There is no excuse for not appreciating culture. I can never understand why people sit at home and watch NASCAR when there are so many better things to do. HOLY CARP BEING SERIOUS TODAY But really. Why would you want to stifle your brain like that? Thinking is one of the things that makes humans what we are. If we never think, what is the point of living? We might as well be animals if we never think. Nothing wrong with that, but... it cannot be right for a person to behave like an animal. Eat, sleep, fight, and fuck. Are we not better than that yet?
A rose by any other name... I read in a book that a clove means I have loved you and you have not known it. Naturally, I made up my mind to threaten someone by taping a clove to a bottle of roofies. I think it would work. That is, if the person in question was interested in the Victorian Era.
   Friends and Donators - The Russian sister site we never knew we had until now! A huge Utena site with tons of content, including the new manga translated into Russian. Very awesome.
Elegant Destruction - A true one-and-only shrine, run by Emily, dedicated to Chigusa Sanjouin of the Utena video game! Complete with info, analysis, media, and more!
Inférieure - A Keiko shrine, by the wonderful Sophie! It includes information, fanworks, and multimedia.
Cantarella Cookie - SKU song tranlations abound, all done by Verthandi.
C&A Productions - Blade's house of horrors! (Get yer images right here, folks.)

   Shoujo Kakumei Utena Fansites

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Texts From Last Night - The texts are real. The characters are not!
Arisugawa's Locket - Good to see you back, friend. Juri shrine.
Rushita's Adolescence Rush Music Scans - Why did we not have this in here? Rushita's fantastic, and this oversight is now fixed.
Renaissance Rose - A beautiful and informative shrine to Himemiya Anthy.
Empty Cage -'s Anthy shrine. Amy has done a great job on all of her shrines, and we're so glad they're still around!
No Angel Came -'s Juri Shrine.
Ophelia -'s Utena Shrine.
Through a Stopwatch Darkly -'s Miki Shrine. Thanks once again, Amy!
How to Act Like Utena Tenjou - I don't even. How did that even get on there? Also, that step 12 is a killer.
Bara no Unmei - Adolescence Apocalypse, dissected for your pleasure!
Satellite of Revolution - LORFLE ROFLOFL MST3K'ed SKU fanfic! GO READ!!! (Yasha's Seal of Approval)
Alan Harnum's Anime Fanfiction - Perhaps the most talented SKU fanfic writer on the net. Read his stories!
Shadows in the Rose Garden - Feminist literary discussion? Yep.
La Filette Revolutionnaire - A general resource and information site with character bios and story synopses.'s Utena section - Yay fanfics!
AO3's Utena section - Yay dirty fanfics!
Utena Wallpapers - The page for Utena. Everyone knows (and loves/hates) this site, but hey, there are wallpapers.
Ohtori Academy Rose Signet Gallery - Many of the signets haven't been written up, but there are pictures of all of the signets the creator has obtained. Having seen this impressive collection in person, I'm hoping this will encourage the creator to finish!
Utena Signet Ring Fanbase - *Site broken in Chrome* - This site created some of the signets in the above Gallery. While neither Gio nor myself personally own one of these rings, forum members past and present have vouched for their quality.

   Shoujo Kakumei Utena Official Sites & Etc.

Nozomi Entertainment's Revolutionary Girl Utena Site - Updates and extra content relating to the new release of SKU.
ikuniweb - Kunihiko Ikuhara's website.
"Sh�jo kakumei Utena" - The Utena series' page on
Sh�jo kakumei Utena: Adolescence mokushiroku - The Utena movie's page on
Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Utena WIKIPEDIA page. <3 Wiki.

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