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     This section is under construction. I know, you're disappointed. I am too! Eventually this will be yet another resource for things to analyze. There are many blatant references in the Utena universe, things that aren't questionable or open to discussion, but some people will catch while others don't have the background. Those things will be posted here! For example, a shot of Mikage on a bed in the Black Rose Saga is a clear reference to a Manet painting which was itself a reference to a Titian painting. See the comparisons here. These are the sort of references I plan to compile here. So...coming soon! And if you know of any such ones, by all means please let me know!

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Analysis of Utena + Empty Movement

Akio is no rapist, he is just an opportunist that makes his home a school full of emotionally compromised teenagers. This frame is actually pulled from the Metropolitan Museum of Art archives.
I considered making this a time gif that would occasionally flash Dios as having a ponytail. Then I got lazy.
I know this layout is sort of a spoiler, but so was the closing of the first season, so suck it.
This is far and away the most complex layout I have coded, and I know it does not look like it.
So are they waltzing or foxtrotting or what?
Because according to Ikuhara, if it were Akio, they would be doing the lambada.
These swords ended up looking like the crosses in Evangelion. I left it on purpose because hellz yeah.
I wanted this layout to look like a fairy tale. It ended up looking like a French textile exhibit. Oops.
Polly want some C4? Sorry, coding and Colbert do not mix.
It is March. It is snowing. It is Canada.
You know what is an awesome idea? Coding on your rag. That is smart.