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I vectored this shot of her thinking it would be the main image and all I used was the outline. Ha!
Yes, I know this layout takes forever to load.
Dark corner of the site, so I get to make it do whatever I want!
Mother, Dearest! Whoo!
What layout would be complete without swirlies? Yes, it's an actual picture of a woman. OOOO.
I heard that so much as a kid.

(Downstairs in the Chairman's wing.)
: Kanae-san. How unusual to see you at this hour.
(Kanae's arms are at her sides.)
Kanae: I can't catch you except at this time, can I?
Akio: Really?
Kanae: Really!
(One hand is on Kanae's hip.)
Akio: I've been busy lately.
Kanae: Busy stargazing?
Anthy: Good morning, Kanae-san.
Kanae: Good morning, Anthy-chan.
Kanae: I swear, when will you ever call me "sister".
(Kanae's arms are crossed.)
Kanae: Oh, you're...Utena-san, right?
Utena: Good...morning.
Akio: Some breakfast?
Kanae: No thanks.
Kanae: Besides, my mother's here.
Akio: Your mother?
mother: It's been a while, Akio-san.
Akio: Mother, what brings you here?
(Akio and the red rose.)
mother: I have something to discuss with you.
(Mrs.Ohtori and the white rose.)

(Scene changes to the planetarium.)
Akio: Regarding what matter?
Akio: I believe the performance of my duties is proceeding without incident.
Akio: Could it be something that cannot be discussed over the phone?
mother: Akio-san...have you been avoiding my daughter, Kanae?
mother: Your position at this school is based on your getting married to my daughter.
mother: And don't forget that engagements can be canceled at any time.
Akio: I'm being good to Kanae-san. So much that I'm thinking of naming a comet after her when I find one.
(Up to this point, Akio is sitting on the arm of the chair, facing away from Mrs.Ohtori.)
Akio: Besides. Look. This is Kanae-san's favorite fragrance.
Akio: I'm always wearing the cologne Kanae-san likes, and when we're all alone together...
(Akio's leaned over Mrs.Ohtori, with his neck bare toward her face.)
Akio: And how is the real Chairman doing?
(Akio stands in front of her.)
mother: Who cares about that man.
(And then kneels and commences with the slipping off her shoe and kissing her shin. Lucky woman.)


Script taken from the Utena Encyclopedia translations, available in full here.
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