There is no excuse for not appreciating culture. I can never understand why people sit at home and watch NASCAR when there are so many better things to do. HOLY CARP BEING SERIOUS TODAY But really. Why would you want to stifle your brain like that? Thinking is one of the things that makes humans what we are. If we never think, what is the point of living? We might as well be animals if we never think. Nothing wrong with that, but... it cannot be right for a person to behave like an animal. Eat, sleep, fight, and fuck. Are we not better than that yet?
A rose by any other name... I read in a book that a clove means I have loved you and you have not known it. Naturally, I made up my mind to threaten someone by taping a clove to a bottle of roofies. I think it would work. That is, if the person in question was interested in the Victorian Era.
   Update Archive (2000-2007)

While we don't have ALL our site updates, we do have a lot of them! This is 2000-2007ish!

7/16/07 - UPDATE TIME. No, the gallery isn't done yet, but it's in the last legs, so soon enough! In the meantime here's a maintenance update chock full of donations from you awesome folks! Art, analysis, wallpapers, and JA Seazer stuff in Audiology! Before you think Giovanna's totally slacking off here, I did add a new winamp skin (Go Mikage!) and two vector traces of my own. (This update was coded by me, so blame me for any errors; Yasha's drowning in math homework, poor darling.) This week I'm going to be flying up to Canadialand to stay with Yasha for over a month! What does this mean for you? God knows, but boy do we come up with awful stuff when we're together. Brace for impact?
• Two new analysis essays! IRGer Maarika offers up some Virtual Star visuals analysis, and Leaf schools us in the art of fencing!
• Resorted the analysis essays loosely by subject, integrating our essays with the donations, since it's as much a donation section now, thanks to you all!
• Added more duel titles to the character intro section.
• A WHOLE JA SEAZER CD FROM THE 70S in Audiology, thanks to Almaser. Also, lots o' Dona Dona.
• 15 new fanarts! The forum loves to draw and I love how many of them I've badgered into drawing Akio.
• 4 long dream submissions.
• 2 new fanfics, and one's a seven-parter! (So far.)
• 12 new wallpapers, including a sexy Seitokai series.
• 1 new winamp skin by Gio! Mmm. Mikage .
• 2 new vector traces by Giovanna, including omfgrukawhoisthat?
• 1 donated vector trace of Kozue!
• Polish script of episode 7 donated.
• Added a couple links to the site info section.
• Lots of random code maintenance. Under the hood, as opposed to Akio, who goes on top of it.

2/1/07 - Happy belated New Year! (Yikes, a month in already...) Let's update this darn website! First off, is now, with the blessing of Lady Brick, hosting a permanent archive of The Utena Fanfiction Repository, which went offline a few months ago. This site was a staple of the fan community back in the day, and your humble webmasters couldn't bear to let the internet lose such a wonderful piece of fan devotion. For some of you, it will be a trip down memory lane. For others, you'll find piles upon piles of fanfics for your viewing pleasure. Also, let's announce it here instead of just on the forum: Giovanna is completely overhauling the gallery. Recapping the series, cleaning up images, resorting, and moving to a php-driven gallery program that should ultimately result in a fully searchable gallery. Go ahead. Touch yourself a little. You know you want to. But don't get too excited; this is gonna take some time. For now...UPDATES!
• Overhauled Mother, Dearest for more naughty adulterous, semi-incestuous fun. New layout, completely rewritten content. Yay!
• I did three new vector traces. Hint: Saionji and Touga are hot.
• Made a new front page layout with said vector traces.
• Rotated the mp3s in Audiology.

Yasha's Updates:
Well, and here I was worried that we wouldn't have enough for the update! Guess my worries were unfounded.

• One lovely Shiori analysis from our lovely Razara!
• Sixteen new fanarts! And there are some real doozies this time, just wow.
• Three new long dreams, and one short dream. Dream needs to come by more often.
• Five new fics! As well as another part of a continuation (finally) of one of our multipart stories.
• Seven new wallpapers, and might I mention here that Shiori's getting sweet love in almost every section?
• One link in the link section. Hi-res scans ahoy!

09/27/2006 - Just a little baby addition, two of the images in the vector trace gallery (Akio grinning like the bastard he is, and Anthy and Dios embracing), have been altered. The copies I traced weren't the full ones, in Akio's case, the top of his head and his neck are now there. And his collarbones... ohh yeah.... (Wow, I forget this is an Utena site sometimes and not just an Akio one. Whoops.) Dios also has a head now, and Anthy has legs. So if you downloaded those vectors, go git the new ones.

09/23/2006 - Mini-update, also, the official announcement: Yasha and I are opening a forum on Empty Movement. We want to bring you folks together and get you yapping, whether you yap about Utena, your car insurance, or how violently you'd like to slaughter Akio/Shiori/Saionji. I (Gio), have been working like a maniac for over a month now pounding out hundreds of thousands of lines of php, css, and html to template the forum. (Plain old generic template?? I think not.) No official word on when it's going to be opened, but we expect to have it launch within two weeks. The many of you that have contacted us through our e-mail and blog will be notified by mail.
Giovanna: Sup kids.
• Some very minor tinkering with the Akio shrine. You know, typos.
• Also some very minor tinkering with the new vector trace site to correct a code problem with the Opera browser.
• Added a few mp3s to Audiology; not a rotation, the old ones is still there, folks.
• Added a few links in site info. Also screwed with that code, too.
• Site-wide, very extensive, screwing around with tiny details of footer code and titles and othersuch to make search engine bots (ok fine, just Googlebot) see EM as a more coherent whole so that, for god's sake, we'll actually show up when you search 'Utena', just like god intended.

Giovanna: That's right. Yep. We're updating. Just in time for Akio's birthday (9/15), which is oh-so-appropriate what with the brand new Akio shrine. Check out our update lists, there's a lot of new stuff just waiting for you to love it.
• BRAND. NEW. AKIO. SHRINE. Sweet jesus god I can't believe I gave birth to such a monster.
• Visit the brand-new Vector Trace Repository for high-res, high-quality traces of your favorite SKU images. Included a launch batch of traces.
• Also in this section is a tutorial on tracing for Photoshop users.
• Added in Audiology information about the domestic release of several of the soundtracks. Also rotated the mp3s.
• Made Sara a long-ago requested winamp skin. Then had to make a matching one for Yasha. She's so greedy.
• I have deleted my mrsakio(at e-mail address and will now be using just giovanna(at Having both gave me spam headaches.
• New front page layout. Kinda 'goes with' the Akio shrine one. Oops. (Completely deliberate.)
• Coded the site info layout Yasha did.
• General working under the hood of the sections. Wow I did a lot.
Yasha: Oh my god I think I'm gonna die. That was a lot of fan submissions, folks. Go see!
• Two new scripts! No, they're not lost episodes, they're in Polish! Feel free to send in your SKU scripts in other languages, folks!
• Five new analysis essays. Five. I was in heaven for like a week. It was marvelous.
• More wallpapers-- eleven, to be precise. There's some really good stuff in there, too.
• Added the two winamp skins that Gio made. Thank you so much for the Touga skin, I love it!
• New Site Info layout! It's so pretty. And I'm not just saying that because I designed it.
• Only two dreams this time around, but boy are they ever doozies. I think I might go (more) insane if things like that happened when I slept.
• One new poem! There's blood in it. I approve.
• Ten new fanfics... and they're so, so good... and a couple of them are the kind of creepy weird that I like. Lucky me!
• Last of the additions, but holy carp is this ever not the least, thirty-two new fanarts. You people. You... people. Wow.
• Minor tinkering to make everything fit properly.

