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> Relationships: Between Characters and Around Them

It's not a stretch to suggest there isn't a single healthy relationship in this story. It has nothing to do with gender, of course, but rather the incest, the dependency, and the anger. The relationships in Utena are often archetypes of their own, examples of all the unhealthy circumstances we find ourselves in. The following essays explore the relationships in Utena , the risks and rewards, and how the story reflects and focuses on the battles we face every day.

Nanami, Anthy, & Escaping the Script *NEW*
written by: Giovanna
Written for the 2021 Empty Movement Secret Santa, this is an exploration of Nanami and Anthy as the protagonist and antagonist of a story set apart from the rest of the series. Receipts in hand, this was an attempt to articulate what I find so compelling about these two characters, and what their relationship means in the larger world they're struggling in.
The Body as a Bargaining Chip
written by: Yasha
Touga and Anthy have one of the most dynamic non-relationships in the series. This is an exploration of why: as victims, as abusers, they have an extraordinary amount in common. What they don't have in common is their genders. This is an exploration of what that means for two of the series' most divisive characters.
After the Revolution
written by: Khalix
Absolutely awesome analysis of the new Saito manga, and how Touga and Saionji's relationship is reflected in Utena and Anthy's, across all the different continuities. (Read it here.)
Jury and Ruka: Miracles and Sacrifice
written by: Hugo Schmidt
How and why did Ruka do what he did in those tense (and for him, possibly fatal) episodes? What was his motivation? Hugo explains it all, with bonus duel song analysis!
A Link in Obscurity
written by: Yasha
Well now, what do we have here? An essay about the way Miki and Touga act and react to each other? Of course we do. One of the most overlooked relationships in the series, explained for your perusal.
Miki, Mikage, and Genius
written by: Giovanna
Being as intelligent as Miki and Mikage are is rarely an entirely good thing. In this essay I talk about what genius has done to these two characters, and how it connects their situations together.
Motive and Source
written by: Giovanna
The first arc of the series is marked by a comparative simplicity of purpose compared to the tangled mess of motives behind the duels later on. Yet, these duels, submerged as they are in the deceptively happier and more, well, shoujo-y, first arc, are the basis for the breakdowns and battles that follow. Here I attempt to explore how the duelists found their way to the arena, both what's implied and what's shown.
Concerning Touga's Seitokai Duels
written by: Giovanna
Touga's two Student Council Arc duels as they concern the major players: Touga, Utena, Akio, and Anthy. This is a long one, so don't say I didn't warn you!
Pulling Swords Out of People
written by: satyreyes
Who didn't wonder, just a little, what was so great about Tatsuya that Mikage let him go? Through Tatsuya, satyreyes uncovers the drives behind the Black Rose Duellists.
The Missing Link: Manga-Touga and the Solving of a Paradox
written by: Hugo Schmidt
Hugo explores the relationship between series Touga and movie Touga by pointing out a bridge between them—manga Touga. Movie, manga, and series meet in one essay!
Anthy as Viewer's Mirror
written by: Azusa Kuraino
What is it about Anthy that seems to confuse even the audience? Azusa explains the correlations between Anthy and our own behaviors in this wonderful piece.

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Akio is no rapist, he is just an opportunist that makes his home a school full of emotionally compromised teenagers. This frame is actually pulled from the Metropolitan Museum of Art archives.
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