20 years of this shit people
      Welcome to Empty Movement, where you'll find 15 years of Revolutionary Girl Utena content, thanks to 20 years of it being out there for us! The 20th anniversary has been marked with a huge surge in interest, in Japan and abroad, with Blu-Ray releases coming from Nozomi, and Japan losing its marbles with art exhibitions, anime cafe events, and so on. We update Twitter and Tumblr regularly for all of that!
      In the meantime, check out all the new content on the site, and get yourself our scanlation of the first installment of Chiho Saito's After the Revolution! For a quick rundown, look here. For a detailed list of new art, doujin, and everything else, check the changelog.
jsyk this is Gio and Yasha layout as much as a Saionji and Touga one
September 14, 2017 - Just in time for Akio's birthday! And Revolutionary Girl Utena's! Now everyone is of legal age, which I guess isn't a great birthday present for Akio, after all. A huge site update, for a huge birthday. So much awesome stuff has happening, is happening, and I can't even keep up with it! New manga by Chiho Saito, new art exhibitions, a collaboration with Animage Cafe that spawned legi SKU themed drinks, crazy awesome swag like purses and perfume...I can't even! THEY KEEP VALIDATING OUR CONTINUED PSYCHO OBSESSION WITH THIS SHOW. By all means, follow our Twitter and Tumblr for the constant boiling of new stuff. In the meantime, an absolutely huge site update, with, as always, more on the way.

First and foremost, the new manga by Chiho Saito, After the Revolution, is up and translated for your enjoyment.
Second, a new subsite, Historia Arcana, collects all the weird and rare raw resources I've accumulated over the years. You want a 200+ page book of analysis in Japanese? It's there. And lots more!
Third, some new artwork in the gallery, including color tests used in the designing stage with some truly blinding colors, as well as a glasses wearing, short haired Saionji??? Also 7 brand new images, 8 high resolution cels from the Hardcore of Utena, and some other bits and pieces. Check the changelog for the full list.
Fourth, like over 20 new doujinshi, none of which are hentai, so feel free to wibble away at the mostly mushy stuff therein! (Again, list in changelog.)
Fifth, lol we are now hosting Ursula's Kiss, because the website is down and I've had it sitting on my computer for years anticipating that.
Aaand finally, a few new additions to the Analysis section! See below!

If that's not enough, a taste of a project I've been playing with lately:
No One Has Anything to Tell (track 32, OST 1)
Virtual Star Embryology (track 2, OST 2)

There's always more coming, guys. :)

New Site Sections:
Historia Arcana - A collection of resources I've gathered over the years, by donation and otherwise. There are entire books here, and most of the content is in Japanese. This material is here for intrepid translators or curious bystanders, and much of it is scanned with readability and even OCR in mind. Look around, see what strikes you. :)
Ursula's Kiss - In hosted history. The original site came down some time ago, and it absolutely cannot be allowed to fade into the dark. WE DIDN'T WRITE ANY OF THIS.

Additions to Analysis:
After the Revolution (Khalix) (About the new manga!!!)
Id, Ego, and Superego: Freud and the End of Utena (Yasha)
Anthy, the Queen of Stories (Hugo Schmidt)

Changes to the Gallery:
2 New sections:
After the Revolution NEW SAITO MANGA NEW NEW NEW
Early Designs and Color Tests

7 New Artworks:
Utena (New Saito art for After the Revolution)
Utena and Anthy (New Saito art for After the Revolution)
Utena and Anthy (New Saito art for the Ikuhara retrospective book)
Utena and Anthy (Guest Artist?)
Utena and Anthy (By the Penguindrum artist)
Utena and Anthy (Black and white, pretty page from After the Revolution)
Touga and Saionji (Black and white, teaser image Saito posted for After the Revolution)
8 New Images from the Hardcore of Utena Scan Effort:
(these have replaced lower quality copies)
Opening Sequence:
Utena and Anthy face to face
Utena on her side
Anthy on her side
Utena in her Armor
Episode 4:
Miki in the arena before duel
Episode 5:
The apple cut up in the student council meeting
Touga using the piano room for sluttin' around
Touga on his PINKU bed
2 Replaced with Better Copies:
Touga and Saionji (Saito, full color manga image)
Utena and Anthy (Saito art used for the CD Box set, slated to have even better copy scanned)

21 New Doujinshi:
Non-Hentai, 40-69 pages:
Ice Breaker
Utena's Fanbook No.9
Utena's Fanbook No.10
Utena's Fanbook No.13
Non-Hentai, under 40 pages:
Bergerac Knight
Call Me Bride!
Ceramic Heart
Double Connection
Imitation Gold
La Fillette Revolutionnaire
Love Spirit
Pink Chao 2
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Rose Revue 1997
Sa Et La
Sa Et La 2
Utena I
Utena II
Utena ONLY Book
Utena's Fanbook No.14


Contact: Giovanna or Yasha

The content on Empty Movement belongs to Giovanna Spadaro and Yasha (who will remain otherwise nameless). Images and media scanned, ripped, and altered by us. Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) is © Kunihiko Ikuhara, Chiho Saito, Shogakukan and bePapas/TV Tokyo and/or their respective copyright holders. The US release of the Revolutionary Girl Utena series and movie is © Nozomi Entertainment, previously © Central Park Media, and the US release of the Utena manga is © VIZ . Don't sue us.


I know it is supposed to be Utena and Anthy for the big anniversary but no fuck you