9/17/05 - That's right, this site's just about five years old now. Seems like only yesterday I was cutting apart my Luxury Illustrations artbook and piecing together three different scans to make one complete image. Ahhh, but those were the days! Now I (and Yasha, for that matter) are working and in school, but don't think for a second we're leaving our baby by the wayside. It just has to wait a bit longer between feedings. (No one said we were good parents.) Here be a maintenance update! (Because with all honesty, I was getting tired of Juri.)
Giovanna's Updates:
° The usual mp3 rotation in Audiology.
° Updated a link in the Mikage, Manet, and Titian essay in Analysis.
° Added to Analysis and Audiology links to an e-mail pointing out a very cool bit in Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery. It's talking about an actual place! Go go Seazer.
° As you can see, a new front page layout with a link to our blog.
° Someday, I will finish the Akio shrine. Promise.
Yasha's Updates:
° Nothing this time, stay tuned! (As it turns out, one of us is actually doing their schoolwork.)
9/6/04 - HOLY CARP. Yes, I know, I took my sweetass time updating. I'm sorry, blame college and work. But I don't come empty handed, no sir! BRAND SPANKIN NEW Audiology AND Gallery!! That's right, double overhauls, double pleasure. Audiology now hosts a small selection of mp3s randomly chosen at update. It also has new reviews, and a ton of new soundtrack info! The gallery has almost doubled in file number thanks to a HUGE set of donations from sletia16 and Blade. Screencap MADNESS from the Akio Arc and the video game, plus everything's been completely rebuilt for less ugly and less cramped tiny image space. If you find errors, PLEASE report them. The problem with the gallery is it's almost 200 individual pages organizing thousands of images, and I do make errors. Please report any bad links or just plain idiot html errors I've made!
Next time on Empty Movement: Brand new Akio shrine. It's coming. Slowly, but it is, honest.
Where's Yasha? She's sittin' out this update while she overhauls fandom. No minor task, so give her time!
Gio's Stuffs:
° NEW GALLERY CONTENT, a recolored, new and improved image of the first DVD cover. HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of Akio Arc screencaps thanks to sletia16, and more hundreds of game caps from Blade!!
° HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN NEW AUDIOLOGY Complete with rewritten reviews, new CD info (thanks Zero!) and mp3s for your downloading.
5/07/04 - Check it out, an update I did no htmling for! How nice to sit back and let someone else do all the work. Now I know how Touga felt about that foursome. I wasn't totally slacking off, though, I did do an essay and some photoediting! ° Get thee to the misc. section of the gallery, where a huge new copy of the Touga and Nanami DVD cover waits for you to rape my bandwidth with its 2MB filesize! (I did say it was big!) The image was completely recolored by me for sweet sweet perfection. After all, Yasha would lynch me if I didn't make sure Touga looked his best. The image of Utena and Anthy will follow with the next update!
° Built Ex Cathedra a layout, and the horrible horrible hellish movabletype coding. It's all elegant because we're nasty foul-mouthed people and it's a suitable contrast.
° I wrote an essay! It's earth-shaking. Well not really, but it's general explanatory fun fun. Love me long time.
° Did some minor rewriting on a couple front pages. Whoopy.
Yasha's Stuffs:
° Yay fanfic update! New chapters in our continuing stories, 'The Way of the Rose', and 'If I Could'.
° One new fan dream. Touga lovers beware! (It hurts us, precious, it hurts us...)
° Seven, count 'em, SEVEN new fanarts! Thank you all so much for sending such wonderful art. SKU fans are such a talented group of people!
° One sinful wallpaper by Penguin (you know you love to be a sinner, go check it out), and two restored wallpapers.
° One new link that has been ignored for FAR too long! Visit the Satellite of Revolution, folks, I am hereby plugging this terribly hilarious website on the frontpage.
° THREE new analysis essays! Proofing and editing on Gio's essay and Nic's donated essay done by yours truly, and my own special little contribution.
° Went through site info and updated bios, thanks, and past and planned updates.
° ONE WHOLE WHACK OF FIDDLING WITH THINGS. I figured it was time to update as much as possible to reflect that the site hasn't been newly retaken by Gio and newly joined by me, so even though I don't think anyone cares but me, there are bits and pieces that have changed all over the site. Not to mention all the rolling back and updating and fixing errors. If something is missing, or if something doesn't work, EMAIL US RIGHT AWAY AND WE WILL FIX IT !
Whoops forgot the date..
Gio's Stuffs:
° FIVE new images in the gallery. Four in the miscellaneous manga, (donated by Rushita and Laurie), and one in miscellaneous movie (donated by Kimi). The four manga images were heavily edited by me for color corrections.
° I had added to Audiology the original Utena Encyclopedia song translations of the duels of the Seitokai and Black Rose arcs (as well as Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse).
° Bulma has been changed to Sophie.
° Corrected a few link/numbering errors in the gallery.
° Updated some of the stuff in the site info section, and went through it for dead links. Made a couple additions as well.
° I've gone through the entire site and added _!REMOVE!_ to every instance of an e-mail address. That I know of we've never had a huge problem with webcrawlers taking e-mails off the site for spam purposes, but the 'net is becoming a nasty place and I don't want to take any chances. This is for you guys.
° Obviously, a new site layout, and a request by JuriAnnarielle.
Yasha's Stuffs:
° Two fanfics.
° Two fan dreams.
° Six fanarts.
° Analysis and Audiology sections have been converted to .png layouts.
° I've added content to the name section of the Akio shrine.
° Anti-webcrawler measures have been taken on all instances of my e-mail address. (As well as Yasha's.) Remove the obvious REMOVE stuff. This will eventually be done to all e-mail addresses on the site.
See this? I did work! Somewhat. Thanks, Gio, but you didn't have to html stuff for me again. I CAN TOO DO IT BY MYSELF :p Life has been kinda hectic around here, what with Gio here and all, so apologies to those I haven't emailed about donations yet. SOON, I promise.
° On with the donations! First up, we have two awesome new wallpapers. SPG LOVE AHOY! And Shiori.
° MORE FANART! Some really great stuff, too-- NeoDios has given us somethin' a little bit sexy, and as per usual when Innova donates, I have yet another case of raging envy. WE WANT MORE FANART because we like to be jealous of people and plot their gruesome deaths... er, I was kidding, guys.
° And last but not least, another dream in the dream stories section. Madness, o divine madness...

