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> Spankins! [Kaoru Miki]

Written by Giovanna and Yasha.

    The girl smiled as she saw Kaoru Miki walk into the music room, carrying a sheaf of musical scores. Waiting until no one was around, she then walked after him, opening the door as if she had every right to interrupt his practice. He glanced up from his music with surprise; his delicate brows coming together in a frown of confusion, he waited for some sort of explanation of her intrusion.

    "Hi, Miki," she purred, closing the door behind her.

    "Uhh… hi," he said, still confused.

    She began to walk slowly toward him, feeling a sultry smile curve her lips.

    "Did you need something?" he asked, blushing faintly.

    Her grin grew wider as she approached, carefully not noticing the way he scooted away from her on the piano bench. "I think I do," she said, her voice rich with enjoyment.

    His cheeks colored further. "What?" he asked, his voice jumping a few notes. He was already at the edge of the bench, and she was still walking toward him.

    Laying her hand lightly on his shoulder, she leaned down and whispered in his ear.

    "What?" Miki squeaked, his face flushing crimson.

    "You heard me," she said, smiling seductively at him. "Will you?"

    Suddenly, his eyes rolled up in his head, and he slumped off of the piano bench. She caught him and gently laid him out on the floor.

    "Damn," she said, chuckling. Looking over Miki's unconscious form, she shook her head and laughed again. "Poor guy, can't take a little joke…"

    Simply put: No. Miki would shy from a kiss, much less the prospect of something this kinky. Ironically, Miki would see the sexual connotation of spanking. He's a smart boy, and while he himself is innocent, he lives in a world that's not. He still sports the youthful innocence of a child that can catch the sexuality in almost anything—often faster than people in better positions to know by experience. Most people go through this stage. It's the point in your youth when you giggled because someone said 'intercourse'. You knew what it meant, even if you were completely void of any actual experience or understanding of its full weight.

    An in-show example of this would be from Tsuwabuki's BRS arc episode.

Mitsuru: I'd be satisfied if she ate anything of mine.
Mari: That's disgusting!
Mitsuru: How's that disgusting?
Mari: You'll know when you're grown up!

     Tsuwabuki is holding a banana in this sequence, and while dirty minds like mine caught the drift reasonably fast, it's surprising that Mari took no time at all to equate what he was holding and what he was saying to oral sex. Though it's obvious she's innocent to sex herself, she's aware of sexuality, and as such, notices it quickly.

    Miki is similar. He blushes frequently, often in response to things that are not sexual at all beyond an associative connotation. When Nanami asks how it felt to have his sword pulled from him, he blushes to a bright red as if she'd said something terribly explicit. (Nanami, in her innocence, also finds the subject embarrassing.)

    However, haste in noting sexuality does nothing to encourage it. He's nowhere near ready for the absolute most ordinary kinds of sex, much less something like spanking. Beyond that innocence is a natural submissive streak born of his inhibition. He can't imagine spanking a girl, and he won't be able to for quite some time after he starts having sex. This is in no small part thanks to Kozue. Miki's first experience with the opposite sex WAS with her, and no doubt she was just as dominating a personality then as she is in the series. Being accustomed to Kozue's powerful character has led Miki to a certain degree of familiarity with being in a submissive role. Both sexually and socially.

    Miki's Akio Arc duel shows the early signs of a change in him that may send him in another direction. In that duel Miki finds himself fighting for what he wants; a precedent not actually reached in his first duel. We finally see the beginnings of a more proactive 'go get it' attitude in Miki, which depending on your personal opinion, may or may not be an improvement. Where it's relevant here is that in time, while he acquires a more aggressive attitude about life, he may also come to have a less submissive sexual personality.

    This is the Catholic schoolgirl principle at work; his life of innocence is a rubber band that will eventually be pulled too tight and snap. Miki is shy, he's innocent, he's submissive to authority and even his peers. When people like that snap, they snap hard, and Miki's going to unload that repression largely on sex. It's the most introverted aspect of his personality and the most socially acceptable place to let off this kind of steam. From there, it's not hard to jump to the conclusion that when he does discover sex, he'll also discover his dominating streak, and that it might come out in some form of fetishism. As for that fetish being spanking…maybe, maybe not. Probably not. But it's a definite possibility, and more plausible in his case than in any other case here.

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