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> Spankins! [Mikage Souji]

Written by Giovanna and Yasha.
    The strange, knowing Mikage Souji was her lover—had been her lover for two months now. At first she'd been attracted to those garnet eyes and that lithe body, and then later, as she'd grown to know him through his seminars, he'd begun to interest her. Carefully, methodically, she'd begun her approach, and evidently, he had been amenable to it, for here she was, in his bed, his body warm against hers.

    "What haven't we tried?" she asked Mikage, turning to look up at him. Before he could begin to speak, she said, "What would you like to try?"

    Though it had only been two weeks, in Mikage she had found a lover as curious and inventive as she was. He didn't seem to be moved by the sensations, as her other lovers had been—rather, he seemed to be concerned strictly with the differences between sensations and how they compared. He was perfect for her. Though he enjoyed their time together, as she could tell, he was never emotionally involved with it—he treated it as another experiment.

    "I chose last time," he said, smiling faintly. "You choose."

    Sighing, the girl ran through her list of things to try. "Hm. Pain is supposed to heighten the experience."

    "What are you suggesting?" Mikage asked, looking down at her.

    She hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to proceed. As she pondered, she felt Mikage's hand stroking her bare arm, sparking a thought. "We should start with something small. Cuts take forever to heal, and being whipped is too much trouble for now."

    Mikage smiled, amused. "You've already tired me out once. Maybe something less strenuous." Watching her with relaxed humor, he moved his hand down to her nipple and pinched it, hard.

    Gasping, the girl brushed his hand away, laughing quietly. "Too normal. Something out of the ordinary."

    "Do you want to be spanked?" he asked, cutting straight through her hesitation.

    "Yes," she answered. "Do you think that would be enjoyable?"

    He looked up at the ceiling, thinking for a moment. "It should be enjoyable for me. Unless you have some objection to pain, it will be enjoyable for you," he chuckled.

    She smiled. "If it's not enjoyable, I'll ask you to stop."

    "All right." He waited until she had disentangled herself from him and then sat up, pulling her across his lap. Without any sort of warning, he started things off with a resounding slap across the backside.

    Flinching, she felt herself try to squirm away, but made herself still. She knew that Mikage would only hold her there until she asked him to stop, as she'd said she would. She didn't want to be held. Another slap came, harder than before, and she flinched again. He wasn't trying to make it especially painful—he was just trying to surprise her, and give her a little bit of a sting.

    He constantly surprised her with blows, landing them at irregular times, and making sure they caught her in spots she wasn't expecting. The pain wasn't bad—he wasn't trying to actually hurt her—but she couldn't help the little gasps whenever she felt the sting of another slap, or flinching once he drew his hand away.

    Gradually he began to increase the pace and the severity of the slaps. Now the point was to see how much she would endure. She could feel a distant throb starting in her skin, and gritted her teeth against the pain. It wasn't exceptionally agreeable—but from what she knew, her pleasure would come later, with tender skin and the excitement of arousal. The speed and cruelty of the blows continued to increase until she felt the first tears welling in her eyes—she held on as long as she could, but finally she had to grind out, "Mikage, stop. Please."

    With a last harsh smack, he asked, "Finished already?"

    "Yes," she said pulling herself up off his lap, shifting her weight onto her hip so that her buttocks wouldn't take the brunt of her weight. Strangely, she felt a tiny bit embarrassed. Thinking about the reason, she decided that it must have been because spanking was a punishment for a child, and she did not consider herself a child.

    "Was it enjoyable?" he asked, grinning as he studied her face.

    "That generally comes from the feeling afterward," she said, and then smiled. A warm, tingling sensation had begun, and her behind felt sensitive, as if the smallest touch would send her into shivers. "And yes, this is enjoyable." Moving to lay on her stomach, she rested her cheek on the pillow. Looking him over from the corner of her eye, she smiled, saying, "You certainly seem to be pleased."

    He reached over, drawing the tips of his fingers down her spine, ending up at the tender, abused flesh of her buttocks. His soft touch drew a gasp from her, and she felt goose bumps prickle the flesh of her back and arms. "I am," he said.

    Dealing with this character, one encounters the problem of his having two separate identities. Professor Nemuro and Mikage Souji are essentially two different people, though Mikage's personality is plainly the evolution of Nemuro's. For our purposes we've gone with Mikage, since we're sticking to an 'as they were in the series' theme. Nemuro's version of this scenario would have gone in much the same direction, though his attitude would have been different. Nemuro would take to extremity Mikage's analytical nature; he'd garner no pleasure or sensation of any kind from the act, and he would have totally lacked any sense of finesse about the sexual situation he's in. Nemuro would approach sex with less interest than Mikage, probably opting to ignore sex entirely unless someone comes to him with it, at which point he would cooperate, but not be so interested that it would take away from time he could spend in the lab.