9/9/2003 - I'm about to be late for work, so I'll make this fast! WHEE! Finally updated! Lots of new analysis, the usual pile of donations (keep 'em coming!), and a new front page layout. Next update: Yasha and I are working on a special something for the analysis section, so that's something for ya to look forward to. (Suspense!) I'll add more yapping later or something. Gonna be late gonna be late gonna be late. GO READ THE NEW FICS.
° New front page layout, cuz Blade's been wanting a Keiko layout for a while.
° New essay in analysis. Boring yapping about the body language Utena displays in THE OMG LUNCH scene I bitch about rather frequently.
° Misc tinkering in the gallery under the hood.
Yasha: Woohoo! Here’s my part of the update, and it’s pretty big! I don’t know how Gio managed to do it all by herself for so long… but anyway, there’s lots of new stuff here, and I MADE CONTENT FOR ONCE. Kick ass.
° Four new wallpapers! Thanks to all who donated, and everyone GO CHECK THEM OUT NOW. REALLY.
° So Yasha got off her lazy arse and finished up the essay that’s been sitting on her computer forever. Check it out—FANGIRL analysis! ‘Touga and the Fangirls that Adore Him’, the sister essay to ‘Akio and the Fangirls that Hate Him’.
° One donated, and may I say, very insightful, essay on Anthy, by Azusa Kuraino! Lots of love, Azusa!
° Four, count ‘em, F-O-U-R new fanarts (hey, don’t burst my bubble, this is the biggest haul since the rules were put in place) and one giant inferiority complex for me. Dammit, I wish I could draw.
° Three new short dreams, and one dream story. You know, sometimes I wonder if we’re just nurturing psychoses here… and then I remember that psychoses are fun, easy to grow, and only need water once a week. Like Chia pets.
° *drooling* Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiics… Go see new fiiiiiiiiiiics… Three characters who have been lacking in adoration lately get some lovin! (And in one of the three fics, it’s literal. *grins* I like this.)
° We got a donated linkbutton! See, I’m all excited because this is the first time I got sent something like this.
° Minor tinkering with stuff—changing emails, site links, html, stuff like that. H’ray!


7/12/2003 - MAJOR GALLERY UPDATE. (And lots of new Analysis, too! Donated and otherwise!) Though it might not seem like it to a lot of you, more time went into this update's new content than I've put into Empty Movement in a LONG time. How? I took on several major image restoration projects, logging a godlessly unreal number of hours in Photoshop. I lost track around the 4th day of non-stop 10 hour stretches of image editing, but I've been doing this almost every day for 2 weeks now, and I think my eyes will leap out of the sockets and run away from me if I launch Photoshop one more time this month. Hopefully I shouldn't be doing any Photoshopping images or making layouts for a while. My eyes hurt. Ow.
   This is Yasha's first site update! (Kinda.) And she still likes working on the site. Curious girl. Anyway, on to the specific updates:
° TOTAL OVERHAUL of the first Miscellaneous section of the gallery.
° Donations in the Misc. section of the gallery thanks to Idan, Blade, Himemiya, and wanderingstar. ALL KINDS of new art from the series, movie, and manga!! DAMMIT GO LOOK THERE'S TOTALLY NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN ANY DECENT SIZE ART. WE HAVE A BIG COLOR VERSION OF UTENA AND ANTHY AS CHILDREN HUGGING OMG.
° Several images in the Misc section update took MAJOR editing in Photoshop. This means many of them don't look *exactly* the same as the original artwork, since I'm not god (Akio wouldn't like that at all!). For example's sake and for showing off, here's the original source images for the major edit jobs I took on. The first three were the major projects, obviously. All that jpeg compression? That was there to begin with, folks.
° Added the rewrite of my essay on Touga's Seitokai Arc duels to analysis. IT'S REALLY LONG OMG
° A lot of editing of the content in LLOM. I seem to have had an ellipses fetish. Fixed the bazillion dead links in the image section caused by the gallery moving chaos. Added a few donations to the Absurdity lists.
° Updated a lot of stuff in the site info section. Added stuff to About, Thanks, and updated my ICQ number in Contact.
° Minor changes in the donation rules in Fandom, OST 5 information in Audiology, and content disclaimers in Analysis. Changed a couple monikers/e-mails at request.
° Two donated analysis essays. JURI ANALYSIS (You know you want it.) and the Akio Arc according to Celeste. (Someday my analysis essays are gonna be able to compare to her epics.)
° Proofread my Touga duel analysis.
° Two donated fanarts.
° Three donated dream stories.
° Three donated wallpapers.

6/7/03 -  Empty Movement's back! The overhaul is complete (with exception to the analysis section, more on that in a moment)! PLEASE READ THIS STUFF PEOPLE, I put it right on the front page for a reason!
      The server situation is kinda a big question at the moment. For now I've split the gallery between (which I can't stop direct linking on) and (where I can, but don't have much bandwidth). This is probably a temporary fix, but whatever. It's all I can do for now, and you folks won't notice too much difference anyway!
      Since Empty Movement has always been more than one person can run, everyone welcome Yasha to the site! Among other things she's taking over management of the donations to the site, both for more quality content, and for my own sanity. From now on, donations will be accepted or denied, but don't worry, Yasha's very nice (most of the time). Thank Yasha for any and all content added in future splitting the upkeep workload, she's made it possible for me to take back the site!
      Also, folks who have donated stuff!! Check for your donations on the site, if your information has changed, PLEASE let me know! I'd like to keep everything updated as much as possible! E-mail me with your old e-mail/moniker, and where you are on the site, and give me the updated info. Please?
      Like I mentioned, there's a TON of new stuff on the site to check out:
° New main layout. I suppose I should explain why Touga's in it. Yasha is a Touga fan. I was going to use a series Touga image but then I remembered the movie manga boner picture and couldn't resist. Thanks Yasha and Blade for the scans!
° GALLERY UPDATE: You know you all love those. I've gone through the Film Books and movie and Seitokai Arc DVD screencaptures and done some massive color corrections. The Film Books suffered from too much yellow, and washed out colors, and the DVD screencaps had very washed out color. Now they're sparkly and pretty!
° NEW ANALYSIS: I'm not done with it yet. However, there's a new layout and the essays I have up there have been entirely rewritten and expanded on. The other essays are offline temporarily. If you'd believe it, it's been over a year since I've actually had a chance to sit down and watch SKU, so I'm going to do just that and then rewrite the other essays. Hopefully the rewritten ones will hold you analysis vultures over! Also, character heights are listed in the intro page!
° Changed the main font in Audiology, did some minor corrections to info and html.
° Fandom has been totally content overhauled. Check it out for new rules for submission. I readded the dreams donations, since while they're not technically fanwork, both Yasha and I like them too much.
° Media has also been overhauled for content, and new rules have been added.
° New layout, and overhauled content in the Akio shrine! Enjoy it, folks, I know I do.
° Added a few donations to 'Things Akio Would Never Say'.
° Some typo fixin' in the Mrs.Ohtori shrine.
° Added a couple links to site info.
° Two new fanfics, and a new chapter in 'Way of the Rose'.
° One new donated wallpaper.
° Bumloads of proofreading Giovanna's silly analysis essays. Thank you, Yasha!
° Chose fanarts and fanfics that stay in fandom, and multimedia items that stay in that section.
° Wrote her half of the rules list for fandom and multimedia.
° Cleaned up the html in the fanfics.
° Wrote comments for fandom and multimedia.
° Tons of editing and updating in site info: added links, wrote bios for the both of us, html clean-up, etc. Go read bios! (Bios as in biography, not basic input-output system.)

