You know what? I hate html.I wish I was doing almost anything else.Like getting laid. I could be having sex right now, but noooo.I watched Utena lose her virginity again this weekend.That scene is so hot.The fine line between obsession and madness is... what was I saying?GIRL ON GIRL ACTION!!!I want that outfit. I like red and black. What a surprise.This layout took forever to get just right. But that was because I took so many breaks.I never ate glue in kindergarten. Hard to tell, huh?Gio keeps talking about food. What a bitch.LEGS.See, I'm being productive. Now if only I could do this at work, where productive is just a dream...GODDAMMIT STOP TALKING ABOUT FOODYou know, those are the only important things in life. Food, sex, and sleep.Everything else is just window dressing.I have to clean my house still. That sucks.I hate cleaning. I should buy maids.I want to go to a museum, but I don't want to get out of my jammies.I suck at being energetic.Funny, you don't look Druish.


Short Dreams

   Scary dreams happen. Particularly when you're an SKU fan! These are short recollections of those dreams that haunt the uh... dedicated. I bet you didn't expect me to say this, but send in your dreams! We won't tease, we promise; dream recollections won't get denied, no matter how strange, creepy, or naughty!

I had a dream where I was being chased by an unseen, dark presence around an abandoned shopping center, and when I opened one of the rooms I saw Anthy, (sort of a mix between a woman in real life and an anime-style one), in something like a dark light lit room, except the lighting was red. She was lying on the floor and completely wrapped in spiderwebs save for her head, and her eyes were wide open and frosted over like she was blind.


Well, I had this odd dream (I'm a guy, first of all) that made me develop a crush on movie Anthy.

I'm a student at ohtori, and It seems like I've been there a while because I think nothing of it. Well, I'm there and I lead myself to the rose platform (this is movie ohtori) and I find Anthy there. She takes one look at me and says "You're pretty cute..." Then we just stand there and look at each other, and then we kiss. She then introduces me to Akio and he acts like I'm not even there. So he walks off with anthy although I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to go. And he starts Kissing her and she looks like she doesn't want to. I walk over and punch him in the face and tell him that you're siblings and she doesn't want to kiss. He runs away and me and Anthy go steady.

Well this is the dream I remember..spooky one BTW this includes a girl a know,we're both bi and i call her Utena-chan ^.^
Well,it is a pretty short dream cause i got woken up to the good part but, I was in my room,reading when my friend Utena-chan bursts in,dressed up like Utena,but the movie outfit.She told me to hurry up cause she had a suprise for me so I followed her off to what looked like Anthy and Utena's dorm place. so there things started to get naughty (( yeah..evil naughty dreams of mine ^_-)) Anndd....I got woken up there *sniffles*

   Well, first I went into a pizza place, and touga was there. he had a practice sword and he threw it to me. I caught it and he told me to go sit down. he ordered a pizza and we sat down to eat it. Than saionji walked in wearing a dress, mind you, and started bickering to touga about the mess he made. then all of a sudden we were faling up into the castle in the sky where Ley (a made up char for a RP, right now she is the equevelent to phsyco saionji) stareted chasing me with a knife. then Saionji sat on me and touga sat on ley. Then Utena came in with Akio and she was wearing the rosebride dress while Akio was wearing pink bellbottoms and no shirt. then we all squared danced^^!

   Last night I dreamt I was at the thriftstore and found a keyboard made specifically for playing the duel songs. It was small like a childs keyboard with gynormous main keys (but small alternate keys). There was a dial you could turn up or down to add the vocals as you played and a kazoo like thing that stuck out (which you blowed into) for special keyboard effects.

   I was walking (Or floating. I couldn't really tell.) down what I'm guessing was the hall to the music room in Ohtori. I couldn't see what I was wearing but suddenly Touga comes out of no where, dressed in what else but a toga (This came from my friend chanting "Touga in a Toga!" over and over). He said that infamous line, "Oh yeah Baby! You lite my heart on fire." At which point I ran like hell into the music room. There was no door. I kinda walked through the wall. And I'll be damned there was Touga again! Not in the toga though. He was just dressed in something freaky. And he was making out with who looked to be Nanami. *Gasp* Then the dream changed. It was all distorted but I guessed I was in Akio's room because I saw a naked Anthy walking around. (SCARY!) I tried to run from the tower but I couldn't seem to move my feet. Anthy walked toward me and started pinching me (She was dressed now). She started to say something but I woke up because I heard thunder outside my window. Pity though. I would have loved to see that dream through...

