20 years of this shit people
      Welcome to Empty Movement, where you'll find 15 years of Revolutionary Girl Utena content, thanks to 20 years of it being out there for us! The 20th anniversary has been marked with a huge surge in interest, in Japan and abroad, with Blu-Ray releases coming from Nozomi, and Japan losing its marbles with art exhibitions, anime cafe events, and so on. We update Twitter and Tumblr regularly for all of that!
      In the meantime, check out all the new content on the site, and get yourself our scanlation of the first installment of Chiho Saito's After the Revolution! For a quick rundown, look here. For a detailed list of new art, doujin, and everything else, check the changelog.
jsyk this is Gio and Yasha layout as much as a Saionji and Touga one I CANNOT AFFORD FOR THEM TO KEEP MAKING UTENA STUFF
October 22, 2017- We're not in Japan, and can't go to the Animate Cafe, or the Village Vanguard restaurant, or the Utena Exhibition, but nevertheless won't ignore the mad crazy attention our dear show has been getting. So here's an update for you lovely folks!

Though I've not completely destroyed and rebuilt any sections, there's still enough new stuff that it made sense to make it an official update. There are a couple additions to Historia Arcana, both supplementals to the popular anime magazines in Japan at the time Utena aired. My personal favorite is the Utena? (Oh My!) UTENA! one, which features artwork drawn by the various members of the production team for the show, so it's like fanart by the creators! Some of it you've seen, some you haven't, all of it's new and high resolution! Also there is the Duelist Bible, wherein you will find...instructions for a Chu-Chu plush.
I've also added a few new doujinshi, as I scan here and there between...scanning other things. One is a huge, absolutely beautiful doujinshi entirely about the Ruka/Juri ship, which so far as I can tell was sunk somewhere in the Pacific about 20 years ago and never made its way stateside.
There have also been some odd and end coding corrections made, and a link added to Utena.su, the Russian sister site we never knew we had!! These awesome folks used our scans to translate the new Saito manga for fans out in the other frozen north! Cool beans. I've also sent the raws and such to a Spanish fan planning to do the same there. Pretty amazing to think of how much mileage that work has gotten. We will be 100% releasing any new Saito manga the same way.
But the real meat of this update is in the gallery, where a ton of new artwork has landed. The Nee La Rose Saito artbook finally brings us high resolution unobstructed scans of the Animerica Extra covers.The Animate Cafe's commemorative coasters were lovingly dragged across the ocean by yours truly to add more chibis to the site. Several beautiful images from the Hardcore of Utena have been added as replacements to lesser copies, the previously mistaken 'Newtype Special' section has been corrected and expanded, and I added a few tidbits to the Et Cetera section! There you'll find awesome new images pulled from the Nozomi Utena Bluray ad, and lovingly rendered repeated patterns from Utena swag just hitting Japan now.
In the meantime, BUY THE NOZOMI BLU-RAYS, or be super smart and get yourself the Ultra Edition, which is criminally cheap and promises to be amazing. Just like last time, Nozomi stayed directly in touch with the fans, and through us and our Tumblr, got and used tons of feedback about changes to the translation, from poor wording choices, to making Jury into Juri, like god intended. They've been awesome to us fans with these releases and I'm proud to say we helped make this one as awesome as it could be.

If that's not enough, have a taste of a project I've been playing with lately:
No One Has Anything to Tell (track 32, OST 1)
Virtual Star Embryology (track 2, OST 2)

There's always more coming, guys. :)

Historia Arcana:
Utena? (Oh My!) UTENA! (Newtype Magazine Supplement) - A collection of mostly black and white art pieces drawn by the various members of the Utena production team, mostly animators. Much of this is cross-linked to the gallery.
Duelist Bible (Animage Magazine Supplement) - A focus on the first arc, but with lots of rare character design stuff and tidbits, including...instructions to make a Chu-Chu plush.

Additions to Doujinshi:
Azure Promise A massive, beautiful love song to the least popular ship in the English-speaking fandom: Ruka/Juri.
Virtual Star Embryology Softcore, with the main thrust of the doujin being Akio taunting Touga about Utena during sex. So you know...regular Friday night.
Epee Chibis, cute shorts, Ruka in a Rose Bride dress and Akio with a cat ear hat.
Septieme Recit Juri/Shiori, very sparse art style and honestly not amazing. But hey. Juri and Shiori!
Setsu Same circle as the above one, same kind of content. Not beautiful really, but hey.

Changes to the Gallery:
2 New sections:
Chibis: Added a folder for Chibis to series artwork, cross referencing the chibis where they appear elsewhere in the gallery.
Utena? Oh My! UTENA!
: Replaced the folder called 'Newtype Special' in the Series section with this, to reflect that I now know where these came from. The new section uses my scans of the originals, which include new images and huge upgrades to the previous ones. This book is also downloadable in full at Historia Arcana. This section is only for the artwork.
New Artworks:

(Japanese Halloween Animerica Cover)

(New Artwork: Utena and Anthy in Rose Bride Dresses)

(Animage Cafe Utena chibi coaster)

(Animage Cafe Anthy chibi coaster)

(Utena chibi from 2017 exhibition's admission swag keychain)

(Anthy chibi from 2017 exhibition's admission swag keychain)

(Animage Cafe Akio chibi coaster)

(Animage Cafe Touga chibi coaster)

(Animage Cafe Nanami chibi coaster)

(Animage Cafe Saionji chibi coaster)

(Animage Cafe Juri chibi coaster)

(Animage Cafe Miki chibi coaster)

(Taken from the Nozomi teaser trailer for the US release of the Utena Blu-Rays in 2017.)

(Taken from the Nozomi teaser trailer for the US release of the Utena Blu-Rays in 2017.)

(Taken from the Nozomi teaser trailer for the US release of the Utena Blu-Rays in 2017.)

(Taken from the Nozomi teaser trailer for the US release of the Utena Blu-Rays in 2017.)

(Taken from the Nozomi teaser trailer for the US release of the Utena Blu-Rays in 2017.)

(Repeating pattern based on a bag that will be sold at the 20th Anniversary exhibition.)

(Based on a set of items produced through Animation Addict store.)

(Shamelessly stolen rose pattern background from 20th Anniversary site.)

(Hey cool, invisible logo!)

Replaced/Improved on Artworks:

(Beautiful Utena and Anthy, Outfits, Wings, OMG Animerica Cover)

(Baseball Utena)

(Beach Utena)

(Spooky Halloween Animerica Cover)

(Miki and Anthy from the Hatena omake book)

(Sexy pose Utena, huge upgrade from previous.)

(More sexy Utena pose.)

(haha huge upgrade to the Akio nip pic)

(The neat thingie with Akio and Anthy shadows over the student council's shadows, from the Utena? (Oh My!) UTENA Animedia book.)

(Saito art with Utena and Anthy in less clothing than usual, from the Utena? (Oh My!) UTENA Animedia book.)

- Changed front page layout to be more readable and easier to see
- Fixed cross-browser compatibility issues in Historia Arcana
- Half-ass fixed vertical visibility in some pages of Analysis for mobile
- LOL never changed the Gallery front page message
- Updated the top bar menu in the Gallery to reflect new content and sub-folders.
Added link to Utena.su


Contact: Giovanna or Yasha

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