Stuff that's been stripped:
° No more AUCT/Anti-Touga site. I hate keeping up cliques, and I'm kinda bored with the OMG I HATE TOUGA caricature I've made of myself.
° The humor site is gone. I've gotten some feedback about this, and I'm sorry. I killed it partly because I don't find most of my sillysubs funny anymore, and the donations the site got made it consume way too much of my time. I may in the future reopen it and bring back the sillysubs, but it's a wait-and-see thing, depends on how much time I have in the next few months.
° A lot of donations in fandom and multimedia. These were chosen by Yasha and myself. It isn't fair to people donating now that the material already on the site not meet the same standards theirs will have to. Also helped to slim down the site size.
° I no longer offer wallpapers in 1280x1024. They were almost never downloaded, and took up a lot of space.
° I axed a couple of my analysis essays, I wrote some of these essays before I finished watching the show, and the arguments didn't stand up.
10/27/02 - YES, I finally got off my lazy ass and updated the site. I need to stop letting work build up on me, bad habit. X.x ANYWAY, new layout! Mikage, in celebration of the incoming BLACK ROSE SAGA DVDS. That's right, the rest of SKU is coming across the ocean in the official capacity. Laugh, cry, pray they don't butcher the dialogue. Anyway, the usual bumload of donations... (it took me longer to html in the donations than it did to do my actually work on the site. XDD) and a revamped site info section! Joy!
» complete revamp of the site info section, new links, new buttons, new etc.
» new main layout
» 22 donated wallpapers
» 26 donated sillysubs
» 3 donated fanfics
» added the soul sword additions to the akio shrine page
» corrected bad links in the akio shrine pics section
» changed alitheas e-mail
» 5 donated poems
» 2 donated analysis
» 3 donated dreams
» 1 donated short dream
» 12 donated fanarts
» 2 donated akio absurdity
» 14 donated touga assaults
» 1 donated linking button
» 1 donated misc humour
» corrected Mikage's name in analysis intros
» 1 donated doujinshi
» 10 new members of AUCT
» rotated mp3s
9-4-02- Wow, I'm burnt out. This was a HUGE update, with a lot more work done than any of you are gonna realize. ^^ BRAND NEW FANDOM, which was a monumental task considering what a train wreck it was. Also new donated GALLERY stuff! Just when I think there is no more art to be found.... Also, the usual slew of donated stuff, and the funniest Akio boner ever! Yes, I'd say more, but I'm tired. Phew. Time for Everquest and Mario! Next update will see a new main layout, and a revamped site info section, as they both need it. ^_^
» complete revamp of the fandom section
» 12 donated fanarts
» 1 donated doujinshi
» 10 donated cosplay
» 6 donated fanfics
» added animated akio fanart to fandom
» 6 donated game cards in the gallery
» the Newtype art special donated and added to misc gallery
» the Sega Saturn game sketchbook donated to gallery
» under the hood work in akio shrine
» added wallpapers and fanarts to akio shrine
» akio penis animation added to akio shrine humor section and humour me
» 12 donated wallpapers
» 1 donated winamp skin
» 7 new AUCT members
» 15 donated Touga assaults in AUCT
» touga penis fanart added to touga humor
» corrected typo on Miki's translated name in analysis
» rotated mp3s
8-05-02- Analysis update! Content has been added to the soul sword analysis thanks to your comments and ideas. I've posted the analysis of episode 38 on analysis now (I hadn't before, whoops.) and have made line by line analysis of episode 39 to accompany it. ALSO I wrote (gasp) objective analysis concerning Touga's Seitokai duels. Enjoy! Also did a lot of under the hood stuff, like correcting a misspelling of Kozue's name I've been doing since forever. Also, the usual barrage of donations, and mp3s. You love me!
» added to soul sword analysis, including permitted comment by Kiseki
» episode 39 line by line analysis
» analysis on Touga's Seitokai duels
» 9 donated wallpapers
» 1 donated winamp skin
» 14 donated fanarts
» 4 donated fanfics
» 1 donated short dream
» 7 Touga assaults
» 10 new AUCT members
» 11 donated sillysubs
» 1 donated milk ad
» switched the gallery to
» mass-corrected my e-mail address
» mass-corrected the spelling of Kozue's name
» posted episode 38 analysis on the analysis section
» put latest fanart and wallpapers on the akio shrine
» rotated mp3s
7-10-02- Yay! Hello folks! SORRY about the downtime. I had no control over it. The host just went kablooie for a few days. Sucked also when I got back from vacation! You guys overdid my bandwidth!! I shoulda known better than to keep the mp3s and gallery on the same host. SOOOO, here's a new update! New analysis (series analysis on the soul swords), and the usual batch of fan luuuv. ^^ And thanks to the wonderful ZIG! Who donated 20 bucks to help cover the month's hosting! ^_^
» soul swords in analysis
» corrected link error in gallery
» 2 donated winamp skins
» 4 donated wallpapers
» 6 donated sillysubs
» 1 donated fanart
» 1 donated fan dream
» 1 donated fanfic
» 5 new AUCT members
» rotated mp3s
6-23-02 - Oh man, I'm swamped! Big update. ^_^ Overhaul of the multimedia section, hope you like it! (I don't think I'll ever undertake that again. XD) Also, the usual slew of donations, and new stuff in the gallery! Thank you ALL of you who sent scans of the Animerica covers!! I'm going on vacation this week, the beach for me! I might bring my VCR and watch some SKU when my eyes start to burn from all the Tolkien I plan on reading. As always report bad links, I might have made several, as I'm rather tired and have been working on the site for 13 hours straight now.
» Overhaul of multimedia section. New layout.
» 14 donated wallpapers
» 1 donated winamp skin
» 3 donated misc humour
» 20 donated sillysubs
» 20 donated Touga assaults
» 6 AUCT members
» 6 donated sillysubs
» 14 donated "Things Akio Would Never Say"
» 2 donated fandreams
» 2 donated fanfics
» 8 donated fanarts
» 5 donated cosplay
» miscellaneous section in the gallery split up and re-sorted
» scans of two animerica covers, and scans of the Korean paper dolls donated to misc. gallery images
» CD singles now available for request thanks to Corsica
» rotated mp3s
6-4-02 - Booya! SATs suck! (I think I did wretchedly.) Anyway, I updated the site. I actually added ::gasp:: some new content of my own!!! Anyway, folks, I be needin' your help! Some of you might be collecting the local publishings of the SKU manga, and you folks know that this month's Animerica Extra has a cover with exclusive never before seen Saito SKU artwork. I have had donated her Halloween one, and I would love to get this cover up on the gallery for everyone, so if anyone can get me it, please do! Also, I fixed the Eyecatch-B link on Audiology. I forgot to upload the file. (Sorry!!) And finally before I put ze list: Like the new layout! I hated the old one, I guess that's why it lasted all of one update. XD If there was something wrong with the guestbook, I apologize. I just checked it and it was missing, I had to reinstall it for what reason I don't know. It's up now, though, so GO SIGN IT!
» "Miki, Mikage, and Genius" a new essay in analysis
» All around link correcting, link to old domain in gallery, link to mp3 request, pics in Akio shrine
