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Gio's Note: Several extras were made for the Central Park Media releases of the series and movie. Ikuhara was interviewed for the DVDs during the Big Apple Anime Fest, the content of which was released on two of them.

Central Park Media Interviews Ikuhara

Part 1: The Roots of the Rose (Black Rose Blooms DVD)

Ikuhara: A long time ago, when I was a student, I would draw… I became interested in the arts. I wanted to become a creator of some kind. I saw an ad for an exam to work for animation companies in a magazine. I took the exam. I passed it. I went from there.

Interviewer: What anime…

Ikuhara: …inspired me? (Long pause for thought.) There really wasn't anything specific. I watched everything that was popular at the time. I enjoy the theater. That had a big impact on my work, the creative aspects of theater work and plays. So you'll find that in my animation, that those elements of theater are strongly represented.

Part 2: The Man and the Music (Impatience and Longing DVD)

Interviewer: Do you…what's your opinion of American music? Are there any particular favorites that you have?

Ikuhara: Destiny's Child. That's a joke.

Interviewer: I'm like—trying to picture you singing one of those songs…

Ikuhara: Haha, no—

Part 2: The Man and the Music

Q: So, we heard you're a singer… (text)

Ikuhara: A long time ago. Before the animation, when I was a student.

Q: Did you perform live?

Ikuhara: Yes, I did.

Q: Is there anything musical that you'd like to pursue further?

Ikuhara: Maybe about a year ago…I think about a year ago…I produced an album, "Schell Bullet".

Q: Wow…Is this going to become a career?

Ikuhara: My job is anime! (laughs) This is just a hobby. Just having fun.

Q: Ever sing karaoke?

Ikuhara: Yeah. Sometimes.

Interviewer: Are you going to do it this weekend?

Ikuhara: Yes.

Q: Moving on, what's it like living in the USA now?

Ikuhara: It's fun. It's a lot of fun.

Q: What's your impression of America?

Ikuhara: Huge. Spacious.

Q: Okay, what about American anime fans?

Ikuhara: (laugh) Yeah, I like them. Some of them are scary.

Interviewer: How?

Ikuhara: How? Jeez…how indeed…I dunno. Some of them cross-dress, but hey—so do I. No, I'm joking.

Q: So, a real question: Why did the designs change so much for the Utena movie?

Ikuhara: Some people will see the movie first… I wanted to make the designs different, so people wouldn't think it's a continuation of the series. I wanted to make the movie independent from the TV series for the first-time viewer.

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