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Welcome to From the Mouths of Babes
    Believe it or not, people aside from Be-Papas were occasionally involved in the creation and localization of Utena. Voice actors, both in Japan and stateside, as well as others involved have at times interviewed for LDs and DVD releases. These are offered here.

Japanese Contributors

  • Interview with Kawakami Tomoko for the Japanese LD - (Utena's Japanese VA), circa 1998

  • Interview with Fuchizaki Yuriko for the Japanese LD - (Anthy's Japanese VA), circa 1998

  • State-side Contributors

  • Behind the Making of the English Dub with Kunihiko Ikuhara - CPM Utena Movie Bonus, 2001

  • Jimmy Zoppi With Some Sound Advice for the Kids at Home Temptation, CPM DVD Bonus, 2002

  • Mandy Bonhomme: Love and Artistry Impatience and Longing, CPM DVD Bonus, 2002

  • Roxanne Beck: A Song for Wakaba The Black Rose Blooms, CPM DVD Bonus, 2002

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