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Some essays just don't fit anywhere else. They're all here, where you'll find such esoteric stuff as analysis of the fandom itself, or long-winded abuses of the series to present and teach body language. As I've said on other pages, Utena is a fantastic starting point for delving into other things, and you find more depth in the story by doing so. It's the gift that keeps on giving, if you consider constantly thinking about something a gift. Might not.

*NEW* FILM CUTS BACK | transfeminism in utena
written by: seebee
***NOTE: This is a video essay, hosted on YouTube. Not a written one.
This video essay explores transfeminism as a kind of genre (don't worry it's explained) and queerness in Utena, positing these not as traits to check off on a box, but dynamic and whole shifts in perspective adapted by queer characters in queer storytelling. A really fascinating read of the movie made here is one I'm still chewing on.
*NEW* The Power of Living an Embodying Narrative
written by: seebee
This essay is not so much about Utena, but the experience of being part of it, how it changes you and why. We were interviewed for this essay by seebee, and how we are framed and in such a loving light, meant a lot to me especially (Vanna) at a really difficult time in my life. Shortly after this essay, seebee produced a video essay exploring these themes even deeper. That is linked above. Thank you for this.
'Revolutionary Girl Utena' & its Debt to Shinji Wada
written by: Jude Deluca
Originally posted to Comicosity, this is a deep dive into the vintage Sukeban Deka, examining where it broke ground, explored themes, and depicted pink haired disasters with queer-coding long before Utena stepped into the arena! This essay makes a convincing case that this was probably some of Be-Papas' homework, and absolutely makes the case that it belongs in yours.
Serial Revolutions Utena
written by: Jane
Revolutionary Girl Utena and Serial Experiments Lain were contemporary series with very complicated and deeply symbolic narratives. Jane returns to the analysis section of our humble website to take a look at these two works that were often brought up alongside each other back in the day. Why was that? See here!
'Utena' as an Adaptation of 'Sleeping Beauty'
written by: Jane
College strikes again! A fantastic essay exploring Utena through the lens of a Sleeping Beauty kind of story, compared to the work of the Brothers Grimm and Banana Yoshimoto.
Lady Berserk: Revolutionary Girl Utena and Berserk
written by: Lt. Tangerine
These two shows could not seem more different, but share an art director and themes that surprisingly draw on a lot of similar places. This essay compares and explores the two, reflecting on the way similar lessons are taught across very different genres of anime.
Exoticism in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Heading South
written by: Kayla Dunn
Revolutionary Girl Utena once again invading the classroom with an analysis of the exoticism in Akio and Anthy's appearances and how the dynamic is used for and against them, as compared to a French-Canadian film about middle aged white women and their experience of interest in exoticism and sex in poverty-stricken Haiti. Way to get a film on my watch list.
Fight/Flight, Rest/Relaxation
written by: Giovanna
This essay's name refers to the nervous system responses to stress and calm. Here I use the series to illustrate some fascinating aspects of body language that are consistent enough across cultures to be identifiable, and plain enough in the depiction of Saionji and Wakaba's cohabitation that we can discuss the interactions they have in relation to it.
Things That Can Be Said Without Words
written by: Maarika
Homework strikes again in this examination of the non-verbal communication in Revolutionary Girl Utena. After all, a series as visually driven as this one gives you plenty to draw from above and beyond the dialogue.
Sex, Torment, and Body Language
written by: Giovanna
There's a particularly memorable scene in episode 33 ("The Prince who Runs in the Night"), which here I both analyze, and use to discuss in a broader sense, the body language and mixed signals Utena displays. This essay was originally written to dispute an argument that Utena is the victim of violent assault, arguing instead that Utena's, to her mind, consenting to this event and aware of what is happening. The value of this consent is nil, but the discussion is focusing on how Utena thinks about it, not what we know is happening.
En Garde!: Fencing at Ohtori Academy
written by: Leaf
An examination of the art of fencing at Ohtori Academy, the characters that fence, and what can be drawn from their ways of doing so—straight from a real life fencer!
Giovanna and Yasha Lasciviously Present: Spankins!
written by: Giovanna & Yasha
Spankins! is the very, very lengthy side-effect of two people with their minds in the gutter spending way too much time yapping on ICQ. It's exactly what it sounds like: scenarios involving spanking, and analysis of them. Obviously, if you object to violence, sex, or lots of reading, this isn't for you. For the rest of you: Enjoy! (Best enjoyed by just reading the naughty bits, I admit.)
Note: Yep, I mentioned ICQ. That's how old essay is.Trigger: Sex and Dubious Consent and Other Things
Touga and the Fangirls that Adore Him
written by: Yasha
Come on people, you know Gio would never write this. Li'l ole Yasha decided it was time to examine the peculiarities of Touga worshipers— fangirl analysis ahead!
Akio and the Fangirls that Hate Him
written by: Giovanna
This essay may just be as old as its subject. In it, Akio is used as the point of reference for an exploration of why it seems at times like some fans, when faced with a villain who is both particularly nasty, and not particularly repentent about it, seem to protest too much.

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Akio is no rapist, he is just an opportunist that makes his home a school full of emotionally compromised teenagers. This frame is actually pulled from the Metropolitan Museum of Art archives.
I considered making this a time gif that would occasionally flash Dios as having a ponytail. Then I got lazy.
I know this layout is sort of a spoiler, but so was the closing of the first season, so suck it.
This is far and away the most complex layout I have coded, and I know it does not look like it.
So are they waltzing or foxtrotting or what?
Because according to Ikuhara, if it were Akio, they would be doing the lambada.
These swords ended up looking like the crosses in Evangelion. I left it on purpose because hellz yeah.
I wanted this layout to look like a fairy tale. It ended up looking like a French textile exhibit. Oops.
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