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Gio's Note: This is the first of a set of video pieces done for the Central Park Media DVD releases. In this one, which appeared on Impatience and Longing, Juri's and Keiko's voice actress discusses her work.

Mandy Bonhomme: Love and Artistry

   Hi, my name's Mandy Bonhomme, and I'm one of the voice actors for Revolutionary Girl Utena. I play Juri and some other characters in the series as well. Playing Juri is really interesting, I think she's a great character to have the opportunity to play. She's dark, mysterious, kind of glamorous, sexy…there's references to her being a model. She has a dark secret, and this is her love for her childhood friend Shiori who's a girl. I love playing her. It comes to me, I feel this character comes to me very naturally. I definitely relate to her, because she's there's something she really wants, and that's a huge challenge, because it's probably not going to happen. I can definitely relate to that, to wanting things that I can't have, or couldn't have. So I think that's something in high school that happens a lot.

   I also play Keiko, and she is a character I started playing in the first part of Utena, and we didn't really know at that point too much about her other than she was part of Nanami's gang. There's Aiko, Yuuko, and Keiko, and Keiko has very large powerful looking ponytails. We learn that she and the other two girls that she hangs around with in Nanami's gang are really just hanging out with Nanami because they want to get close to Touga; they all have crushes on Touga. A lot of high school kids have low self-esteem, and she definitely thinks of herself as an unpopular girl. She doesn't think much of herself, she refers to herself as 'a girl like me', and how could a girl like me ever be with Touga? But yet she loves Touga, she really wants Touga, and a part of her is actually going to go through this change and try to fight to become something other than what she really is, or what she thinks she is.

   In addition to being an actor, I have also worked as an animation artist. (showing artwork) These are some of my anthropomorphic cat characters, and these are back from student times. I like these I guess, pretty well, this is a giant trampoline, and a fashion café. And one thing that I always like drawing is likea gymnastic type thing, like I have here.

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