At Empty Movement we’ve had years to accumulate a uniquely thorough collection of Utena-related resources. Some things we’ve bought ourselves, others have been donated, and still others have been given as sacrifices to our scanner, in the hopes of ensuring as much of Utena’s decades old legacy remains available as possible. Some of these appear elsewhere on the site, others do not. Most are in Japanese and lack translations. Virtually none of them are cheap or easy to come by. There is no curating here. It’s up to you to find the gems, and should you polish them, there will always be a place here for your efforts.
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Articles & Extended Interviews

Musashino University: Actual Sexuality **NEW**
"Disturbing, Traversing, Borderless, Shaking Sexuality: The Place Where Revolutionary Girl Utena Was Born"
(18 files, 64MB, Published Jan 2000)
This is a very long article and interview with Ikuhara and Mari Kotani, that appears to explore the queer origins in popular media of Utena. Judging from the images, a lot of this is about western media. There are pictures of David Bowie and Kirk/Spock fanzines. I would literally kill for a translation of this. It's from Musashino Art University's publication, this one titles as above, issue 115.

Saito X Ikuhara Special Talk
(Link to Text, Published September 2017)
This is the text of an interview included with the September 2017 edition of Flowers, alongside the After the Revolution manga installment. I put it through an OCR, so there might be a couple errors, but this should be readable for a Japanese speaker, and Google Translate doesn't do a totally useless job!

Animage May 1997 Article
(11 files, 21MB ZIP)
I'm not sure where I got this, to be honest. I cleaned up pretty bad but high resolution scans as best I could. It looks to be the usual character bits, plus an interview.

Mini-Interviews, Fragments,
and Et Cetera

Interview with Mizuki Yamamoto **NEW**
(3 files, 15MB, Published Dec 2018, Nikkei Entertainment!)
In 2018 Utena appeared on a docudrama variety show where an actress got to do a photoshoot of her favorite moment in the Utena manga. This is a little interview with that actress. The show is called Kono Manga ga Sugoi!, and the episode is bizarre.

HMV Magazine Ami Noujo Mini-Interview **NEW**
(Cover of Magazine, Published Feb 2018)
The lead actress in the 2018 Musical Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose did a mini interview in a freely distributed promotional magazine. That's this here.

Japanese Blu-ray Cast Interviews
(Link to Text)
Having compared the Japanese Blu-ray booklet from the 2017 to the expansive and gorgeous book included in the Nozomi Ultra Edition, these small bits of interview with the primary cast were the only things in the Japanese text I did not find translated in the English book. At the end also is a note by Tomoko Kawakami's (Utena's) mother about what the character meant to her.

Ursula's Kiss (Enoki Films)
(Link is to website)
If you don't know what this is, I will tell you that in the late 90's it was par for the course for companies to market anime for release in the states by altering it significantly for an American audience. This site is the attempt by Enoki films to create a proof of concept for such an effort. It is....absolutely...amazing. The site is no longer up, but of course, I have long kept a copy on my computer, for just this moment in history.