» 15 new donated wallpapers
» 5 new donated fanfics
» 1 new donated short dream
» 6 new donated cosplay pics
» 8 new donated fanarts
» 6 new donated sillysubs
» 2 donated "Things Akio Would Never Say"
» 10 new AUCT members
» 7 donated Touga Assaults
» 1 donated Reason to Hate Touga
» 1 AUCT flame posted
» rotated mp3s
4-14-02- So as you can see, a ton of new stuff. New main layout (You were bitching about the unreadable type.) and brand new Mother, Dearest. You may be like "What's with the pop-up updates?"...well I'm gonna do it this way from now on, so I don't have to restrict my text to the layout, and I can put the full list of updates here instead of just on the site info page. Hate to say it, but from here on for about a month and a half, Empty Movement will be going static. I'm not abandoning you or anything, but I have the SATs in June and I need to do some major cramming. In the next 48 hours my account is being switched to a new host, so bear with me, the guestbook, gallery, and mp3s might disappear for a day or so, and my e-mail won't work. It's major temporary, though, so no worries!
»13 donated wallpapers
»2 new AUCT members
»1 donated cosplay
»1 donated fandream
»2 donated fanarts
»5 donated sillysubs
»All new layout in Mother, Dearest, plus re-vamped content
»corrected error where clicking "back to Empty Movement" usually lead to old URL
»corrected problem with inability to download drama tracks on OST 5
»rotated mp3s
»new main site layout
  3-27-02- Yay! Updated fan donations. New papers, art, some images for the gallery, and new info on Akio's forehead marking in the shrine's fashion section. Plus, SWEET donated winamp skins! Updates are coming, I life is just a big busy mess at the moment. ;_;
»1 donated fanart
»1 donated short dream
»8 donated wallpapers
»4 donated winamp skins
»donated information on the Akio shrine concerning his tilak
»4 donated DVD capture images in the misc section of the gallery
»added mp3s
»2 new AUCT members
3-16-02- Yay! Updated Audiology, adding tons o' donated stuff to media and fandom, and updated the site info. (You guys keep me so busy! ^_^) Coming soon is a new Mrs.Ohtori shrine (I'm having a hard time with the layout. Can you even PUT the scrollbar on the top of the page? o.O)...also some analysis as I rewatch the BR Saga! Taa!
»At request of the artist, I've removed a couple fanarts that snuck their way into the gallery, due to my not knowing the difference between them and series art. o.O
»Updated links page
»4 donated wallpapers
»5 donated fanarts
»1 donated fandream
»updated Singles info in Audiology
»Added new available tracks for requesting. Luca Yumi single and Drama
»rotated mp3s
»2 new AUCT members
3-8-02- That's right, welcome to the new and improved Empty Movement at!! Please change links and bookmarks, and sign the new (CGI) guestbook! The new sections are Akio, Audiology, Anti-Touga, and Analysis, but there's tons of new content, so poke around! There's donations all over the place, and just lots of stuff! If you're impatient, check out the updates section of site info for a complete list of all newness. Future updates will include new Mrs.Ohtori, and lots of analysis! Enjoy!!
»completed movement of Empty Movement to
»Made new main layout. (4.0)
»Added CGI-driven guestbook
»new layout in Long Legged Older Man
»Revamped LLOM content
»Added content on Akio's name, voice, personality, manga character, manga character's fashion to LLOM
»Added misc content to LLOM, sprites, pics, etc.
»New layout in Audiology
»Added CD single information to Audiology
»Rotated mp3s, and put Transparent Period of Adolescence up permanently
»Revamped, reorganized analysis section, new layout
»Added a few essays to analysis, revisions of earlier observations
»Revamped, new layout on AUCT
»Added flame mail, a few new codes, and a submission form to AUCT
»New Akio winamp skin in multimedia
»Updated information in site info
»2 essays posted in analysis with permission of writers
»2 donated sillysubs
»4 donated suggestions for things Akio never Says
»11 donated ways to hurt Touga for AUCT
»1 donated winamp skin
»2 donated fanfics
»1 donated dream
»1 donated fanart
2-23-01 Uploaded some mp3s, new multimedia, and lots of new fanart, including a naughty doujinshi !As for the promised hugeass update and domain's still coming, I promise! But unforseen circumstances might delay it for another month or so. I'm sorry, folks, but there's not much I can do about it!!In the meantime I'll continue updating with donations, and working to make the long-awaited update all the better!!
»Added: 8 donated fanarts
»Added: 1 donated fan comic/doujinshi
»Added: a few song requests
»Added: 1 donated wallpaper
»Added: AUCT assaults and member
  2-13-02- I'm 18 now! In other, more important news, MORE mp3s in Audiology, donated papers, donated fanstuff, and a couple hilarious comics in Homor..and 4 new members in AUCT! w00t! The huge update's movin' right along, with new analysis, anti-touga, akio, and audiology comin' your way! So stay tuuuuned!
»Added: 1 donated fanart
»Added: 2 donated fanfics
»Added: 4 donated wallpapers
»Added: 2 donated comic doujinshi thingies in humour
»Added: 4 new members to AUCT
»Added: 4 mp3s to this batch
2-2-02- 4 new donated papers, a fandream, and an awesome fanart uploaded. Also, even MORE mp3s!! Strike whil the iron's hot, folks!! Soon, an update of monumental proportions! New Akio, new analysis, new audiology, and possible more newness! Really New! SUPER NEW! Due in before the end of February!
»Added: 4 donated wallpapers
»Added: 1 donated dream
»Added: 1 donated fanart
»Added: added 2 mp3s to this batch
1-22-02 New fandream, 6 new papers by Erin, and updated link list. Also cleaned out some of my old yuck wallpapers. I am updating because I wanna let you guys know: GO TO AUDIOLOGY NOW! There are tons of mp3s up. I swear to you, in mid-Feb you will get a HUGE ass update. You'll be dizzy with glee, or something. Check site info/updates for more info.
»Added: 1 donated dream
»Added: 6 new donated papers by Erin, made page for them
»Added: added link, updated another
»Added: cleaned out some of my old papers to make a little room
»Added: uploaded tons o' mp3s.
1-15-02 Okay, I updated the fan donations, new papers, humour, and fanstuff. Also rotated mp3s. I'm still working on the update. I PROMISE it's coming! It's taking a while to get the domain ready, but I swear, new analysis site, new main layout, and possibly revamped Akio shrine is coming!!
»Added: 6 donated wallpapers
»Added: 1 donated fanart
»Added: 1 donated fandream
»Added: 2 donated fanfics
»Added: 6 donated sillisubs
»Added: rotated mp3s
12-21-01- Happy Holidays! Wrapped up for you is BRAND NEW Humour section! With TONS of new sillysubs, from the show, movie, and donated! Also, a TON of donated fanfics, s couple new wallpapers and fanart, and the like. Coming up is a REALLY new analysis section! (I'm serious! Layout's done and everything, working on some content now.)
»Added: Reorganized and redid layout in Humour Me
»Added: 15 new sillysubs
»Added: 34 moviesubs
»Added: 17 donated sillysubs
»Added: Akio Solitaire in misc humour
»Added: 4 Touga assaults
»Added: New member in Touga clique
»Added: 3 donated wallpapers
»Added: 3 donated fanarts
»Added: 8 donated fanfics
»Added: 1 donated linking button
»Added: links and corrected webring

