There are two. The first came out in 2018, and is titled Musical Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose. It covers the events of the first arc. It is amazing. And then those crazy motherfuckers went and made another one in 2019 cover the Black Rose Saga. It's called Musical Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ Blooming Rose of Deepest Black. It is also insanely amazing. Their website is here. Complete scans and translations of the bromides and program books are in the gallery. Contact me if you have purchased the musical by stream or physically, for help seeing the translations. Yes, we have translated them. We stream them pretty often, so keep an eye on the Twitter account especially!

These two songs have so many iterations, and appear in so many places, that I ultimately sided on making their own pages for cross-reference and explanation of which versions are which. This is especially useful for Absolute Destiny Apocalypse, which has a million billion versions.

Absolute Destiny Apocalypse: The Complete Guide
Absolute Destiny Apocalypse Lyrics
Absolute Destiny Apocalypse: Complete Lyrics (OST 12 Exclusive)

Rondo-Revolution: The Complete Guide
Rondo-Revolution Lyrics (full & TV size)

This has been a completely insane undertaking, and will probably never finish being picked at here and there for mistakes in the code, additions of content, and lord knows what else. I absolutely couldn't have made it happen without the insane amount of help I've had:

Resource Websites

Empty Movement's old Audiology site, LOL's Utena page
Japan's Shoujo Kakumei Utena Wikipedia page
King Records' COMPLETE CD-BOX page
VGMdb's Starchild Girls Character Song Best page
This Ridiculously Thorough Japanese List of Utena Stuff

Translation Credits

Nagumo of the Discord! (And Twitter!)
Ayu Ohseki (Under the Eternal Rose)
Robert Paige, Yasayuki Sato, and The Utena Translation Project (previously
EJ (EJ Translations)
allegoriest (the solitude)
Katie (The Utena Evangelist)
Verthandi (Cantarella Cookie)
Hiraku (Delicious Life)

There are a few people whose approval I was not able to explicitly obtain for use of their translations. I did try to track them down, but could not after several months. Therefore, I am using their content in the name of preserving it on the assumption that this would be okay by them, and will reverse that stance if I ever hear otherwise. Until then, thank you Teruno_Ruru, Yotaka, and Takayama Miyuki of

Credits From >10 Years Ago, No Seriously

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—Many pictures in the singles section, as well as information for several of the compilation releases have been offered by the inaptly named ZERO.
—JuriRenee has given several single tracks to me for offering back to you.
—Andrew donated the REAL doll disc packaged with the Utena doll.

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OST 1: The Eve of the Absolute Evolution Revolution
student council arc BGM and duels
OST 2: Virtual Star Embryology
black rose saga BGM and duels

OST 3: Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery
akio and apocalypse arc BGM and duels

OST 4: Angelic Creation, Namely, Light
seazer duel chorus image album

OST 5: Now, Engage Yourself to Me...
unreleased BGM, drama tracks, 1997 musical soundtrack

OST 6: Advent of Nirvanic Beauty ~Androgynous Me~
ikuhara selection best of

OST 7: Revival Record of the Rose Egg SOFIA
seazer being seazer album

OST 8: Adolescence Rush
adolescence apocalypse movie soundtrack

previous 8 albums, plus club remixes

OST 10: I, Revolution Pharsalia <origination>
seazer's universal gravitation recordings

OST 11: I, Revolution Pharsalia <transformation>
seazer's mitsumune rearranged songs
OST 12: Barbara Dwarf Star Child Apocalypse
an utena image album by seazer

OST 13: Alchemistic Girl ~ The Tale of the Rose & The Egg
more seazer gonna seazer

Singles, Miscellanous Audio/Drama Recordings, Compilations
So On and So Forth
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