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Gio's Note: This is the first of a set of video pieces done for the Central Park Media DVD releases. In this one, which appeared on The Black Rose Blooms, Wakaba's voice actress dedicates to her a song.

Roxanne Beck: A Song for Wakaba

   I play Wakaba in Utena, I've been playing her since the beginning of the series, and she's a character that I really kind of come to love a lot. She's a lot of fun, she's very extroverted, she's a little bit insecure, and in that was I guess she's a little bit like me, because I was that way, especially in high school. She's not really the homecoming queen type. She tries to be very supportive, she actually tries a little too hard. I think, if Wakaba has a fault, it's that she tries too hard with Utena, and sometimes it bugs Utena, especially in the beginning, Utena gets a little tired of Wakaba and Wakaba gets her feelings hurt. So it's interesting, because she always has that love for Utena and at the same time feeling a little rejected by her.

   The new episodes, the Black Rose Series, we see a lot of Wakaba's hidden jealousies, hidden frustrations that she's been keeping to herself for a long long time finally come out. And it was really fun, as an actor, getting to play that side of Wakaba, just a side of her we'd never seen before.

   I also get to play Kozue, Miki's twin sister in the series. Now Kozue, is of course a lot different from Wakaba. She's much much darker, she'd had a lot of deep dark feelings brewing in her since the beginning of the series. She was really in love with her twin brother, Miki, from the time they were little children, and so when she grows up, and she becomes a teenager, it becomes very hard for her to see him with another girl, show interest in another girl, and of course in the movie she actually tries to kill him. In the new series, Black Rose, she has her moment where she really gets to explore those dark feelings and has a chance to really let out what's been going on inside her for all this time.

  I actually got started in anime when a friend of mine whose voice over actor recommended me to audition for a character part in an animated film—that's all I knew about it when I went—and I auditioned, and I got the part. It was the part of Lum in Beautiful Dreamer. From there, I've done Ayane's High Kick, I was Little Niece in Record of the Lodoss Wars, I also got to play Kardis's evil twin and the little shrink neice. Been in Pokemon, several times, and I'm in the new Pokemon movie that's coming out this fall. And um, I really enjoy it! I love doing character voice work, also got to do a little singing work for a show called Doug, and I try to do as much of it as I can. I'm also a singer, and that was really what I started out to do before I got into acting. I have a CD that I sell online, it's called Garden of Love, and you can get it at www.cdbaby.come/roxannebeck , and I thought I would do a song from my CD which I'm going to dedicate to Wakaba because it's about a girl whose got a crush on a guy that really not really giving her the time of day, so this is Baby, I Do, and this is for Wakaba.

I'm not like all those other girls you pick and choose
I'll always stand up to you
I'm not afraid to lose
You've been acting like I'm not your type
But I see through you like glass
I'm not impressed or worried when you talk about your past
'Cuz they don't know how to love you,
But baby, I do
They don't know how to love you,
But baby, I do
Yeah I do (repeated)
Baby, I do

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