I always did like this picture.
You know, some dude blew off his finger for the glory of the internets. If you ask me about it, I'll send you a link to the story.
This is actually a font. I could have written a secret message in this font, but you'll never know.
Donations mean more website stuff for you.
I could have started with "Secondly..."
Her hair is so pretty.
Why'd she tear the cord off her uniform?
The difference between me and Gio as desginers is that she's good at it and I'm not. XD

Thanks for even clicking here. No, really, I mean it. It means a lot that people even consider or ask about donating to us.

We're finally putting up a donation page because, well, in 2013 we spent about a grand on site stuff. Over the years, I would estimate we've sunk a good seven or eight thousand into hosting, domain names/changes, software, even some hardware, merchandise, dvds, and most importantly, all the books we've cut apart in Gio's quest to get the absolute best for the Gallery. Not to mention the literal thousands of hours it has taken to get all of this in order and keep it that way. It's a huge investment.

And, no matter whether you donate or not, we're going to keep making that investment. We're going to keep spending the money and time it takes to keep Empty Movement alive and growing. We're never going to resort to having ads to fund it, or try to monetize it or anything else. This is a labor of love, and it's going to stay that way.

If you want to kick a few bucks our way to help out or show your appreciation, thank you. We're grateful and glad that we've been able to bring something of value to your life. Every dollar anyone sends us for the site has been and will continue to be used for the site and for the people who visit it.

And even if you don't donate, we're so glad you came, and so glad you still care about this damn show. Much love, always.

~ Yasha and Gio

Scratches and stuff. I'm just hiding the fact that I didn't vector this image fully. XD
Is that sideboob?
My, what beautiful elbows you have. The better to do the People's Elbow with! XD
Honestly if you're going to pick a wedgie at least go into another room.
It's a hip! I'm hip to it! Man, that's a horrible old bit of slang.