This is how Yasha does her hair. Jesus fuck I married Touga.
Who the fuck is he looking at?
It is because pool is kind of like dueling, you know, with the sticks and such?
If it looks like Touga's standing awfully close, it's only because he lives...dangerously.
Even when it's kind of a country album?
Headcanon: Saionji would know a Trek reference from a mile away but knows better than to let anyone find out.
Revolutionary Girl Utena (2)
- Verdant Hopes -
少女革命ウテナ〈1〉 -翠の思い-

Shoujo Kakumei Utena (2)
   - Midori no Omoi-

Written by:
   Ichirō Ōkouchi

Illustrated by:
   Chiho Saito

Published by:
   March 1998

The second novel takes Saionji's storyline from the first arc and crashes it into Wakaba's Black Rose story, resulting in a novel focused strongly on the two of them and their completely god damn hopeless romance. Its events transpire shortly after the first, with the relationships and story carrying over, though you could safely read this one without reading the first. As in the first the broad strokes of the story will be familiar, but with events repurposed, pulled from elsewhere, or completely turned on their head. Touga remains in full form as the resident troll. After reading this, I think it was probably safer for everyone involved he wasn't around for Wakaba's duel in the series.

There's nothing especially worrisome contentwise in this book, and though there are events from the Black Rose lifted for it, the tone is much more consistent with the lighter tone of Student Council arc.

Salad oil, though. Salad oil.

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