You know what? I hate html.I wish I was doing almost anything else.Like getting laid. I could be having sex right now, but noooo.I watched Utena lose her virginity again this weekend.That scene is so hot.The fine line between obsession and madness is... what was I saying?GIRL ON GIRL ACTION!!!I want that outfit. I like red and black. What a surprise.This layout took forever to get just right. But that was because I took so many breaks.I never ate glue in kindergarten. Hard to tell, huh?Gio keeps talking about food. What a bitch.LEGS.See, I'm being productive. Now if only I could do this at work, where productive is just a dream...GODDAMMIT STOP TALKING ABOUT FOODYou know, those are the only important things in life. Food, sex, and sleep.Everything else is just window dressing.I have to clean my house still. That sucks.I hate cleaning. I should buy maids.I want to go to a museum, but I don't want to get out of my jammies.I suck at being energetic.Funny, you don't look Druish.


Erin Boyce - Mind Games and Nerf

   I'm in a huge parking lot. It looks a lot like a gas station's lot, but I can't really tell where I am. There are a bunch of huge vehicles that look like hummers, but they also look a little like vans with their roofs cut off. All I know is that they are insanely big and parked all over the place. Not only is the parking lot filled with strange automobiles, but it's also filled with people I know in real life and characters from Utena. I am carrying around two foam covered bats. They look like something that Nerf made, only they weren't as colorful. They were a very dingy gray. From my perch on the back of one of the cars, I see Juri. I immediatly want to challenge her to a duel with my foam bats, but a friend of mine tells me that that would be a bad idea. I laugh in her face and tell her that it's not like I'm fighting Utena or anything. I flourish my bats, jump of the back of the truck, and point them directly in Juri's face. I blabber something about how miracles don't exist. I hope it will get her mad at me, but she just rolls her eyes and walks over to another one of the vehicles. I'm so pumped up that I want to duel anyone! A few seconds later I see Kozue and Shiori talking together. I decide that dueling one of them would be just as good. Just as I begin to twirl my bats around and point them at Shiori, she turns to me and tells me to "Leave her out of my messed-up mind games." I am really mad. No one wants to fight with me. I turn around and head back to where my vehicle is parked. That's when I woke up.