There is no excuse for not appreciating culture. I can never understand why people sit at home and watch NASCAR when there are so many better things to do. HOLY CARP BEING SERIOUS TODAY But really. Why would you want to stifle your brain like that? Thinking is one of the things that makes humans what we are. If we never think, what is the point of living? We might as well be animals if we never think. Nothing wrong with that, but... it cannot be right for a person to behave like an animal. Eat, sleep, fight, and fuck. Are we not better than that yet?
A rose by any other name... I read in a book that a clove means I have loved you and you have not known it. Naturally, I made up my mind to threaten someone by taping a clove to a bottle of roofies. I think it would work. That is, if the person in question was interested in the Victorian Era.

   This website would never have lasted without the help of people I've met along the way. Angels like Dallbun of the forum, who sacrficed at least a dozen gorgeous doujinshi on the altar of the scanner. People like Verthandi (Cantarella Cookie), who let me steal her translations of the duel choruses, Rushita (, who let me steal scans of her E-Graphics cards, or folks like Anna-Neko, and Sophie (Inférieure). Both were sending me donations back when I was using Frontpage and didn't actually have a fandom section. Bonnie kindly hosted ZIP backups of the gallery for people to download long ago, when 400MB of content was a huge deal. Blade, who has donated ludicrous tons of SKU artwork to the gallery over the years. There are plenty of people who also are owed thanks for the help they've provided in the creation of the new gallery. They're credited in the gallery's FAQ, which can be found here.
   A heap big thanks goes to all those people who have donated art, fics, dreams, media, essays, you name it. This site would not be what it is, your content or mine, without the motivated boost I get every time someone wants to be part of Empty Movement.
   Empty Movement has survived some serious turns of poverty thanks to the dedication and grace of its fans. Kandrin paid for the site hosting for at a time when I didn't have the money myself. He hosted it for over a year, and I can't thank him enough. Sophie, Jon Kade, Kien Voong, and Ivy B, donated their own cash to the site in 2003 when I had none to keep it up with, and since, people have donated to support the enormous cost of acquiring the content I want to offer; the best gallery, the best resources, the best info. Thanks satyreyes, Dallbun, Anji, cstratch, TheOnlyFlorence, and rhyaniwyn, who donated to the cause of acquiring the newest SKU swag from Japan and a scanner to bring to the rest of you with.
   Obviously, a huge shout out is owed to the amazing folks at In the Rose Garden, a community I never thought would happen, that has enriched my life and literally taken me places I might never have gone. Thanks to all of you, and especially satyreyes, who is the best god damn forum moderator in the world. Fairer and more attentive, frankly, than either Yasha or myself. You're a beautiful person, and an awesome fan. Thanks also to Decrescent Daytripper, our newest mod, and partner in crime.
   And of course, I can't get away with not mentioning Yasha. Light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Ya. Sha. I would never have picked the site back up again years ago without her encouragement, and with her Empty Movement has grown tremendously, past a fansite, to a community. To something I'm proud of, every day. Also, I'm married to her. My absolute best friend. Someone amazing enough to cross a border for. To plunge yourself into half a year of bitter winter for. We would trip over each other to dive on Akio and Touga if they were real.


   Dude. Seriously? Lolita? I am no Lolita, and I thank whatever gods there may be every day that you're not Humbert Humbert. You are, however, a terrible person.
   I don't even feel like thanking anyone anymore, that's gross. Besides, I think you mostly covered it.

   Gio's right, sat. You're doomed to being a fantastic person. You know I love you. DD, you too. Thanks for letting me bitch and moan. Frosty my lovely, I'm glad you know that when you get an unmarked package with no return address in the mail, it's from us and probably contains candy, because otherwise that could get awkward for us!
   To the entire RoseCon crowd, past, present, and future-- I love you all, and always will. And that includes the always ones like Ash, Stormy, and lex, the once ones like Claire, and the honorary ones like Mocha. I can't name you all here but you all know who you are, and if you didn't catch me saying so at the time, you guys are like my family. I'm grateful to have known so many fantastic people, every last one of you.

   How can you thank an entire fandom for just existing in the first place? Most of you won't even get this far into the site. But hey, person reading this, thanks for existing. You're one of the best parts of the last ten years. I'm not even joking.

   Gio... I don't even have words. And sometimes I wish you didn't either. :P
   Love you.