   I had this dream a LONG time ago...1999 @_@ This dream was in a kind of flashback mode, Touga and Saionji are both children. Touga is asleep in a rather large bed and I see Saionji with a gun standing over Touga. Saionji fires the gun. Touga is struck in the heart and a small splotch of red appears on his white nightshirt. (I'm standing beside the bed the whole time o.O) I guess Saionji just leaves after that. A little later, Touga sits up like he was never shot at all and looks around for someone..."Saionji?" he asks, then turns around, sees me and flips out. @_@ Even though Saionji didn't say anything before he shot Touga...I got the feeling if he could have said something it would have been something like "This has all been your doing...It it weren't for you, everything would be okay...I will destroy you, the way I should have done long ago."

~Erin D.

   My friend and I were walking through my school dressed in the Ohtori uniforms (cute!) when suddenly Akio drove up in the Akio car. My friend's face lit up and she started trying to drag me to the car, exclaiming, "Let's go for a ride!" I tried to pull her in the opposite direction, saying, "You...don't...know...what...will...happen!" in a strained voice. She eventually broke free of my grasp and hopped in the Akio car, waving as Akio drove away. Bummed, I started walking away when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw movie Anthy standing there, smiling. Then Toki Ni Ai Wa started playing and we started dancing. Weird.


   This incident happened in the middle of another dream.
   I am walking down some path and I see movie Shori and Touga by the right side of the road. Shiori is calmly sitting (and sewing?) and Touga is super-deformed and lying next to her. I look at them. Shori stares resolutely ahead of her, smiling slightly and ignoring me, while SD Touga grins at me. His teeth are sharp and long, cartoony and completely interlocked; as he opens his mouth wider, the teeth don't part, they just become longer so that his mouth is still full of completely interlocked, sharp teeth. He looks like some kind of evil SD Touga-pirana, and it's really pretty disturbing. The sight creeps me out. Hey, another reason to hate Touga; he frightens innocent otaku in their dreams.


   I was in a performance of the Utena musical at an outdoor theater, with a slightly raised stage and flat grass for the spectators to sit on. I'm not sure whether I was acting in it or recording it on tape, or both. If I was acting, I wasn't a specific character.
   The Utena musical that was being performed had wasn't at all like the real one, though; for one thing, there was no music or songs, (though I knew that it was still a musical) and for another, there was no dueling and it didn't take place at Ohtori. As far as I can recall, it consisted mostly of floating through space while in the minds of Anthy, Touga, and Shiori.


I can't remember all that much about it, except that I picked up this book in some library, and it had the name "KEIKO" in big, bold and elegant letters on the cover. I opened it, and it seemed to be some kind of SKU fanart book. And I actually found some Keiko fanart in it, too! Maybe my subconcious is teasing me about the lack of fanart on my Keiko site...?


I had another one just last night where I wanted to purchase the Utena graphic novel #2, but it was about Juri the crack addict, and it had all these diagrams of human bloodwork and stuff in it...


While this was no short dream, I honestly don't remember a lick of it. However, at one point I'm in a room, sitting down, and it had kinda a cut-away roof, that allowed me to see some of the people on the floor above me. So I'm glancing around as I often do, and up on the next floor, what do I see? Red shirt. Check. Dark skin. Check. Silver hair. Check. Immediately upon recognizing who it was, I divert my eyes. (I didn't really even look at his face.) Like if I kept gawking he'd disappear. I don't remember anything else.

~Giovanna, on 6/13/02

I think my first Utena dream ever was before the series were released in my country. I had already read the manga and visited a huge amount of sites about the anime. So I dreamt of watching one episode - Touga was on screen - on the TV I have in my Kitchen. It's quite odd because I don't have a VCR there, and I knew that the anime would have been released on videotapes. The second dream is more recent - I am buying the series NOW ^^;; - and more interesting, IMHO. I was in my car, sitting next to the driver. I don't remember if was Touga or Akio driving. But it's clear that Saionji was on the back seat. I turned and reached for him, and we kissed; I remember a slight smile of the driver, whoever he was (darn, call me pervert but I adore this ménage à trois feeling that pervades SKU)...

-Kyasuka, on 5/6/02

This dream happened a while ago, but it's still quite vivid. Imagine Daria in pink. Utena was Daria and Anthy was Jane. They were very open about their lesbian relationship. Oddly enough, all they did was stand at there lockers and look cool. The animation was interesting, a mix between anime and the MTV style. It also looked slightly stretched. I want to say that Juri was also in the dream at some point, but I'm not entirely sure.