    All these scenarios are built around an event that triggers the character to behave a certain way. This is, in most cases, necessary; none of these guys are natural spankers. In fact, most of them haven't had enough sexual experience to acquire fetishes or kinks of any kind. Extenuating circumstances do occur in life, though, and it's not beyond the capacity of most of these guys to end up spanking someone. Only for Mikage and Akio can it be said that the conditions needed to get them to do this aren't special or rare, and only for Mikage would the conditions be satisfied simply by his own curiosity.

    Streaks of a punishing nature are undoubtedly present in Mikage. He has a true cynic's joy of watching others lose. The most telling display of this attitude is his conversation with Saionji in episode 20 ("Wakaba Hath Flourished Verdantly"), where he ruthlessly talks down to Saionji, and enjoys it. This isn't a dominating streak so much as a sadistic one. He doesn't feel he needs to express authority or force his will on others; he simply likes seeing people in bad positions. This doesn't require the bad position to be a result of his actions. Mikage would take just as much delight in watching someone else's machinations from afar as he would in watching the gears he turns himself. His sadistic streak is essentially, like most things with him, a matter of science. People in pain are just much more interesting to observe than people who are happy. What can be said of the good times? Much more thought can go into the contemplation of the bad.

    Mikage holds little fondness for people in general anyway, as they've seemed to hold little fondness for him. He might no longer be Nemuro, but he remembers what it was like being on the outside looking in, and the alienation caused by his intellect no doubt left a sour taste in his mouth. The school nerd rarely grows up to have any great love for the status quo, and will find any victory over others to be just a bit sweeter to them than it would be for anyone else. This is not a particularly strong aspect of his personality, but it is worth mentioning.

    Unfortunately, his sadistic streak is not such that he would seek out a release for it in fetishism. It's not why Mikage picked spanking, and it's not at the forefront of his sexuality so that he'd ever place higher priority on sadism than any other option. It's really just a streak for him, and it can't be said to account for any significant measure of his actions. What sadism he does house he takes out in other places—orchestrating the BRS duels can hardly be said to leave a man with nowhere to take out his hostility towards others. However, this quirk of his stands as the reason why once he does indulge the curiosity of spanking, he finds it a turn-on.

    Though Mikage recognizes the disciplinary aspect of it, he pursues spanking entirely for its sexual merits. Spanking falls under a vast umbrella of sexual kinks he will in his lifetime experience firsthand. Not out of a desire to find himself or a fetish for his own (the usual drive to such experimentalism), but because he's a scientist at heart, and a scientist in bed. Though never expressed outright, hints are thrown here and there in the series that clue you in to Mikage's sexual nature. It clearly holds a certain interest to him, as it does to most people. After all, who doesn't like getting off? Though it's highly unlikely Mikage would ever prioritize sex above everything else, it will in time be reasonably important to him. Beyond the typical fondness for warm orifices, his scientific adventurousness would find itself a playground in sex. It's a world of sensation and curiosity just begging for study, and no doubt in his spare time he will find it a pleasant analytical break from number-crunching.

    Mikage's nature makes him a mixed blessing. The body of data he'll quickly collect and his inclination to observe and experiment will make him an excellent lover in all technical aspects. However, he'll approach it with a scientist's coldness, and a woman looking for intimacy would not much enjoy the company of his bed. He'll know exactly how to produce a physically satisfying kiss, but it will lack the passion many women would prefer to technical prowess.

    Luckily for him, not all women want that all the time, and that's how he's ended up sleeping with this girl. Mikage's coldness and his intimidating presence scare off most potential partners, and that he's by and large not interested in 'relationships' will scare off significantly more. Because his needs are so specific, he probably doesn't pursue women on his own much, opting instead to let the ones that are interested come to him. It's sort of a screening test, as well: If you lack the nerve to approach him yourself, you're probably not daring enough to match him in bed. This girl proves to be quite capable of keeping up with him, though, and for what he wants, she's a perfect fit. For any other pair cuts and whipping would register as kinky if not completely off limits. For Mikage and his lover, they're just experiments to be performed and analyzed.

    On top of his adventurous nature, Mikage is also bold. He doesn't shy away from anything, and barring manipulative conflicts, he has no qualms about speaking his mind or doing exactly what he pleases. He goes untamed by social standards, personal emotional blocks, or anything else. This means his sexual curiosity can run without regard for anything but partner consent, and this makes him a force to be reckoned with. Spanking holds a certain understandable sexual taboo observed by most of the Revolutionary Girl Utena, men. But not for Mikage. Contrasted to the body of taboos he'll indulge in his sexual escapades, spanking will prove one of his more tame excursions.

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