Dirty Hands
The Novel

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Chapter One: Mikoto's Bird
A young man is sent to school to kill somebody... an abrupt encounter with a corpse. What is the game called "becoming a stranger"?

Chapter Two: Ryuugen's Gun
Mikoto begins life as a student. The tranquil morning lasted but a moment, and starting with the memo he receives in afternoon class, the time after school unfolds before him fast. And, his first fierce battle with Ryuugen too...

Chapter Three: Karin's Forest
Mikoto is steadily falling into the hands of the target, in short, his enemy. A strange relationship where the two talk and live together develops. Then one night, Karin visits Mikoto's room - what is her real motive?

Chapter Four: Nearly Identical
Ryuugen appears to enjoy having his life in danger. Mikoto begins to find this attitude appealing. But Mikoto's third enemy is on its way. Can Mikoto, as good as naked, possibly win?

Chapter Five: The Becoming-a-Stranger Apparatus
The veil is finally lifted from the "Forbidden Game". It is said that anyone with a ticket can experience it, and become imprisoned by it. What will this subterranean merry-go-round do for the students?

Chapter Six: Laser Knife
A third body is discovered, along with a skulking striped dog. It appears the deaths of the students are somehow connected to the "Becoming a Stranger Game." Is there any connection between the convoluted circumstances and Mikoto's job?

Chapter Seven: Memories of Guns and Forests
A disturbing dream assails Mikoto, gravely wounded and unconscious. When he awakens, he has no time to relax as Ryuugen reveals the shocking truth. And then, as though mocking Mikoto's perplexity, the world is...

Chapter Eight: The Dogs of Night and the Girl
With the once-unknown true nature of the world laid bare and a new understanding of what it means to fight against his appointed role, Mikoto sets forth to settle the score...

Chapter Nine: The Man in the White Mask
To save Karin, Mikoto and Ryuugen journey together underground. However, Ryuugen puts Mikoto in danger, and events accelerate toward their shocking conclusion...

Chapter Ten: The Azure-Jeweled Ruler
What is the the meaning of the object Mikoto drew from within the paragrine? Mikoto holds his fate in his own hands, and Ryuugen flies off into space... The shocking truth is revealed, and the door to a new tale opens!!

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