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Welcome to From the Mouths of Babes
    Revolutionary Girl Utena is a very, very old cow, with a history of neglect that's lost to us a lot of the extras, interviews, and curiosities offered by the creators of the series. This site makes available a wealth of information about Utena by the people who created and worked on it. For analysis, for exploration, for curiosity, for insight. After all, Empty Movement has a massive fan analysis section...shouldn't the creators, perhaps, have their say? We humbly leave it up to the reader what to take seriously, and what to take with a touch of salt. Ikuhara is notorious for his evasive interviews and absurd answers, and be-Papas bickers as much as discusses the show. If you can't love them for that, what are you watching Utena for? :)

    Credit for translations and the original resources is given where it can be, but some of the content offered here is so old I can't trace back who was responsible for it in the first place. It's my hope that the people who worked tirelessly on this material didn't do it so it would disappear forever. Either from the internet, or from practical availability, such as in the case of the Central Park Media extras that appear on their DVD releases, which are now no longer in print.

    Note that the special content produced for the new Nozomi releases is not included here, because the material is readily available, not on DVDs that have been out of print for years or sites that are disappearing fast. Support the releases and get some really entertaining tidbits from Be-Papas and the remaster team!

Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) is © Kunihiko Ikuhara, Chiho Saito, Shogakukan and bePapas/TV Tokyo and/or their respective copyright holders. The US release of the Revolutionary Girl Utena series and movie was © Central Park Media and now belongs to Right Stuf. The US release of the Utena manga is © VIZ. The various sources used in this site are noted where their content is presented. Don't sue us, seriously. Blood. Stone.