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    All incarnations of Utena share two things in common: they were created in some way as a group effort by Be-Papas, and they all require, at times, that Be-Papas answer for these crimes. Magazines in Japan that cater to the anime culture there have always been eager for creator interviews, and American audiences gobble up discussion panels. Be-Papas has lost no opportunity to discuss its work, the process of creating, and the success of the result.

    This is a difficult section to parse, since various combinations of members of Be-Papas have participated in the content. It is sorted loosely by date in reverse order. The nature of this content kind of precludes me trying to finger which pieces are more fruitful than others; explore and see what you find!

    Unless otherwise noted in italics, these pages are entirely the content as it was found or produced, with the translators where appropriate crediting themselves.

Amazing Top Tier Content

  • Cross X Talk, A Round Table Discussion Commemorating the Second Musical Utena - (Kunihiko Ikuhara and Kotaro Yoshitani) Published in the 2019 Musical Utena ~ Blooming Rose of Deepest Black program book. Translated by Nagumo, edited by Ayu Ohseki and a pen, acquired, scanned, compiled, and coded by Giovanna. ***NEW Posted July 11, 2023! ***
    Ikuhara and Yoshitani return to do an exclusive interview for the second musical's program book. Like the first, the entire book has been translated, and like the first, you can check out the scanlation in the gallery, here!! High points? Ikuhara and Yoshitani discussing how much it rules to be mean to Juri, and also, cool children's anime related film recommendations like The Shining and Suspiria! It has been a sincere delight getting these newer interviews translated, Ikuhara is much more forward about the story now that everyone already knows it! I've tried to duplicate the look of the interview pages for the page, and it should scale to your screen size well! Enjoy! And of course, thank you so so so much to Nagumo for an amazing wealth of translated meta like this! Props to Ayu Ohseki and a pen for editing!!

  • The Utena Dossier - (Enokido, Saito, Hasegawa, Ikuhara, etc. 36 pages, download 110mb PDF here) This meaty baby was packaged with Animage's June 1997 issue, and includes episode comments by Enokido, interviews, character and setting information, an adorable comic about the voice recording sessions, and more! Editing the content into the original scans was a HUGE undertaking once I decided to keep it color accurate, but it felt right to present Nagumo's amazing translations and Ayu Ohseki's proofreading efforts in as extra a way as possible. In the hopes of covering all bases, the two longer interviews I've also just coded into the website for ease of reference. (Posted August 15, 2022)
          The Auspicious Joining of Manga and Anime (Saito X Hasegawa)
          For Whom the Director Smiles (Ikuhara X Hiroyuki Kitakubo)

  • Utena? (Oh My!) UTENA - (Enokido, Hasegawa, Production Team, 45 pages, download zip here) This supplement came with Newtype's November 1997 issue, and is largely a celebration of the series in the form of fanarts and such made by the production team. There is also arc guides, and an interview with Enokido where it is clear they are trying very hard not to spoil the show. This massive wonderful project was scanned and edited by me, thanks to the translation work of Nagumo and editing by Ayu Ohseki, Yasha, and the Empty Movement Discord. Thank you!! (Posted March 6, 2021)

  • Spring '97's Revolutionary Announcement! - (Ikuhara, Enokido, 6 pages) Published in Animage's May 1997 issue, this ten page article includes character details, a 'guide' to terms in the show, interviews with the creators, and is otherwise an adorable flash back to how Utena was being marketed at the time!! Translated by Nagumo and edited into the original scans by Giovanna! (Because I think having the retro revisit of how the pages would have looked is pretty fun!!) (Posted September 29, 2020)

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Commemorating the 20th Anniversary with A Special Conversation - (Ikuhara and Kotaro Yoshitani) Published in the 2018 Musical Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose program book. Translated by Nagumo, edited by a pen and purpleriot, acquired, scanned, compiled, and coded by Giovanna. (Posted March 1, 2020)
    Ikuhara and Yoshitani, the latter being the scriptwriter and director of the 2018 musical, back and forth on what theatre, revolution, and torturing your characters means. An insightful and incredible look at Ikuhara, whose penchant for dodgy answers has definitely dulled somewhat over the years. The entire rest of the program has also been translated by Nagumo and edited into the images by Giovanna, and can be viewed here.

  • Disturbing, Traversing, Borderless, Shaking Sexuality: The Place where Revolutionary Girl Utena was Born - (Ikuhara and Mari Kotani) Published in Musashino University's scholarly publication, 'Actual Sexuality,' from January 2000. Translated by Youzicha, acquired, scanned, compiled, and coded by Giovanna. (Posted November 1, 2019)
    This absolute beast is a real treat and treasure, a very long moderated discussion between Ikuhara and a well-regarded science fiction/cultural critic/analyst in Japan, about the inspirations and themes of Utena, especially in regards to sexuality and historical queer culture. There are a couple nude images, so head's up.

  • Eulogy for the Fool: Ikuhara Kunihiko & Ohtsuki Kana Discussion - (Ikuhara & Kana) Published in the Ikuhara retrospective publication by Eureka, 2017
    A fascinating long-form back and forth discussion between Ikuhara and the artist Ohtsuki Kana, delving into the themes not only of Revolutionary Girl Utena, but Penguindrum and Yurikuma, as this was published in the analysis and discussion special volume book entirely about Ikuhara. Translated by why1798.

  • Animage Be-Papas Interview - (Be-Papas) Animage Magazine, November 1999
    This is a very long set of interviews between Ikuhara and other members of be-Papas, with some really amazing discussion bounced back and forth especially between him and Enokido, who we don't hear from enough, IMO. Scanned by Clarice, translated by gumi.

  • Interviews & Discussions

  • Akadot: Coming to America - (Ikuhara) Akadot article and interview, 2001

  • Akadot Interview: Tom Cruise Goes Random - (Ikuhara) Akadot website, 2000

  • Interview with Ikuhara for the Japanese LD - (Ikuhara) Released as an extra, 1998

  • What the Avant-Gardsmen Have to Say - (Anno & Ikuhara) Newtype Magazine, October 1998

  • Whisperings of a Rose - (Saito & Ikuhara) Published in Newtype magazine, 1997 *NEW 12/18*

  • Content for English-Speaking Media

  • Central Park Media Interviews Ikuhara - (Ikuhara) At BAAF, presented as an extra on 2 CPM DVDs, 2002

  • Chiho Saito and Kunihiko Ikuhara - (Saito & Ikuhara) By Julie Davis and Bill Flanagan - Animerica Magazine, 2001

  • Interview with Utena Creator Kunihiko Ikuhara - (Ikuhara) Anime News Network (Justin Sevakis), April 2001

  • Chiho Saito IRC Chat Interview - (Saito) Moderated chat for, circa 2001

  • Kunihiko Ikuhara IRC Chat Interview - (Ikuhara) IRC Chat, October 8, 2000, during the New York Anime Festival

  • Chiho Saito and Kunihiko Ikuhara - (Saito & IKuhara) By Julie Davis and Bill Flanagan - Animerica Extra Magazine, 2000
  • Commentaries (Episodes & Movie)

  • Ikuhara & Saito Audio Commentary: Episode 39 - Bonus material on CPM's Finale DVD, 2003

  • Ikuhara & Saito Audio Commentary: Episode 38 - Bonus material on CPM's Finale DVD, 2003

  • Ikuhara & Saito Audio Commentary: Episode 37 - Bonus material on CPM's Finale DVD, 2003

  • Ikuhara Audio Commentary: Adolescence of Utena - Bonus material on CPM's Utena Movie DVD, 2001

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