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On a recent trip to Japan, Akadot caught up with "Sailor Moon" and "Utena" director Kunihiko Ikuhara in Mitaka, a suburb of Tokyo. Ikuhara started his career in 1986 as an assistant director for "MapleTown Monogatari." He is most renowned for his involvement in "Sailor Moon" between 1992-1995. In 1996 he formed Be-Papas, a creative collective that eventually spawned the independent hit "Utena." Check out his advice on wearing socks and his affinity for Scientologists in Akadot's random Q and A for this week.

Akadot Interview: Tom Cruise Goes Random

What do you do in order to relax?

KI: I either drink tea, or watch Bruce Lee movies.

If your life were to be made into a movie, who would you cast to play you?

KI: Maybe Tom Cruise? (everyone in the room stifles their giggles)

And how did you come up with him?

KI: It's a sense. I think Tom Cruise is the only one who can pull it off.

Is that in regards to looks?

KI: Yes, in regards to looks, Tom Cruise is the only one. (laugh)

If you were a spy, what would you choose as your codename?

KI: Codename... maybe, Chuchu?

What is your favorite color?

KI: Purple.

Do you like loose socks or knee-high socks better?

KI: Knee-high is my type.

Knee-highs over loose socks?

KI: They started to say that loose socks looked bad so everyone stopped wearing them. A lot of young girls wore them to hide their chubby ankles, but then they look even chubbier, like a robot.

Like Gundam - their legs, their thighs as well as their ankles look chubby?

KI: Yeah, it lost its appeal. I'm sure girls thought they looked better though. But looking at them from far away, it just looked stupid.

If you could have a super power, what would you want?

KI: I want to be able to fly.

And what would you do if you could fly?

KI: I would fly to somewhere warm when it gets cold.

Do you get cold easily?

KI: I hate the cold.

Do you have a theme song for you life?

KI: Hmmm... "Utena's" theme song.

And the reason?

KI: Oh, that song was modeled after me.

You mean that your life was the song's model and inspiration?

KI: Yes, the lyrics were written after the initial planning of the series.

Have you done something recently that made you look really good?

KI: (laughing) Well, I don't think I look bad, but I can't really think of anything.

So there's no situation in which you thought you looked really good?

KI: When I got mistaken for Tom Cruise.

Did that really happen?

KI: Um, no. (laugh)

Besides producing Schell Bullet CDs and downsizing Be-Papas, Ikuhara has mainly been preparing for his stay in the US. Check out Akadot's feature on Ikuhara, Coming to America.

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