February 24, 2021 - NEW CONTENT ALWAYS COMIN'
- The fantastic Nagumo translated both of the Sega REAL Doll bonus discs, and to celebrate, I did a little something extra and made a video out them! Check it out!
- Ikuhara and Saito's liner notes in OST 5, "Now, Engage Yourself to Me..." have been translated by Feral Phoenix!
- Ayu Ohseki's translation of OST 7's 'Revive! Infinite History' has been added to the side by side comparison sheet. Remember this is the first iteration of what becomes Saionji's movie duel, and it's an entire BOP.

- Fixed erroneous kanji titles in the lyric comparisons of Transparent Period of Adolescence in Audiology. Thanks Tumblr!
- Typo in lyric comparisons for Dwarf Star Ryugo in Audiology. Thanks Discord!

- An ENTIRE NEW REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA ALBUM! Check out our newest addition to the family: Alchemistic Girl: The Tale of the Rose & The Egg! The companion album to the recent Barbara Seazer image album, this one is a departure from his usual vocal choruses with guest vocalists through-out the tracks! It has been meticulously translated by the wonderful Ayu Ohseki, and the usual resources such as liner notes, side by side translations, and scans are there! Enjoy!
- Streamlined and cleaned up the Singles and Et Cetera sections. Removed the Seazer one I'll never get around to building.
- Extensive glitch and mistake fixes across the page, including my brain farting ass putting the wrong Japanese text in the OST 6 liner notes section


Welcome to the overhauled Audiology subsite of Empty Movement. A complete, insane, maybe obscene resource for everything and anything to do with the music and soundtracks of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

This has been years in the making, which is why it's desktop-optimized, you all were still using them when I started this, so deal with it. :( If you can do that, you will find here exhaustive resources for the Utena soundtracks, including complete lyrics for the various duel choruses and pop songs found within the Utena IP.

The real meat of this project is in the lyrics. I have in single pages multiple translations of each song, with the lyrics aligning side by side with the original romanization and Japanese text where available. These can swing out individually within the pages for convenience, or be opened into their own files for the complete look at the content. All translation notes by the various translators are included on these pages.

It's my hope in doing this that it will encourage, enable, and result in more analysis of the lyrics and the role the songs play in Revolutionary Girl Utena. It's a running joke within the fandom that Seazer's lyrics are utter nonsense, and God knows they sure feel that way at times, but when has that ever stopped us?

This is, again, a massive work in progress, for the rest of my miserable life. Please contact me if something is a mess or wrong or just not working, since a lot of glitches and mistakes only ever show when I've uploaded it and think I'm done. (giovanna at ohtori.nu)

Thank you again to everyone that let me ransack their various websites for content, a complete list is in the Miscelleneous section, since it too will never be done. Your enthusiasm was contagious. Over years.

-Giovanna 4/30/18


Changes made 5/13/2019 - Ikuhara's liner notes for OST 3 are now translated, thanks to Feral Phoenix!

Changes made 12/27/2018
-Added EJ translation of liner notes to OST 12
-Added EJ translation of Earth Prison Panopticon
-Replaced previous kanji/romanization of Earth Prison Panopticon with EJ versions, which include the full text of the song.

Changes made 6/21/2018

-Added EJ translation to When Where Who Which
-Added EJ translation of Mask of the Middle Ages: “Visor”, titled Mask of the Middle Ages "Viewfinder"

OST 1: The Eve of the Absolute Evolution Revolution
student council arc BGM and duels
OST 2: Virtual Star Embryology
black rose saga BGM and duels

OST 3: Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery
akio and apocalypse arc BGM and duels

OST 4: Angelic Creation, Namely, Light
seazer duel chorus image album

OST 5: Now, Engage Yourself to Me...
unreleased BGM, drama tracks, 1997 musical soundtrack

OST 6: Advent of Nirvanic Beauty ~Androgynous Me~
ikuhara selection best of

OST 7: Revival Record of the Rose Egg SOFIA
seazer being seazer album

OST 8: Adolescence Rush
adolescence apocalypse movie soundtrack

previous 8 albums, plus club remixes

OST 10: I, Revolution Pharsalia <origination>
seazer's universal gravitation recordings

OST 11: I, Revolution Pharsalia <transformation>
seazer's mitsumune rearranged songs
OST 12: Barbara Dwarf Star Child Apocalypse
an utena image album by seazer

OST 13: Alchemistic Girl ~ The Tale of the Rose & The Egg
more seazer gonna seazer

Singles, Miscellanous Audio/Drama Recordings, Compilations
So On and So Forth
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