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Gio's Note: Not much is known about this interview with Fuchizaki Yuriko, Anthy's Japanese voice actor, but it was part of the content translating for the Utena Encyclopedia release of episode 1. It would appear the interview was an extra on the Japanese LDs. The original translation was done by Yasayuki Sato. The formatting he used is preserved.

Title:  Anthy and me
Title:  Fuchizaki Yuriko

Interview with Fuchizaki Yuriko for the Japanese LD

Fuchizaki:  Well, about my meeting Anthy, the truth is I wasn't even on the list of auditionees.
Fuchizaki:  When I was in the studio next door, it was like, "Hey, if it isn't Fuchizaki! Why don't you take it if you have time?" "Thank you very much, sir."
Fuchizaki:  Then they showed me Utena and Anthy for the first time.
Fuchizaki:  As some of you may know, up to now I've been playing characters whose heads were as big as their bodies.
Fuchizaki:  Because of that I felt my chances were slim.
Fuchizaki:  They gave me an audition for Utena, too, but...
Fuchizaki:  From Anthy's mysterious looks and her manner of speech, I thought I should play her straight.
Fuchizaki:  It was like, I would be so glad if they would let me do it.
Fuchizaki:  I was really glad to get this part. I went to the studio, thinking I must do my best.
Fuchizaki:  When episode 1 was over, I stepped to the director, with my heart pounding.
Fuchizaki:  "How was my Anthy, director? Was it good?"
Fuchizaki:  "Well, Ms. Fuchizaki, that kind of constrained performing is good for this show." "Ack!"
Fuchizaki:  "Thank you, sir." I said, and that was it.
Fuchizaki:  I wondered how I should take it, but I guessed he meant I should keep going this way, and I went home happily.
Fuchizaki:  Speaking of Anthy's charm, she looks quiet, wearing glasses. There's an image that she takes care of roses quietly.
Fuchizaki:  I think you all know her mysterious presence and such very well.
Fuchizaki:  As a woman, I think her "type" is very eerie.
Fuchizaki:  Although she seems quiet and yielding, she has the power to turn those around her.
Fuchizaki:  If, for example, I had a boyfriend, she'd be the type I'd never want him to meet, even though she was my friend.
Fuchizaki:  I'd be afraid he could fall in love with a girl of her type.
Fuchizaki:  I think the show of Utena itself is going to develop in various ways.
Fuchizaki:  Right now, more and more Duelists, and many more cool good-looking characters, and her relation with her big brother... I'm dying to know.
Fuchizaki:  Like you, I'm looking forward to following the developments. So, I'd like to ask you all for support.
Fuchizaki:  And finally, "The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse."

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