20 years of this shit people
      Welcome to Empty Movement, where you'll find 18 years of Revolutionary Girl Utena content, thanks to 20 years of it being out there for us! The 20th anniversary has been marked with a huge surge in interest, in Japan and abroad. In fact, Japan has utterly lost its damn mind with perfumes, purses, exhibitions, musicals, new mangas, liquors, and god we can't even keep up, people. Actually...we can. If it ain't already here, it's on the way. You know us, friends.
      Dont believe me? Welcome to the exclusive home of the fully translated brand new 20th anniversary Chiho Saito manga! Read it here, because of course you can read it here. For a quick rundown of the ongoing new content, look here. For a detailed list of new art, and everything else, check the changelog.
jsyk this is Gio and Yasha layout as much as a Saionji and Touga one I CANNOT AFFORD FOR THEM TO KEEP MAKING UTENA STUFF

April 30th, 2018 - TODAY, I BRING YOU A SPECIAL THING. That will appeal a lot to some of you, and not at all to others. A project I've been working on for five years, actually probably more: A complete revamp of the Audiology site, with exhaustive album information, scans, and most importantly, COMPLETE COMPARISONS OF EVERY AVAILABLE TRANSLATION OF EVERY SONG.

These can be accessed directly within each page, or opened into another complete page with side-by-side lyrics, official, fan, romanized, and kanji all aligned line-by line for comparison and consideration. Liner notes for all translators are included in these.

This is a desktop site because that's how I know to code, and to be honest, have been doing this since...well you all still used them. Too bad. But it is also something of a ship in a bottle, in that it has been a constant, consuming undertaking of a project. The whole point of the exercise, even when it got blown into such huge proportion, is I want to help people analyze the lyrics of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Seazer's lyrics have been historically a fairly unpenetrated wall, for lots of good reasons, it's often bizarre, obtuse, and unreliably translated. I fixed, as much as can be fixed, one of those things. And I hope it's enough to edge people into new consideration for the lyrics, given that these songs were being listened to by the series creators while working on their episodes/fights. The lyrics don't come from nowhere and aren't random, and this project has definitely both increased my admiration for the care the songs are chosen with for the part they play, and how bizarre and obtuse Seazer is.

Please, visit, explore, enjoy. (PS: The Singles/Other section has the Animate Voice Cassette/CD for download...) Yasha actually wrote a bit of a FAQ for use of the site, because desktop oriented pages are so unusual these days. God we are relics.

April 16th, 2018 - HELLO ALL, here's coming at you from the mind-blown end of our YOLO trip to Japan to see the new Utena musical and the Utena exhibition. It was expensive, stupid, and absolutely 100% worth it.

The musical is going to be released on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan in July and can be pre-ordered here. I absolutely, 1000%, desperately encourage everyone that can to grab a copy. It's insanely good, and mostly has been ruling my life since I saw it. More content for it, including full scans of all the super hard to get swag that I spent a fortune on will be coming in the lead-up to release. This is going to come our way, look forward to it....but also, give it your damn money!!!!

We certainly didn't come back empty-handed, and I have not been sitting idly on the absolute tons of new content flying our way from every bloody direction! Artwork from the new Blu-ray, the 2013 blu-ray, new entire books in Historia, and THE REST OF THE CHIHO SAITO MANGA, COMPLETED AND TRANSLATED.

Beautiful Thorns and The Eve of the Revolution, Yours and Mine, parts 2 and 3 of the new manga followup Chiho Saito has been working on, are completed, translated, and available for reading cover to cover in the Gallery! Thank you so much to Ayu Ohseki, Dallbun, and everyone else that helped me get these to you guys. (Whether you like them or not!)

Scroll down for the Changelog with links to all the new artwork, it's just ludicrous.

In Historia Arcana, I've added cover to cover the new musical's program, complete with total cosplay wig-making porn, and the ENTIRE Ikuhara retrospective book put out by Eureka. That's right.

Also, two awesome new essays in analysis, one focusing on Beautiful Thorns and Juri's arc therein, another touching on exoticism in Utena, because Utena belongs in every college classroom, you people. Duh.


New Chiho Saito 20th Anniversary Manga, fully translated:
Beautiful Thorns - Juri, Shiori, & Ruka get some closure on that hot mess of a triangle
The Eve of the Revolution, Yours and Mine - Miki & Kozue lead Utena to Anthy

Additions to Analysis:
An Apocalypse for Thorns - Khalix continues from their first analysis of the new manga, examining Juri's arc of personality discovery in Beautiful Thorns
Exoticism in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Heading South - Kayla Dunn's homework is our gain! An exploration of the exoticism of Akio and Anthy and its implications relative to another work that's now on my watch list.

Additions to Historia Arcana:
Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose ~ Musical Program - The program book purchased BY ME OMG I WAS THERE at the 2018 20th Anniversary celebration musical that is god damn amazing. (No it is, buy the Blu-ray/DVD, we're already working on translation!!!)

Eureka Special Publication: Kunihiko Ikuhara - Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mawaru Penguindrum, Yuri Bear Storm ...Our Revolution and Survival Strategy - A mammoth 250 page wall of text of interviews, analysis, and exploration of the major body of Ikuhara's work, with guest artists and god knows what else. Translation junkies take note!!!
(Eulogy for a Fool, an interview with Ikuhara and Ohtsuki Kana from this book has been translated here.)
(An interview with Nazu Kinoko from the book has been translated here by @kurame)

Additions & Changes to the Gallery:

New Stuff:

The series characters as drawn by Chiho Saito for the 2013 Japanese Blu-ray. I've been waiting to get my hands on these damn pictures for 5 years, and boy did they take a lot of work make look good.

The backs of the two volumes of the 2013 Blu-Ray. The fronts show Utena and Anthy standing alone, and the backs....Well.

The exclusive box art from the brand new 2017 Japanese Blu-ray, lovingly made gigantic and beautiful by yours truly:

Chiho Saito's exclusive contributions to the Eureka Ikuhara book and the Bud of the White Rose Musical Program respectively:

The promo art put out on Twitter for the last two installments of Chiho Saito's manga:

Utena Tarot cards that were bonus pieces from Ciao! Magazine in 1997, donated by hotwaterandmilk, and cleaned by me:

A couple miscellanous Saito bits:

Screencaps, Episode 39: Someday, Shine with Me
Replaced the sequence of Utena meeting Anthy within the coffin and reaching for her.
(Series_ep39_212 - Series_ep29_255)

Replaced/Upgraded Images:
Pieced together the box-art from the Complete CD-BOX set of the 8 Utena soundtracks:

Replaced Screencaps:
Saionji Burning his Eggs 1 (ep 27)
Saionji Burning his Eggs 2 (ep 27)
Moping Touga (ep 15)

Miscellany: fixed the sort order in Episode 30, the last 14 files by name belong at the front, I'm not sure why. I didn't rename the files across the board to preserve any links to the content, but they appear properly now

Contact: Giovanna or Yasha

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