You know what? I hate html.I wish I was doing almost anything else.Like getting laid. I could be having sex right now, but noooo.I watched Utena lose her virginity again this weekend.That scene is so hot.The fine line between obsession and madness is... what was I saying?GIRL ON GIRL ACTION!!!I want that outfit. I like red and black. What a surprise.This layout took forever to get just right. But that was because I took so many breaks.I never ate glue in kindergarten. Hard to tell, huh?Gio keeps talking about food. What a bitch.LEGS.See, I'm being productive. Now if only I could do this at work, where productive is just a dream...GODDAMMIT STOP TALKING ABOUT FOODYou know, those are the only important things in life. Food, sex, and sleep.Everything else is just window dressing.I have to clean my house still. That sucks.I hate cleaning. I should buy maids.I want to go to a museum, but I don't want to get out of my jammies.I suck at being energetic.Funny, you don't look Druish.


Elaby - 'Do I Know You?'

   Another one, which was VERY strange but somehow just perfect ;) I was in this place that was sort of like a sophisticated prison. I could leave, but they would follow me and kill me or whatever... and I was planning an escape with, of all people, Allen Schezar from Escaflowne. I dunno if you've seen him, but he looks just like Touga, only blonde ;) And I think Touga's way more interesting, but that's just me... anyway, I said to him that Utena was in the prison as well, upstairs, and I had promised her that if I was going to escape I'd take her with me. So we went looking for the staircase, and we went into this little hallway where the restrooms apparently were, and there were payphones there. And Touga was at one of the payphones. When he saw us, he gave us this odd look, and then mouthed (being on the phone and all) "Do I know you?" to Allen. I sorta hurried Allen off, thinking that the world would collapse or something if a crossover occured and they realized their similarness... it was strange. I was in hysterics when I woke up ^_^