12-8-01- BIG TIME UPDATE!!! A New look to the gallery, and TONS of new art!!!!! Including more movie screencaps than you can shake an Utena Car at, and scans of the ultra rare character sketchbooks and anime Juju! Also, plenty new wallpapers donated and not (Kage OS!)! Also, donated humour, Touga assaults, and fanstuff! Not to mention a couple awards in site info. Comin' up: totally new analysis section!
»Added: new layout in the gallery
»Added: movie DVD caps (donated and my own) to the gallery
»Added: character sketchbook to the gallery
»Added: anime juju "Memory of the Rose" to gallery
»Added: misc artwork to the gallery
»Added: 12 donated papers in multimedia
»Added: 1 wallpaper in multimedia of my own
»Added: 1 donated fanart in fandom
»Added: 1 donated fanfic in fandom
»Added: 2 donated short dreams in fandom
»Added: 2 donated Touga assaults in AUCT
»Added: 1 donated sillysub
»Added: 1 donated silliness (mikage pong)
»Added: rotated mp3s  
»Added: 2 awards in site info main

  11-22-01- Happy Turkey Day! Mega gallery updates! Brand new Seitokai Arc DVD screen caps, the coloring books in the misc section, and some revisions to the Adolescence Apocalypse and Art of Utena books (Details in site info/updates section.) Also, new donated wallpapers, fanstuff, and rotated mp3s. Coming up, movie DVD screens, the megarare character sketchbook, and a totally redone analysis section!
»Added: Seitokai Arc DVD screencaps and gallery art to the gallery
»Added: Scans of the two coloring books in the gallery
»Added: Art of Utena: Deleted Artwork 17+ from Art of Utena (redundancy, all pics are better quality in Maison de Chu-Chu), Sketches 18-29 have had the orange coloring removed to create black and white line art, and rescanned Misc 7+, because they're hella popular images.
»Added: Adolescence Apocalypse: Touched up Artwork 11+12, rescanned 20+21, rescanned entire character design section, and added Misc. 10+
»Added: 5 donated wallpapers
»Added: 2 donated fanart
»Added: 1 donated cosplay
»Added: rotated mp3s
»Added: fixed celga links in Audiology to reflect new domain
11-9-01- Yay! New computer = UPDATES! New media and fanart (Including new art and winamp (JURI!) from ME!), plus some donated sillisubs, and a new essay in the Akio shrine concerning Akio and Anthy's manipulative styles.. Also some formatting of fanfics. Tons of new art on the way, including DVD image caps of the first arc and movie, and scans of the coloring books!
»Added: 11 new donated wallpapers
»Added: 1 new winamp skin by me
»Added: 4 new fanarts (3 donated, 1 by me)
»Added: 1 short dream
»Added: new Akio (and Anthy) related essay in the Akio shrine
»Added: 8 donated fansubs
»Added: applied paragraph formatting to fanfics
»Added: new member of AUCT
»Added: uploaded some mp3 requests
»Added: new main layout

10-20-01 - Tons of new donations!!! Papers, skins, art, fics, gallery pics, dreams, humor, more and more!! ::runs outta breath:: whoo! Also, some mp3s uploaded. I'm working on new analysis, and DVD screens of the movie and first arc coming!
»Added: 9 donated wallpapers
»Added: 1 donated winamp skin
»Added: 2 donated fanfics
»Added: 2 donated short dreams
»Added: 5 donated fanarts
»Added: 3 donated milk ads
»Added: 4 donated fansubs
»Added: updated Akio shrine to show new fan stuff
»Added: 5 donated scans of e-graphics cards in the gallery
»Added: 3 new Touga assaults
»Added: uploaded 4 mp3s
10-6-01 - Yay! *TONS* of new fandom donations. Fics, art, and cosplay! I've also added several donated assaults to the anti-Touga section, some donated Humour, and new mp3s! Also new info in the meet section of the Akio shrine, and most of the Mrs.Ohtori shrine is up!
»Added: 4 news donated fics and a new chapter in an ongoing
»Added: 2 new fanarts
»Added: 3 new cosplay
»Added: rotated mp3s
»Added: uploaded one donated humour in misc
»Added: revised meet section of LLOM to show b-day
»Added: uploaded 3 sections of 4 to Mother, Dearest
»Added: rotated mp3s
»Added: added links
»Added: several donated Touga assaults
»Added: altered front page jpegs
9-23-01 - Check it out! Mega new layout! It's simple, yes, but I've been into simple as of late. Also, analysis of episode 38 posted in the analysis section and Akio shrine, new fan donations, too! I know, the Mrs.Ohtori shrine isn't totally up yet. It'll be done soon! (I had to get the layout here up first. ^^)
»Added: Empty Movement layout 3.0
»Added: 1 short donated dream
»Added: 3 donated cosplay pics
»Added: Script analysis of ep 38 to LLOM and the analysis sections for Utena and Anthy

9-22-01- w00tage! Up there is a link to the new Humour section, I'm working on a new main layout to accomodate it. Also uploaded new mp3s, some donated paper and fanness, some site info updates, and new member in AUCT!
»Added: Uploaded Humour Me section, with new sillysubs, and other stuff
»Added: rotated mp3s
»Added: 1 new wallpaper by me
»Added: 6 donated papers
»Added: 1 new fanfic donated
»Added: 1 donated fanart
»Added: 6 donated link buttons
»Added: 1 added assault on Touga
»Added: 1 new AUCT member
»Added: rotated mp3s
»Added: updated links section
9-13-01- Brand new layout in the Akio shrine! (It's so simply I feel kinda guilty, but seriously, that picture needs no jazzing up.) Also *TONS* of new character analysis, a few uploaded mp3s, a donated fandream, and a donated button! Tons of Akio analysis and the silly section on the way!
»Added: New layout in LLOM, plus corrected text, and such
»Added: character analysis to several characters, and changed the html slightly
»Added: 1 fan short dream donated
»Added: 1 donated link banner
»Added: 3 uploaded mp3 requests
9-11-01- Brand spankin' new 100% Netscape friendly multimedia section layout! Plus several new wallpaper donations, a new skin donation, some fanart and literature, as well as a new batch of requested MP3s in Audiology! Stay tuned for a new shrine, a silliness section, and a revamped Akio shrine!
»Added: New Netscape friendly layout in multimedia
»Added: 13 donated wallpapers
»Added: 1 donated winamp skin
»Added: Edited html in fandom section to be a bit nicer to Netscape
»Added: 2 donated fanarts
»Added: 1 fanfic donated
»Added: 1 fan poem donated
»Added: Rotated mp3s, adding new vatch of requests
»Added: 1 donated assault in AUCT
»Added: 1 donated "never say" to Akio shrine
»Added: Altered style tags in site info section to make text legible in Netscape
8-29-01- ::Gio passes out:: Many....donations....multimedia...fandom...10+ wallpapers...tons of stuff in the misc section of the gallery...I working on content....
»Added: 11 new donated wallpapers
»Added: 1 new batch of icons donated
»Added: 11 donated cosplay pics
»Added: 1 fanfic donated
»Added: 1 donated short dream
»Added: Added new member to AUCT
»Added: donated assault in AUCT
»Added: overhauled misc section in gallery
»Added: added 11 egraphic card scans with's permission, and one donated misc graphic
»Added: link in site info
»Added: 2 mp3 requests

