There is no excuse for not appreciating culture. I can never understand why people sit at home and watch NASCAR when there are so many better things to do. HOLY CARP BEING SERIOUS TODAY But really. Why would you want to stifle your brain like that? Thinking is one of the things that makes humans what we are. If we never think, what is the point of living? We might as well be animals if we never think. Nothing wrong with that, but... it cannot be right for a person to behave like an animal. Eat, sleep, fight, and fuck. Are we not better than that yet?
A rose by any other name... I read in a book that a clove means I have loved you and you have not known it. Naturally, I made up my mind to threaten someone by taping a clove to a bottle of roofies. I think it would work. That is, if the person in question was interested in the Victorian Era.
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