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   Submission rules have been set for our convenience and the overall quality of the site's content. There's gonna be two sets of rules, Yasha'll deal with the content rules, and then I'll list the submission ones. We'll also be listing stuff that IS ok, so check it out before you send stuff!
   That said, if you're ready to submit fanwork, send it to Yasha!! E-mail sent to the wrong address will be deleted!

  • Fanart Content Guidelines [Yasha]
  • Fanart Submission Guidelines [MrsAkioOhtori]
  • Fanfiction Content Guidelines [Yasha]
  • Fanfiction Submission Guidelines [MrsAkioOhtori]
  • Dream Submission Guidelines [MrsAkioOhtori]

  • Fanart Content Guidelines [Yasha]
       No, really, it's not that bad. I promise. I'll judge your art fairly, and you can try as many times as you like; one rejection does not mean that you're forever banned. But we must have standards, or Gio and I would never get anything done!

  • We CANNOT accept non-canon characters of any sort. Please, SKU cast members only! Exceptions are made for art that goes with a story you’ve written—do send those, but they will be posted beside your story. If there is no story, then don’t bother sending non-canon characters.

  • We don’t ask for masterpieces—however, since our donations are limited, we do ask for reasonably well-drawn art. We can’t afford to put everyone’s art up, much as we would like to, so we have to choose the best.

  • We DO accept NC-17 rated artwork! Warnings are appreciated for this sort of thing, though, and… well, it goes without saying, tasteful sexual situations only. I see one instance of coprophilia and you ALL die.

  • No reproductions! We do not want reproductions of any of the series, manga, or movie art! Originality is appreciated at Empty Movement.

  •    I do believe that’s all! Short list—you should see what the fanfiction people have to put up with. Look over your fanart, and if it meets our guidelines, do send! I'm waiting to hear from you all! *grins*
    Fanart Submission Guidelines [MrsAkioOhtori]
       These here are a few really basic guidelines for sending fanart. PLEASE keep to them, because most of them revolve around keeping the inbox from exploding. Most people kept to these rules quite without being told, but for completion's sake, here they are!

  • Please scale your fanarts down to no more than 700 pixels wide. (I'm less concerned with height, it'll be suitably scaled down when you bring the width down.) This is for the viewers, most people's screen resolution is 800x600, and anything bigger than 700px wide overflows off their screen and they can't appreciate the whole piece at once!

  • Please send your fanarts in .gif or .jpg (or .jpeg) format. Bitmaps (.bmp) are right out! We also accept 256-color .png files. If you're sending us a gif, check this website out. You can probably shave a lot off the file size switching to .png! (The above site has a very cool web interface for gif -> png conversion.)

  • Keep each fanart to under 200KB. This is MORE than enough for most any fanart you send, and the image size limitation will probably do away with the file size issue anyway. You don't need to compress the life out of the image, but try to keep it reasonable.

  • Please keep pack submissions to no more than 3 fanarts per update. The more you send, the more critical Yasha's likely to be of them! You're free to send new fanarts after the next update, but I would like to avoid the prior situation of 2 or 3 people completely taking over a part of the site. If I deem you have too many fanarts on the site, I might remove a couple older ones to keep the numbers a bit more fair.

  • While I don't demand this, since not everyone can do it, it's much more convenient for all involved if you put the image IN the e-mail, instead of as an attachment.

  • Should you so be inclined, send us a link to your website, and we'll be happy to give you a plug next to your art!

  • IMPORTANT: Put something along the lines of 'Fanart Submission' in the title of your e-mail!! This way you don't run the risk of getting your e-mail deleted in the 'OMG KILL THE SPAM' deleting fury I'm sure we're all familiar with.

  • Fanfiction Content Guidelines [Yasha]
       Hi there, fellow writers! If any of you are familiar with submissions for publishing, this is much the same thing. And I'm not going to go easy on you just because I write too, but I am fair, and I do love a good story, so send. Send! SEND! But read the rules first, as we do have a few quirks of our own considering subject matter.
       For any writers new to the fanfic scene, we've got this handy list of things that we accept and deny, and a few hints thrown in for good measure. If you aren't sure about something, send me an email and ask! I'm always happy to answer questions.