8-25-01- And Lucifer spake saying "Let there be updates!"...brand new fandom section (about frickin' time, right? >.<) with new fanstuff, dreams and art, a new AUCT Advocate, some general housecleaning and updating in the site info section, and of course, a new rotation of mp3s in Audiology! Go, Winamp! (Keep in touch, some BIIIG updates be comin' soon!)
»Added: rotated mp3s in Audiology
»Added: new layout in fandom
»Added: 1 new dream donation in fandom
»Added: 4 new fanart donations in fandom
»Added: 1 new AUCT member
»Added: 4 donated wallpapers in multimedia
»Added: general cleaning and updating of site info section, including new links
8-15-01- I'm going to the beach! Gone for a week, but before I go, here's at you with a *ton* of Akio wavs in LLOM, and enough donated wallpapers and fanstuff to keep you folks appeased while I'm gone. Enjoy! ^___^
»Added: *46* Akio sound files (both wav and mp3) to LLOM
»Added: 5 donated wallpapers
»Added: 6 donated fanarts
»Added: 1 short dream donation
»Added: 1 donated fan-poem
»Added: 1 donated cosplay
»Added: Corrected a slight omission of info in the ZUM explanation on Audiology.
8-9-01- Heyya kiddies! A ton o' new donations in multimedia...lots of desktops, new icons, and skins! Also some new fanstuff, and added pics to the Akio pics section of the shrine (As well as some housecleaning)...also, a buncha requests in Audiology! All the opening and closings, all versions! New Akio analysis and ton's of Akio wavs on the way!!!
»Added: 4 wallpaper donations in multimedia
»Added: 1 winamp skin donation in multimedia
»Added: 1 batch of Saionji icons in multimedia
»Added: Akio pics to the pic section of the Akio shrine
»Added: Several mp3 requests
»Added: Cleaned up some messy html in the Akio shrine and multimedia sections
7-31-01- Back on a new server and coming at ya with new media (screensavers, logos, 'n more!), new donated screencaps (ep 4!), fanstuff, and a new mp3 rotation! I'm working on tons of new content for LLOM and the analysis section, including wavs and script analysis! ^^
»Added: my newest fanart
»Added: 1 dream
»Added: 6 donated screensavers
»Added: 1 donated winlogo
»Added: Donated episode 4 screencaptures
»Added: Link to mp3s in LLOM
»Added: rotated mp3s
7-19-01- Hiatus? What hiatus? Here's comin' at ya with ton's of new stuff...the Chiho Saito CD-ROM, donated screencaps and Animedia pullouts, a revamped Audiology section with a new rotation, tons of new fanstuff and multimedia, and new members in AUCT! Also did a buncha general HTML correcting, wai!
»Added: 5 new fanarts
»Added: 2 new short dreams
»Added: 3 donated winamp skins
»Added: 2 new donated wallpapers
»Added: several members to AUCT
»Added: corrected a lotta html
»Added: added a few donated Touga assaults
»Added: Andy's suggestions for things Akio wouldn't say in LLOM
»Added: Chiho Saito CD-ROM to gallery
»Added: Donated screencaptures of episode 3 to gallery
»Added: Donated Animedia pullout to gallery
»Added: updated misc artworsection of gallery and fixed inconsistency in Film Book 1
»Added: revamped Audiology with new rotation, more info, and OST 2 scans
»Ending: Hiatus. Well it was over a few days ago, as you can see. ;_;
7-2-01- Added 2 new sections to the Akio shrine, multimedia and movie, as well as a clique and silliness section (in the works) for the anti-touga site. Join the club! Also, new paper by Sophie! Don't cry, but I'm going on a month-long hiatus from the site. However, still send donations and stuff, I'll put them up. ^_^ For an extended list of why, and what to expect, click here.
»Added: multimedia section to Akio shrine
»Added: movie analysis section to the Akio shrine
»Added: Clique to AUCT
»Added: Silliness page to AUCT (in the works)
»Added: A few new assaults on Touga, plus one that was mailed in
»Added: html corrections in the multimedia site
»Added: 1 new wallpaper by Sophie
»Started hiatus...month long.
6-28-01- New dreams and fanart in the fandom section, tons o' new multimedia, 2 new paper donations, 1 new paper by me, and 2 new sets of icons from Sophie! Also, new section of the Akio shrine up (fashion review!), and more on the way!
»Added: 1 new fanart added to fandom
»Added: 2 new dreams to fandom
»Added: 2 new wallpaper donations to multimedia
»Added: 1 new wallpaper by me in multimedia
»Added: 2 new sets of icons donated by Sophie, made their own section
»Added: fashion review section to the Akio shrine
»Added: Sands of Eternity to links
6-17-01- New fanstuff (fics&art), two new wallpapers, and a new site info section layout. Plus, after downloading Netscape 6.01, I've gone through the entire site (over 300 pages. o.O) and made my site completely Netscape 6.01 compliant. New Audiology is coming, I promise!
»Added: 1 new fanart added to fandom
»Added: 1 new fanfic added to fandom
»Added: 2 new wallpapers, Hoshi and Shiori added to multimedia
»Added: Serious overhaul of html, made site Netscape 6.01 compliant
»Added: New layout in site info
6-14-01- Tons of new fanstuff! Dreams, and art! Plus some general html cleanin' (meta tags and such), new links and contact information, and best of all...a new artbook! The SKU Movie Program has been added, and zips of the artbooks have been updated, space donated by Bonnie. No more icky idrive! Stay tuned for brand new Audiology!
»Added: 3 SKU dream donations to fandom
»Added: 2 new fanart donations to fandom (Also added one of them to Akio shrine)
»Added: The Movie Program book to the gallery
»Added: Replaced iDrive zips with zips held on space donated by Bonnie
»Added: Updated link and contact sections of site info
»Added: Added meta tags and cleaned up a few html glitches
6-8-01- Not the biggest update ever, but some new character analysis. Ruka, Shiori, and Nanami. (Ohhie, I watched the Akio Arc twice last night. XD) Also, new fandom! Dreams! w00t! Coming up: Akio and Touga script analysis!
»Added: Character analysis of Nanami, Ruka, and Shiori
»Added: Darkling's SKU OVA dream
»Added: Corrected an grammatic error in the Akio analysis section.
6-4-01- Hey! Here's comin' at ya with *tons* of new donations! Wallpapers, fanart, and cosplay! Also, some new silliness in the Akio shrine and anti-Touga. New worship in the Akio shrine (my goldfish 0wZ!) and a bit of analysis on Touga. I'm scanning the movie program book!
»Added: Anna-neko's cosplay added
