of Utena + Empty Movement

Akio is no rapist, he is just an opportunist that makes his home a school full of emotionally compromised teenagers. This frame is actually pulled from the Metropolitan Museum of Art archives.
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Because according to Ikuhara, if it were Akio, they would be doing the lambada.
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I wanted this layout to look like a fairy tale. It ended up looking like a French textile exhibit. Oops.
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