  • We accept no crossovers. Period. Crossovers are too hard to adequately explain in a story and generally not as amusing as pure SKU fics.

  • Characterization is NOT optional. Decent characterization is a must (ie: no cussing from Miki, no flowers and rainbows Saionji… and definitely not least, no gentle, forgiving Akio or Gio will have to hurt you badly). Leeway will be given in cases of plot reasons.

  • No overblown otaku Japanese. Honestly, it’s fine in certain situations (Utena-sama, the Seitokai, the Rijichou), but stuff like ‘ano’ and ‘hai’ and ‘tatoe futari hanarebanare ni natte mo’ will not earn you kudos from me. Utena is surreal enough already—we want people to at least understand the language!

  • Keep swearing to a minimum, please! I know that 99% of you don’t need this warning, but I once saw a fanfic where Miki was swearing up a storm while… very viciously… sexually assaulting his sister. I don’t think I could live through it again.

  • Spell checking is very much appreciated! Very, very much! So much that I will not post a fic that has spelling errors! Use a spell checker.

  • Grammar. I am not a grammar nazi, but I do appreciate properly constructed sentences, noun-verb agreement, and correct homonym usage. Please, for the sake of my sanity, do try to follow the rules of grammar.

  • Original Characters: Grudgingly permitted. Self-Insertions had better be good, and plain original characters had better not be Mary Sues (for an explanation of Mary Sue, search it almost anywhere *shudders*). I’m not interested in reading anything that’s less realistic than SKU itself.

  • Now, this one is not necessarily a rule, but… If you have reasonably well-drawn fanart for an original character in your story, we will post ONE picture beside your story. Please, no stick figures!

    And now, a few suggestions and clarifications.
  • We DO post lemons, Yaoi, Yuri, whatever. It’s fine. I like them, when done well. I will not reject a fic that has violence or sexual conduct in it—however, I would like warnings, please. This just makes it simpler for us, and believe me, simpler will make a very good impression on us.

  • Good impressions are also made by having someone beta-read your fic before you send it to us. We want the best you can offer us, and we know you want your stories to be the best. It really helps to have an outside opinion or two when writing; believe me, I know!

  • We also post multi-part fics! But we get disappointed when someone doesn’t want to finish a multi-part fic that’s been accepted. PLEASE try to finish multi-part fics; this will not sway our judgment of which stories to accept, but it will affect which stories actually stay on our site.

       I think that’s all for the fanfiction rules. Check them against your fic, and if it meets our guidelines, send it in and we will let you know whether your fic has been accepted. There IS a donation limit now—both Gio and I have lives and jobs and things to do, so we can’t spend all our time putting up your stories. Polish your stories, and they will have a home here on Empty Movement. I’m looking forward to seeing your work, everyone!
  • Fanfiction Submission Guidelines [MrsAkioOhtori]
       Here are a few simple guidelines for submitting fanfiction. Most are about saving ME effort, so stick to them!

  • I would appreciate if you put the fic in as a Word attachment. The donations are getting longer and for long chunks of text, the automated Word formatting is more convenient. Thanks!

  • If your fic is going to be LONG, with multiple chapters, please at least have the first 20% of the fic or so complete to send the first time around. We will be happy to add the rest of the fic as you greenlight it, but one teaser chapter out of a future thirty chapters isn't enough!

  • Like with the fanart, if you'd like, you're welcome to send us a link, and I'll put a plug up next to your work!

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you specify in the title of the e-mail that it's a fic submission. None of us want your e-mail lost because we're deleting spam!

  • Dream Submission Guidelines [MrsAkioOhtori]
       For completion's sake...


  • Please write the account of your dream in the e-mail, instead of as an attachment.

  • We will NOT deny any dreams, unless you simply can't spell. The content will not be judged.

  • IMPORTANT: Specify in the title of the e-mail that it's a dream submission. We WILL delete it otherwise.