»Added: CdM's fanart added
»Added: Sophie's wallpaper resizes added
»Added: Kiryuu's 2 new papers
»Added: You Know You are Obsessed with Akio When... added to LLOM
»Added: Things Akio Would Never Say added to LLOM
»Added: 101 Ways to Injure Touga added to AUCT
»Added: Character analysis of Touga added to AUCT
5-26-01- A new layout! What's this, you say? Touga was in this picture! Well...not anymore! ^^ It's all about Saionji! Anyway, new multimedia, paper and donations (Akio icons!!!), new layout in AUCT (anti-touga), awesome Anthy cosplay in fandom, and a brand new rotation of mp3s in Audology! Stay tuned for new Akio shrine and anti-Touga content!
»Added: New main layout, now at version 2.0
»Added: Akio and Utena manga art wallpaper
»Added: Akio donations: 1 wallpaper, 20 icons
»Added: New layout in AUCT
»Added: 4 Anthy cosplay pics in fandom
»Added: Rotated mp3s in Audiology and cleaned html a little
»Added: Split wallpaper pages in multimedia for faster load
05-20-01- Wai! I have cleaned up the html in the character study section and the fandom section, splitting it to lessen the thumbnail strain. Also new content in fandom (Fanart and dreams!), new wallpaper donations, new links, and new Akio worship!
»Added: Cleaned up HTML in character analysis section
»Added: Added links in character section to seiyuu database
»Added: 3 new wallpaper donations by Ivy B uploaded
»Added: Fandom page split up to lessen thumbnail strain
»Added: New fanart by Sophie
»Added: 2 new dreams by myself and 1 from Laurie
»Added: 3 new links in link section
»Added: ISA link/membership displayed in worship section of Akio shrine
05-14-01-Heyya! Brand new multimedia section, with new winamp n' wallpaper (and donated icons! WAI!) Also new Gio-subs and cosplay donations in fandom, new stuff in the worship sectiopn of the Akio shrine, and new links! Enjoy!
»Added: New layout in multimedia
»Added: New winamp skin (Mikage and Mamiya)
»Added: Playlist and windowshade dialogs to the Akio, Utena, and Anthy winamp skin
»Added: Several new Chiho Saito wallpapers
»Added: Easier to use winlogo instructions
»Added: Sophie's icons and wallpaper donations
»Added: New Silly Subs in the fandom section
»Added: 3 new cosplay pics of Movie Akio from AnnaNeko
»Added: Added Akio chick to the worship section of the Akio shrine
»Added: 2 new links to the link section
05-09-01 - New layout in the Akio shrine! (Guess what, I'm actually happy with it!) plus I cleaned up the text and stuff. Also fixed bug number 1 in the new gallery; corrected bad links in Film Book 3 and uploaded the remaining books to idrives.
»Added: New layout it Long Legged Older Man (Akio shrine)
»Added: Added fanart to the Akio gallery
»Added: revised 101 list and general text in Akio shrine
»Added: Pics in the conquests section of the Akio shrine
»Added: Corrected bad links in Film Book 3 in the gallery
»Added: Uploaded the last artbook to idrives
04-29-01- BRAND NEW GALLERY! FARKIN' HUGE and easier to navigate!!! ALSO new mp3s,scans, n' lyrics up in Audiology, anti-touga buttons in site info linkto, and LOTS of new fanwork!
»Added: New layout to the Gallery
»Added: Renovated the current gallery content, fixing dark and/or crooked scans
»Added: Scans to Art Collection and Art of Utena
»Added: The Sega Saturn Game Guidebook to the Gallery
»Added: Film Books 1-5 to the Gallery
»Added: Miscellaneous scans and pictures to the Gallery
»Added: New rotation of mp3s in Audiology
»Added: Scans of the Movie OST
»Added: Translation of "The Oceanic Moon Dies in Indigo" courtesy of Cantarella Cookie to Audiology
»Added: Personal artwork and a doujinshi fanart to Fandom
»Added: Several donations to the Fandom section
»Added: 2 buttons for linking directly to AUCT.
03-26-01 - Medium-sized update! New essay in the Akio shrine, and a nice batch of new character analysis! NEW ROTATION OF MP3s in Audiology! Also updated the site scanner comin'! Enjoy!
»Added: "Akio, The Rapist?!?!" added to the analyze section of LLOM
»Added: New character analysis for Anthy, Others, and Saionji
»Added: Rotated mp3s in Audiology
»Added: Corrected broken links in Audiology
»Added: Updated wishlist
03-19-01 - Not the biggest update ever, but a new link in the links section and new material in the worship section of the Akio shrine. I'm currently scanning the Film Books!
»Added: HFF link to links section
»Added: Pics of my Akio poster in the Worship section of the Akio shrine
03-13-01 - New winamp skin in multimedia, plus a couple new sections in the anti-touga page, and more character analysis (including Dios in the Akio shrine)! I'm also working on bug-fixing. Stay tuned!
»Added: Utena (Saito) winamp skin
»Added: 101 Reasons and Objectively added to AUCT. (Anti-Touga)
»Added: More character analysis. (Kozue, Anthy, Other)
»Added: Added content to the Dios section of Long-Legged Older Man
»Added: Re-did html on main page, and added meta keyword tags
»Added: Link back to Empty Movement in Audiology
»Added: Added links to link section
3-9-01 - Brand spankin' new layout in the Akio shrine, plus some new analysis of the sex god himself, and buttons for the shrine in link-free (siteinfo)! Also, scans of OST 5 in Audiology!
»Added: New layout for Long-Legged Older Man
»Added: Added pics to photography section of LLOM
»Added: Revised essays in the analysis section of LLOM
»Added: Added 2 subjects to analysis section of LLOM
»Added: Added 3 buttons to link-free for LLOM.
»Added: Scans of OST 5 in Audiology
3-6-01 - New layout! Added buttons, links, and info to the site info, added my latest blaspheme to fandom. Utena Game artbook and Saito CD-ROM coming!
»Added: Created layout 1.1 for Empty Movement
»Added: Added 6 buttons to link-free
»Added: Added 2 links to links
»Added: Updates "about" in site info, and updated wishlist.
»Added: Added "utenatouga.jpg" to fandom
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03-03-01- Redesigned the character page (FINALLY) and am getting the anti-touga page finished. added lemony goodness to the fandom page! The Utena game artbook is comin'!
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02-24-01- BIG update! New stuff in the gallery, fandom, and multimedia sections. Also new rotation of mp3s in Audiology! Another big-ass update in a couple days! (Yeah, screw the SATs!)
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